Creature of Unknown Origin


~ ~ ~

“Can it be done?” Delia questioned, clicking her tongue. Patience had never been her

virtue, Spencer once explained to me. “Can we get Ava back home?”

Howie leaned back in his chair, stretching. My fingers itched, tapping against my leg

impatiently. He took a deep breath, probably inhaling more dust than actual air, looking the three

of us over. There wasn’t even the slightest hint of an answer on his face. All I knew was that if he

waited any longer to speak, my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. Spencer wrapped his

arm around me and rubbed my shoulder soothingly, pulling me close.

“Technically, yes, we can get Ava home,” Howie paused, not meeting my eyes, “It’s just

a matter of getting you home safely, and I don’t think that’s possible.”

“How come?” It was Delia who spoke up again. I blinked, not sure if I wanted to hear the

reason why.

“Because Ava’s already been through an inter -dimensional portal once, and the result was

amnesia, her body may not be able to handle another trip. ” He faltered before addressing me

directly. “ Best-case scenario is that you get another case of amnesia that you may or may not

recover from, or…” Howie trailed off, his eyes downcast and guilty. “I’m sorry, Ava, but it’s too

risky. You could die.”

I looked over at Spencer, not sure what to say or do. My body swarmed with an energy I

was all too accustomed to, and it was telling me to run, to get out of here. I fought back against it,

and tried to soothe my racing pulse, the desperate brokenness in my heart.

“Say we did open the portal; you can do that right?” Spencer paused long enough for Howie

to nod his head, even though his brows were furrowed in confusion. I couldn’t say I was following

Spencer’s train of thought any better. “ Okay, great, how long can we get it open for? How accurate

can you position it? And what are the consequences?”

“Theoretically, right?” Howie narrowed his eyes at Spencer.


Delia huffed and tapped her good foot against the singed floorboard. “Out with it, Spencer.

What are you really asking?”

“Can we get a message to Ava’s family?”

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