Creature of Unknown Origin: Together for the Holidays


When his warm eyes met mine, I knew he had no intention of letting that happen. I was

glad when Delia and Howie left after we cleared dessert off of the table. As we watched them walk

to their car and wave goodbye, I could hear Delia asking Howie what they would do with their

lives and all the possibilities for the future. Would Howie go into cyber security? Should she

become a politician? Or maybe apply for a job in Homeland Security?

“As much as I like our friends, I’m sure glad they’re gone,” Spence said quietly as their

taillights disappeared from sight thanks to the thick evergreens surrounding the cabin.

“And why’s that?” I grinned, folding myself against his side as he wrapped an arm around

my waist.

“Because now I can do this without Delia dragging me through the mud.”

Spencer tilted my head up with his hand, pulling me around to stand in front of him without

there ever being the smallest bit of space between us. His lips pressed against mine softly. I smiled

against his lips and wrapped my arms around his neck, clasping my hands behind his head.

Barely pulli ng away, he murmured, “I’m grateful for you , and nothing will ever change


I brushed my nose against his . “Good, because I don’t ever want to lose you.”

Spencer chuckled , pressing another lazy kiss to my lips. “Never, sweetheart, I promise.”

Shakily, I took a breath. Staring up into his eyes, I saw only warmth and the deepest love I

have ever seen reflected back at me.

“Kiss me again?” I breathed, fluttering my lashes.

“With pleasure.”

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