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This magazine offers builder and remodeler members INSIGHTS into both the Member Rebate Program and the participating manufacturers in this member benefit.

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Steps to Receive Your Rebate Check

The Member Rebate Program is a FREE member benefit of your State Home Builders Association that is available to all active Builder & Remodeler members.

Received more than their annual dues to their association last year!

The average rebate per Builder/Remodeler company who participated in 2017


► Visit us online to Register & Claim! HBArebates.com Call us Toll-Free: 866.849.8400 Like Us On Facebook facebook.com/MemberRebateProgram

1 | INSIGHTS Magazine | HBArebates.com FALL 2018 The Member Rebate Program rewards Builders & Remodelers for using any of the 6 0+ participating manufacturers.

Take advantage of the Member Rebate Program today!

We make the difference for builders. Upgrade the shower style at any time during the building process. The Delta ® MultiChoice ® Universal Valve lets you upgrade style and functionality without having to alter plumbing behind the wall—offering flexibility that you and your buyers will appreciate. Learn more about our innovative technologies, styles and support at DeltaFaucet.com/Pro

© 2017 Delta Faucet Company



Durable construction, superior performance and proven reliability make InSinkErator ® the world’s leading producer of garbage disposals. Advanced engineering and construction have earned InSinkErator disposals their reputation for quality, durability and ease of installation. When you need performance, insist on a name you trust.

Insist on InSinkErator. ™

1-800-558-5700 www.insinkerator.com

© 2017 InSinkErator, InSinkErator ® is a business unit of Emerson Electric Co. All Rights Reserved.

I N S I G H T S Magazine

INSIGHTS to our new Quarterly Claim Deadlines Based on Manufacturer feedback, we have changed our quarterly claim deadlines to be final deadlines with no exceptions in 2018. www.HBArebates.com/calendar.html The new quarterly deadlines are as follows: 1 st Quarter 2018 – End of May 2018 / 2 nd Quarter 2018 – End of August 2018 3 rd Quarter 2018 – End of November 2018 / 4 th Quarter 2018 – End of February 2019 INSIGHTS to an Easier Claims Process You’ve asked, we listened. With over 60 participating Manufacturer brands, our Rebate Claim Form can be quite overwhelming to view! We get it and we have a solution. Let us make it easier for you by creating a customized form with just the Manufacturers you installed. If you’ve claimed with us before, we’ll even pre-populate it for you to simplify the process. No receipts and a customized form: www.HBArebates.com/easy

INSIGHTS to our Social Media Join us on Facebook and LinkedIn: Claims Process Updates Manufacturer Product Highlights Manufacturer Updates

Quarterly Deadlines Testimonial Tuesdays

INSIGHTS into Sherwin Williams Added in the 1 st Quarter 2017, Sherwin Williams became our exclusive Manufacturer in the paint

category. Existing customers receive a year end marketing bonus from the Member Rebate Program based on the overall sales growth of our members. New customers receive a quarterly rebate based on their sales. In 2018, for both existing

customers and new customers, we will need a Painter Tracking Form found on the next page to accurately credit for all sales. Full program details can be found here: www.HBArebates.com/sw

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Finally, a Smart Thermostat That Lives Up to the Name.




The Côr ® Thermostat Allows Your Customers to Control Their Home Comfort From Anywhere. It’s efficient. Energy reports from the Côr ® thermostat help homeowners track their use and increase their savings. It’s simple. The Côr thermostat displays dealer contact information on its user interface,

making it easy for customers to get in touch when their systems need attention. It’s backed by the experts. When homeowners opt in, the thermostat sends alerts for routine maintenance, allowing a proactive service approach. The Côr thermostat is the heart of a smarter home. And the key to a whole new way to sell to your customers.

©Carrier Corporation 1/2018. A unit of United Technologies Corporation. Stock symbol UTX. *Based on a 2012 third-party study comparing Carrier ® Côr TM technology to the estimated cost of a non-programmable thermostat set to 72° at all times.

