Creature of Unknown Origin: Together for the Holidays


“I have been DYING to see this place now that it’s all finished, but someone hasn’t invited

me over.” The tall woman shot a glance in Spencer’s direction. “I mean, it’s not like I didn’t help

design the place or anything.”

“You also broke the budget, but hey, little details,” Spence said as he set the turkey on the


Delia huffed and shrugged out of her jacket dramatically. “Still, it was awfully rude of you

to not invite us over until now.”

Howie rolled his eyes before giving me a hug. “She’s been going on about it all week.”

I laughed, pulling away to go help Spencer set the table. “It wouldn’t be Delia if she didn’t.”

As Howie set his jacket next to Delia’s , I saw the raven-haired woman disappear down the

hall. She was obviously on a mission to view her handiwork. I remembered Spencer had asked for

her and Annette’s help with designing the cabin while we ’d all had worked on the interdimensional

portal Annette had mistakenly built while researching worm holes. While she and Howie rebuilt

it, Spencer had apparently gotten it in his head to renovate the cabin in the event that I decided to

stay with him until finding a place I could call my own in this world.

But, and this had taken a lot of soul-searching in the long months it had taken my friends

to repair the machine, I didn’t want to find my own place. Even though I can’t return to the world —

my world — Annette had accidentally pulled me from when she’d turned on the machine for the

first time , Spencer’s cabin felt like home.

He felt like home.

And yes, he’d gone t hrough an apparently painstaking process to add another bathroom

and bedroom onto the cabin — it hadn’t been necessary in the end.

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