Creature of Unknown Origin


The strong river that ached to spill onto paper slammed into a dam, stoppered up by the lump in

my throat.

I couldn’t bring myself to write a letter to my parents and friends. What could I say?

Hi Mom and Dad!

Good news: I’m alive and in a different dimension where supernaturals don’t exist and the

portal thing I came through doesn’t work, and even if it did, I can’t come home because travelin g

through the portal again might give me a permanent case of amnesia (which from experience, isn’t

fun) or worse, kill me.

Just know that I love you always and miss you dearly. Don’t worry too much about me

though, I’ve got friends here and people I care about and care about me too… (It’s a little

complicated, but no matter how crushed I am, I can’t help but find myself loving it here and

actually happy for the first time in… in a while).

Much love,


It should be simple. Letters were simple thing s, but this one? It was the hardest one I’d

ever had to write and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I reasoned with myself, finding ways to avoid

it like taking my time in the shower or sitting with Howie and Dr. Richards as they worked or

beating Spencer at a loaded race, but I knew deep down, I’d have to eventually sit down and write

the most heart-wrenching letter of my life.

It was now or never. My pen hovered over the stark white page. The salutation was foreign

to me, but the quiver of my lips and the wetness in my eyes was all too familiar. I sucked in a deep

breath. Gritting my teeth, I kept on writing, sweeping the pen across the page, and painted my soul

in blue-and-white for anyone to see.

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