Creature of Unknown Origin


11. Everything

My feet padded softly over the old floorboards of the cabin. In the room I’d left behind,

Dr. Richards was sound asleep. Delia was nowhere to be found. I wasn’t going to complain about

that though, not when I didn’t have to share a bed with a woman who was probably more of a

demon than I was. Granted, Delia’s wrath was almost justified in that I cut her morning routine

short so I could shower after my run, but still —she was going on a half an hour by the time I’d

actually plucked up the courage to storm the bathroom door.

Peering through the dark hallway, I passed the kitchen that Spencer and Howie were

supposed to share as a makeshift sleeping quarter. Two shapes lay close together, unmoving, and

I knew with absolute certainty that one of them wasn’t Spencer. My lips twisted as confusion

dashed across my brow. If that was Delia, then — where was Spence?

I turned into the living room, gripping my blanket and pillow closer to my chest. Across

from me on the couch shoved into the far corner of the clandestine lab, a figure bolted up and

swiped the sleep from their eyes.

“Spence?” I called out in a whisper that carried through the darkness.

“Av?” He swung his feet off the couch, his shoulders now slumped with exhaustion, and

made to stand.

“What are you doing up?” We both asked at once.

I stood awkwardly in the center of the room, waiting for him to say something more, but

when the silence stretched past a handful of seconds, I nibbled my lip. “I don’t know, just couldn’t

sleep. What about you?”

He scratched his head, ruffling his already sleep moussed hair. “Well… Delia came into

the kitchen right when I was about ready to nod off and her and Howie wouldn’t shut up. It’s a

repeat of the Sanders job all over again.”

I laughed, my shoulders d ropping, and came to sit on the couch beside him. “So, what, are

they a couple?”

“I don’t know for sure, but I can tell you that whatever they are, it’s annoying,” Spencer


I shoved his shoulder playfully, trying to stifle a yawn of my own. “Guess w e should try to

get some sleep.”

Spencer bounced back and bumped into me just as jestingly. “You take the couch.”

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