I N S I G H T S Magazine

INSIGHTS: Member Rebate Program

16 years ago, in 2002, Supply and Install LLC was founded by Richard and Rich Robinson to help small to mid-size Builders be rewarded for their loyalty the same way as the largest volume Builders. In 2006, with 12 participating Manufacturer brands, they partnered with the Pennsylvania and Michigan Home Builders Associations becoming their Member Rebate Program. Today, the Member Rebate Program is a member benefit of 41 State HBA’s and over 600 Local HBA’s. There are over 60 participating Manufacturer brands exclusive to their given product category.

Our President, Richard Robinson, is a 2 nd generation HBA member, Statesman Spike and leading Spike in the history of the NJBA. He is a Life Director on the Board at both Shore Builders Association of Central NJ, the NJ Builders Association and is on the Board of Directors at NAHB. Prior to founding this company, Richard founded a successful chain of lumberyards in New Jersey. 877-476-0011 / richard@HBArebates.com

Our Vice-President, Rich Robinson, is a 3 rd generation HBA member. He is the 2018 NAHB Young Professionals Committee Chair and in 2020, he will be the NAHB Membership Committee Chair. Rich serves on the Board at Shore Builders Association of Central NJ, the NAHB Board of Directors and the NAHB Executive Board of Directors. 866-849-8400 / rich@HBArebates.com Together, Richard and Rich understand the importance of recruitment and especially retention in the HBA. Our Builder/Remodeler manager is Josh Shields. Josh handles our Builder communications. 732-722-8392 / josh@HBArebates.com Our HBA manager is Kim Klein. Kim handles all direct HBA communications. 732-612-3865 / kim@HBArebates.com

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Inspire with daylight. Transform with skylights.

Let VELUX show you the powerful difference skylights can make with our new VELUX Design Center. Provide VELUX one of your home’s digital designs and we will recreate before and after 3D renderings of your project. Experience the VELUX Design Center


Contact Bill Charlton for more information: bill.charlton@velux.com



Features & Benefits

• Knee Braces and Rafter Tails are also available.

• Brackets and Corbels add grace, charm and beauty to any home.

• Historically accurate, intricate details add impact to a home’s exterior. • Brackets and Corbels can be used with soffits, gables, porches and exterior overhangs. • Use Brackets and Corbels to add a decorative touch underneath fireplace mantels, shelves, kitchen cabinets and more.

• Can be used for exterior or interior applications.

• Available in both smooth and woodgrain.

• Woodgrain Brackets can be painted or stained.

• Smooth Brackets can be painted.

• Many styles and sizes available to fit any overhang.

Download Fypon’s full list of Smooth Brackets http://www.fypon.com/docs/SmoothCatalog/18_DC.pdf or browse our Woodgrain Bracket/Corbel offering http://www.fypon.com/docs/TimberAndStoneCatalog/18_TimberAndStoneCatalog.pdf

I N S I G H T S Magazine

Do you want to Start Getting Money for products you already use?

It's Easy as 1-2-3 to participate!



Submit a Rebate Claim


Receive a Rebate Check!


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Trusted Reliability: • Global leader in lighting and automated shade control • Millions of Lutron wireless devices installed worldwide since 1990 • 24/7 Customer Service hotline

The Smart Way to a Connected Home

In-wall ELV+ dimmer PD-5NE-WH

Pico remote control PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R

Plug-in lamp dimmer PD-3PCL-WH

Smart Bridge PRO L-BDGPRO2-WH

FREE app

Simple, affordable lighting control. For every household.

Builder Benefits

Homeowner Benefits

• Devices to control any load type.

• Control lights, shades, and temperature from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. • In-home Pico remotes and dimmers provide easy, local control anywhere in the home. • Lutron App connects Caséta systems with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, and other smart home devices.

• Even easier setup with new Pico scene keypads that automatically configure based on room and activity. • Control with a standalone Pico remote, or add it to your Caséta Wireless connected home.

• Caséta Wireless systems work with:






©2018 Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. | P/N 368-4939 REV B , Lutron, Caséta, and Pico are trademarks of Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Amazon and Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

I N S I G H T S Magazine

Why Register for Rebates?

Here are some reasons Builders all over the country are participating in Member Rebate Program

We have been participating in the Member Rebate Program for several years and enjoy receiving rebates for products that we already use! Our rebates are typically several hundred dollars a quarter and it is easy to do. You are missing out if you are a member and not participating in this great member benefit!”

