Creature of Unknown Origin



I bobbed my head. Both of us shuffled awkwardly, attempting to get out of each other’s

way, only to end up face to face again.

“God, just kiss already! Or both of you take a step to the right!” Delia snapped at us,

crushing herself between us and the wall in a mad dash for the bathroom.

I looked at Spencer, laughing hysterically in an effort to ignore the urge to run back the

way I’d come and not stop. “Well then. I guess I won’t be getting a hot shower this morning.”

He huffed, chuckling, “Yeah, you’d be better off washing off in the spring out back. Might

be warmer than the water Delia’ll leave you.”

“Yeah.” I stared up at him, not quite sure what else to say and definitely not wanting to

acknowledge what Delia had said. My lips turned up into a crooked smile. “So… to the right ,


Spencer ducked his head, rubbing the back of his neck. He laughed heartily despite the

ever- overwhelming air of sheepishness permeating off of us. “To the right.”

We each took our step. I was all too conscious of the narrow hallway and stood on a slight

angle so I could pass Spence without invading his personal space too much. The floor creaked

beneath our footsteps and as I started down the hall to bang on the bathroom door in the hopes of

rushing Delia, I couldn’t help but glance back.

It didn’t help that the itch on the back of my neck was all too certain that Spencer had been

staring after me, but by the time I’d surrendered to its urging, he’d turned into the living room -

slash- lab and I’d all but imagined that he’d caught my eye as he turned th e corner.

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