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How Local Print Marketing and SEO Work Together

At first glance, SEO and print marketing may appear to be two separate entities. But according to top marketing firms across the globe, they do intersect and work together. Using them together, amplifies your marketing. The connection between SEO and print marketing may seem esoter ic. The idea and goal is to rank for targeted keywords, preferably in the first position of search results. The purpose of print marketing is to build awareness for your business and products, inform your leads, connect with our leads and convert them into customers.

When you consider how content marketing works, it’s not hard to see how the two worlds connect as well as how both need each other. SEO is built on quality content with key words as much as it is on website hi erarchy structure, mobile friendliness, and load times. Relevant content is what drives visitors to visit a particular page. Target marketing with a print medium has proven success and ROI (return on investment) when the content marketing is strategically set up to connect and educate the reader to the advertiser/brand. So, here are several ways in which SEO and print marketing work together. SEO and Print: Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website Ranking factors are somewhat elusive and are ever changing. Search engines keep updating their algorithms to weed out fake, low quality, or irrelevant results. But the following elements are still considered important: • Social shares. This may be a minor factor but still appears to make a difference. • Bounce rate. Generally, the higher the bounce rate, the less relevant Google will consider the result. This isn’t true in every circumstance be cause the purpose of a given web page might be to direct the user to another resource, but in general, a 60% or lower bounce rate is preferred. • Dwell time. How much time a visitor spends on a particular web page. The higher, the better. • Traffic . It’s not about traffic quantity as much as it is about traffic quality, but steady traffic to a web page could be a signal that shows search en gines it’s trustworthy and relevant to the end user. • Mobile friendliness and load times. If the web page you’re directing traffic to is mobile friendly, Google may prioritize it over other results that aren’t. When you think about the fact that you can send users to your website using print material, it starts to become clear how SEO and print intersect. By sending targeted traffic to your website, you can potentially boost your search engine ranking. “Targeted” is the keyword here. Sending irrelevant traffic to your site will do nothing to reduce bounce rate or increase dwell time. Focusing on Targeting the Most Possible Customers Builds Your Brand Awareness, Authority and Sales. I am sure you have seen editorial columns, promotional material to read at an office visit that offers knowledge and tips about their area of expertise as well as content about themselves. This is called Content Marketing. Content marketing is the most successful way to gain new customers that are QUALITY CUSTOMERS. Targeting with content sends high-quality leads and targeted traffic to your website. By utilizing both SEO and print together, you can build more authority for your brand, and get people to make an association between your business name and service offering.


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