David Belman, Belman Homes (WI)

For a small investment in time, it’s well worth applying for the rebate. My rebates average about $900 per quarter. And once you apply the first time, you look forward to doing it again - especially when you receive that check. In one year, the amount that I get back through this rebate program is more than triple what I spend on membership dues.”

John Ainslie, The Ainslie Group (VA)

I had no idea the amount of money I was leaving behind each quarter. It is really nice having this check to look forward to four times a year. Thanks!”

Jordan Wheatley, Jordan Wheatley Custom Homes (TX)

11 | INSIGHTS Magazine | HBArebates.com FALL 2018

I have personally recruited 3 new members into the local HBA using this rebate program as an added incentive last quarter. How can anyone argue free rebates if you’re already a member.” Bill Clipse, Meander Homes Construction Inc. (OH) What a great program! It's so easy to use and get money back from manufacturers for using products. All members should sign up for this program. It not only benefits the member but also the Local & State HBA.” Frank Krause, Krause Construction (SD) For the $1,138 we received in rebates, it has been well worth it. I just sent the application to my subcontractors who had the products in our homes and let them fill it out. I then simply compiled all of the info and sent it in.” Tom Schaefer, Signature Homes (WI) The HBA Rebate Program is truly an added benefit and we have been excited to have received almost $20,000 since the inception of the program. This is simple to complete and allows us to keep with our mission of quality construction on-time and within the budget!” Jessica Scheurich, Keller Development, Inc. (IN)

Have a testimonial to share with the membership? ► Provide one at: HBArebates.com

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In today’s marketplace, new home buyers will judge a home by its exterior. And if they don’t like what they see on the outside, they may never see the inside. As a result, garage doors have taken center stage due to their impact on a home’s curb appeal, the variety of design options and perceived overall value of the home. Low-cost garage door design upgrades can have a significant impact on a home’s curb appeal, and consequently, a home buyer’s first impression. BETTER CURB APPEAL MEANS…

MATTER first impressions we believe

Faster Sales


n Better Selling Price and Margins n Increased Home Buyer Satisfaction


Boosting curb appeal while staying within budget is easy, thanks to Clopay’s industry-leading selection of garage door designs, construction materials and insulation options.

To learn more about how Clopay can help you sell homes and improve profitability, visit www.clopay.com

Why Register for Rebates?

We love using the HBA Rebate Program! It is so easy to use, the staff is very helpful, and we usually get a few hundred dollars back in rebates per quarter. I highly recommend any builder to use this program!” Meggan Brown, Elliot Homes, LLC (FL) Who doesn't like free money!? It literally takes just minutes each quarter to compile the information. If you're not using it, it's absolutely worth looking into. More than likely, you'll be able to more than cover your HBA annual membership dues with rebates on products you're already purchasing! Your local HBA also receives a little kickback when you participate - even more reason to get signed up!” Courtney Black, Permian Homes (TX) We have been using the rebate program for 3 quarters now and have received over $1,000 worth of checks for just a few short minutes of setup and submittals. The initial setup only took about 10 minutes and then each quarterly submittal takes about 5-10 minutes. After the initial setup, we found we were already using several of the products that qualified for rebates. Therefore this was essentially free money sitting out there waiting for us to grab it. I would highly recommend signing up for this program. Even if you only build a few homes a year, it's still a nice little bonus each quarter for a few minutes of effort!

MarkDisney, Disney Construction Company (NC)

It is great to get another benefit on products that we already use and trust. This pays for my local HBA membership and then some. If I had known how easy it was to obtain, I would have started long ago!" Pamela Jewell, Blenker Construction Inc. (WI)

14 | INSIGHTS Magazine | HBArebates.com FALL 2018

According to NAHB, indoor and outdoor fireplaces are both top five most-desired new home features by Millennial, Gen X and Boomer homebuyers. So improve your homebuyer satisfaction and increase your profits – put a fireplace in your next home. FIREPLACES: WHAT YOUR HOMEBUYERS WANT.

