Creature of Unknown Origin


Dumping my ruined clothes in a pile before the sink, I stepped under the warm spray of the

shower. My body sighed, sagging with exhausted relief. For the first time in months, there was

nothing and everything to think about. There was no more scratching against a wall in my mind.

I remembered everything. My life, who I was, where I came from, all of it. I knew — well,

sort of — knew how I got here.

No longer did I worry about who I was or what happened to me. Now, I relished in

considering what came next, and where I could go from here. All the anxiety and fear and

restlessness which had plagued me for months swirled down the drain alongside the sudsy, rose-

tinted water. I’d never felt so free, but even so, I had a lot to consider now, and so did Spencer,

probably. The fact was, I didn’t know what we’d do— what I’d do.

How was I supposed to get home?

Did I even want to?

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