Creature of Unknown Origin: Together for the Holidays



I breathed deeply as I strolled into the kitchen, savoring the warm scent wafting through

the air with the hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. Mouthwatering, I watched Spencer pull the turkey

from the oven and shut the door with his booted foot. “That smells amazing !”

“I know,” he smirked, setting his oven mitts aside. “Grab the sweet potato casserole from

the fridge, please?”


As Spence hauled the turkey onto a carving plate, I battled the overstuffed fridge and pulled

out the marshmallow topped sweet potato dish. I even pulled out the apple crumb pie, knowing

he’d probably ask for that next.

“Oh, and while you’re— never mind, you already got it.”

“I remember how Thanksgiving goes,” I teased, placing the casserole in the oven to reheat.

Two pairs of feet crunched the gravel driveway outside. I smiled to herself. Delia and

Howie, right on time.

“I’ll get it!” I chirped as the footsteps sounded on the front porch steps.

“Get what?” Spence said distractedly, as he checked the meat’s temperature. The doorbell

gonged . “I will never get used to the fact that you have supersonic senses.”

I snickered as I crossed the living room and into the foyer of the cabin. The door had hardly

opened before Delia flung herself at me, nearly knocking me down. Her arms wrapped around me

in a bruising hug. Howie stared sympathetically at me as I smiled at him over Delia’s shoulder.

Luckily, the hug was brief and Delia was already moving on and into the cabin.

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