Creature of Unknown Origin


I’m sorry I can’t make it back to you. Even though I may never be able to see you guys

again, I want you to know I’m happy here. I wish there was a way that both of my worlds could

come together so I could have the best of both.

Nothing would make me happier than that.

I love you both so much. Give my best to everyone back home and tell them all I said hi

and bye and maybe talk to you later. (I still have to ask if letters could be sent back and forth on

occasion. Who knows —maybe it’s too risky? But I have to ask).



(4 September)


Well, today is the day. Annette and Howie finally have the machine ready to go operational,

and I feel like I still have more to tell you —though I’m not sure what.

I guess I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the months after my disappearance,

and for the handful of months it took to fix this stupid portal thing, and for the fact that I may never

be able to come home. I’m sorry for all the grief and heartache and for the fact that you all had to

assume I was dead, but I’m most sorry for the grief this letter will probably give you.

After all my friends and I went through, and the time it took to rebuild this thing, I almost

didn’t send this letter for the fear of reopening old wounds. I’d wondered if you guys had mo ved

on and found some sort of solace, and it all hit me today when we were ready to turn the machine


Then, Annette, of all people, told me something that made me realize that it was better for

you all to know that I’m alive and well so that we could ma nage to find the best of both worlds.

Your baby girl is all right, and I’m hoping you guys are too. One day, hopefully, we’ll figure out

a way to see each other again. Until then, just know that I plan on living and pray that you’ll all

find the same happi ness I hope I’m headed toward.

I love you.

~ ~ ~

The tires crunched over the dirt road to Spencer’s cabin. Ever since we hit the town and

started to wind our way through the back roads back to his place, he’d practically been bouncing

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