As a top name in the fireplace industry, Heat & Glo ® takes pride in providing builders, like you, with more than just a fireplace – we’re your trusted partner. We understand what homebuyers are looking for, and the tangible value that the right hearth solution can provide to each and everyone of your homes. Visit pro.heatnglo.com to learn what we can do for you.




Heat & Glo COSMO shown with clean face trim in graphite, river rocks, reflective black glass interior and LED accent lighting

Fireplaces: What Your Homebuyers Want. According to NAHB, indoor and outdoor fireplaces are both top five most-desired new home features by homebuyers across the United States. So improve your homebuyer satisfaction and increase your profits – put a fireplace in your next home. As a top name in the fireplace industry, Heatilator ® takes pride in providing builders, like you, with more than just a fireplace – we’re your trusted partner. We understand what homebuyers are looking for, and the tangible value that the right hearth solution can provide to each and everyone of your homes. Visit pro.heatilator.com to learn what we can do for you.

Learn more about homebuyer desire for fireplaces

Learn about the best-selling fireplace of all time


I N S I G H T S Magazine

We have loved getting what feels like free money in the mail each quarter. I love that the Homebuilders Association put this together and that it is so easy to use. It is really nice to have checks coming in... especially in these difficult times!”

Debbie Stoddard, Finer Homes (VA)

We have received well over $7,000 the past year and look forward to doing the same in the future. Initial set up was quick and easy, subsequent quarterly submittals took only minutes to complete and the checks just keep rolling in. It is not often you find suppliers willing to continuously pay you to use their products. Every home builder in Virginia should be taking advantage of this program, it’s the easiest money we ever made!”

Mike Babashanian, Boyd Homes (VA)

We have enjoyed the benefits of the NCHBA Member Rebate Program for over a year now. Submitting rebate request forms has become streamlined and painless, and our returns continue to increase each quarter. Since the Manufacturers that participate are well known, established companies, producing high-quality products, we are considering them specifically in more of our projects. These rebates, however small or large, have served to offset some of our increased operating costs in the these difficult times. The Member Rebate Program is well worth the effort it takes to participate!" Geoffrey Bowen, Princeton Builders (NC) Our experience with the Member Rebate Program has been extremely rewarding and pleasurable. Although there was a learning curve in providing the proper data, we have found the process is very easy to follow to reap the benefits. Great idea and fantastic recruitment tool for the future!” Frank Morse, Morse Homes Inc. (LA)

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Curb Appeal Without The Callbacks



• Checking, splitting, twisting... • Callbacks, complaints, unsatisfied customers Need we say more.




© HB&G Building Products 2018

1 19 | INSIGHTS Magazine | HBArebates.com FALL 2018 Steps to Receive Your Rebate Check 2 3 4

Steps to Receive Your Rebate Check

Register: To start receiving your rebate, please register on our website. This tells us where to mail your check. If already registered, skip to the next step.

Calendar & Deadlines: View the calendar to determine what you can claim for and when the deadline is to submit. 

RebateClaimForm You can claim forall homes , remodelingprojects or multi-familyunits completed FreeMemberBenefit toActiveBuildersorRemodelerMembers

Addresswhereproductswere instal Company _________________________ AddressorLot/Block ________________ City _______________________________ Youdon’thave touse this form!ClaimOnlineat: templateor sendusanemailwithyouraddresse Call (866-849-8400)oremail (info Visit www.HBArebates.com f

* Submit to infobelow. Anemailwillbe sent to confirmyour claimswere received * If Subcontractoror Supplier isasked, it is required for verification

*No receiptsarenecessary * Please submit only the completedpages * Completeonly theManufacturers used


#o HomemusthaveBois

CustomizedExcelTemplate Wantaneasierway to claim?Useourmostpopularmethod: www.HBAExcelForm.com





CompleteHide-A-HoseCentralVacuumSystem Install CompleteStandardValveCentralVacuumSystem Install (ListQty:)VroomVacuumSystem Install

Claim: Every quarter if you have a completed home, remodeling project, or multi-family unit that used any of our participating manufacturers, complete and submit the current Rebate Claim Form. Once your Rebate Claim has been submitted, please view our Claims Process link on our website for detail on when you will receive your remittance statement and your quarterly lump-sum rebate check.



