Creature of Unknown Origin


I bent over the desk to write an updated postscript, Spencer snuck up beside me and placed a gentle

hand on the small of my back.

“You doing okay?” His eyes shined with worry.

My quaking hand hovered over the paper mid-sentence . “I don’t know.”

Spencer nodded, watching as I finished up and refolded the letter to tuck it inside the

envelope Howie and Annette designed to ensure it survived passing through the portal.

“Okie dokie, I guess I’m ready.” I handed the letter over to Annette and wrapped my arms

around myself.

Annette and Howie worked in sync with each other while the three of us watched from

behind the line of tape they’d set by the doorway. In truth, I wanted to be some where far, far away

when they turned this thing on, but a part of me had to see it. As if Spencer could read my mind,

he wrapped an arm around me, pulling me closer.

“It’ll all be okay,” he whispered.

I met his warm eyes, savoring the comfort that rolled o ff of him. “I know.”

“Okay, brace yourselves!” Annette’s voice rang out. Excitement and apprehension radiated

off of her and Howie like a shaken beehive.

I changed my mind and folded myself into Spencer’s arms. With my eyes squeezed shut, I

buried my face in his chest and tried to drown out the world around me. Spencer’s hand found my

hair, brushing through it soothingly.

Then there was only static. My ears popped, or tried to. They were stuck in that in-between

state of needing to pop, but not quite being able to. The pressure built and built until I honestly

thought my eardrums ruptured. A bolt of light exploded behind my hidden eyes, bright enough

that it surely had to be lightning.

Seconds ticked by on an invisible clock. Papers rustled, settling gracefully back in their

place where ever it was that they sat. My heart pounded in my ears. Spencer’s heart might just beat

right out of his chest.

“All clear!” Howie yelled over the tumult of silence.

Slowly, Spencer and I peeled away from each other. I even saw that Delia had tucked

herself against Spencer’s o ther side. She glared at Howie, her hair a little frizzy from the electric

pulse that had ripped through us all.

“Never. Again,” she growled, chastising both scientists.

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