Smooth-Star- “Good”

* F


ProductNumber(’s)Only: ListHighest Level-



Tile SeriesUsed: Total Sq. Footage: Total InstalledPrice:$ Tile InstallationCo:



GasModel#(’s): Exception -NoRebateForModel #:DV3

InstalledPrice= Material+ Labor

WoodMantels/CabinetsQty: FireplaceDistributor:


Shelf&Rod/WardrobeandorTotal Super SlideVentilatedShelving Eachadditionalbedroom closetusing Laminatew/at least1 tower MasterSuite Laminate

LaminatePantryCloset Garageusing Laminate systemw/at leasta4 ft section


Please include


OnlyClosetMaid Dealer Installed

Subcontractor: Wood (Min.350 ft.) ProductName:

Carpet (Min.150 yards) ProductName:





RoundPermaCastFiberglassColumns Craftsman FiberglassColumns SquarePermaCastFiberglassColumns SquarePermaLiteColumns SquarePermaWrapCellularPVCColumns PermaPorchPlyethylenePosts (ea)

Forexample:Landmark Look ®

List LF:

Forexample:FranklinOak ®

AllColumnsw/ Caps&Bases


Pre-builtCellular PVCPermaPorch

SingleCarDoors-10’ wideor less

ListQty: Non-Insulated SteelBack1-3/8&2”Steel2 Sides


Steel InsulatedVinyl-Back SteelOverlayCollection

WoodCarriageHouseCollection Avante/CanyonRidgeCollection






Theavg. rebateperBuilder/Remodeler


Submit toClaimsDepartment:P.O.Box1073,PointPleasantBeach,NJ08742,by scan&email to: info@HBArebates.com,o

► Contact Us with any questions HBArebates.com

Receive Your Rebate Check!

How the Member Rebate Program is M arketed ASHBA (AK ) www.ASHBArebates.com HBAA (AL ) www.HBAArebates.com AHBA (AR ) www.AHBArebates.com HBACT (CT ) www.HBACTrebates.com HBADE (DE ) www.HBADErebates.com FHBA (FL ) www.FHBArebates.com HBAG (GA ) www.HBAGrebates.com HBAI (IL ) www.HBAIrebates.com HBA Iowa (IA ) www.HBAIowarebates.com IBA (IN ) www.IBArebates.com KBIA (KS ) www.KBIArebates.com HBAK (KY ) www.HBAKrebates.com LHBA (LA ) www.LHBArebates.com HBAMA (MA ) www.HBAMArebates.com Maryland BIA (MD ) www.MarylandBIArebates.com HBRAME (ME ) www.HBRAMErebates.com HBAMI (MI ) www.HBAMIrebates.com BAM (MN ) www.BAMrebates.com HBAM (MS ) www.HBAMrebates.com MBIA (MT ) www.MBIArebates.com NCHBA (NC ) www.NCHBArebates.com NDAB (ND ) www.NDABrebates.com NSHBA (NE ) www.NSHBArebates.com NHHBA (NH ) www.NHHBArebates.com NJBA (NJ ) www.NJBArebates.com NMHBA (NM ) www.NMHBArebates.com NYSBA (NY ) www.NYSBArebates.com Ohio HBA (OH ) www.OhioHBArebates.com OSHBA (OK ) www.OSHBArebates.com OHBA (OR ) www.OHBArebates.com PBA (PA ) www.PBArebates.com

RIBA (RI ) www.RIBArebates.com HBASC (SC ) www.HBASCrebates.com SDHBA (SD ) www.SDHBArebates.com HBAT (TN ) www.HBATrebates.com TAB (TX ) www.TABrebates.com UHBA (UT) www.UHBArebates.com HBAV (VA ) www.HBAVrebates.com BIAW (WA ) www.BIAWrebates.com WBA (WI ) www.WBArebates.com HBAWV (WV ) www.HBAWVrebates.com


INSIGHTS Magazine | HBArebates.com | 20


Bold style.

In a complete door system. Introducing new Classic-Craft ®

American Style Collection ™ door with genuine Therma-Tru components is more than beautiful – it’s a complete system with uncompromising quality, inside and out. From the glass to the hinges to the finish options, we manufacture and specify every aspect with precise craftsmanship for years of durability and reliability. Rest assured, it performs as exceptionally as it looks. Shaker-style doors and sidelites. A Therma-Tru ®

Explore our newest on-trend entryways at thermatru.com/expressions .

©2018 Therma-Tru Corp. All rights reserved. THERMA-TRU and the Therma-Tru Logo are trademarks of Therma-Tru Corp. Registered trademarks are registered in the U.S. and may be registered internationally. Therma-Tru Corp. is an operating company of Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc.

Painter Tracking Form

PURCHASES THROUGH THE BUILDER ACCOUNT If all the sales are made through your account, including purchases by your painter(s), then just fill out your Builder information below. The Sherwin Williams account number would be very helpful. PURCHASES THROUGH THE PAINTERS ACCOUNT If purchases are made by your painter(s) not through your account, then the painter(s) must open a subaccount in your name. Please fill out both the Builder information and the Painter information for each Painter. Subaccount numbers are optional but would be very helpful for tracking.

This process must be repeated if the Painter is replaced and if additional Painters are added.

Please send this form back to the Member Rebate Program for processing.

Please check the appropriate box below:



Painter no longer does work for us


Registered Builder Information Provide if all sales are through the Builder SW Account




SW Acct # (optional):

Registered Builder: ________________________________

Painter Information Provide if all sales are through the Painter SW Account. Please have the Painter open a Subaccount for the Builder to be able to accurately track.




SW Acct # (optional):

Submit by Toll-Free Fax (800) 977-5591or Email: info@HBArebates.com Have Questions: Contact Us - (866) 849-8400 www.HBArebates.com

Store Personnel: Refer to SW Client Management System for information on the Member Rebate Program

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You have a vision. We have the innovative coatings and legendary service to help you bring it to life. Look to Sherwin-Williams for products that give you a competitive edge. Count on us for expert color consultation. And rely on us for upgrades that exceed customer expectations along with solutions to help youmaximize e ciencies. At Sherwin-Williams, our dream is to be your partner in success. Learn more at sw-builders.com

©2017 The Sherwin-Williams Company

ThinkConsistent. Quality. Fast.

Homeowners love new ExpressShelf ™ pre-finished shelf and rod system for its elegance, quality, and convenience. Builders, for its dependability and unprecedented speed of installation – 1 minute per foot with no caulking or painting. rs love new Expres Shelf™ pre-finished shelf and rod system l ce, quality, and convenience. Builders, for its dependability r ented spe d of install tion – 1 minute per foot with no l i r ainting.

Contact Brian Dougherty at 352.401.6345 or briandougherty@emerson.com or visit ClosetMaidPro.com/ExpressShelf to learn more. Learn more. Visit Clos tMaidPro.com/ExpressShelf or call 1-844-795-9537 today.


Why do Manufacturers want to reward me?

Do I have to change the way I do business? You don't need to! You still utilize the same Suppliers and continue conducting your business as usual.

Manufacturers recognize that the small to mid-size Builder is the largest segment of the building industry and they are rewarding those Builders with rebates through the Member Rebate Program.

Must I align with all Manufacturers?

No. However, the more Manufacturers that are used in our program will greatly increase your lump-sum rebate check!

Do I have to save my receipts?

Rebate amounts are not listed, can I find them out? As this is a free member benefit available to all active Builder & Remodeler members, we cannot disclose the specific amounts to the public. Please contact us for conservative average based on what you are using.

There are no receipts necessary to process your rebate claim. We have made the rebate program as simple as possible. Instead of receipts, we use our Manufacturer's sales people in your area to check that their products were used.

► Read more Frequently Asked Questions HBArebates.com/faqs.html

25 | INSIGHTS Magazine | HBArebates.com FALL 2018







Our One Point of Responsibility business model is what sets us apart. Builders benefit by having a dedicated Sales Leader and Project Manager available from beginning to end overseeing the entire job. With field support to improve communication and tested safety programs to reduce risks, we give you three times the attention of other companies.

estoneworks.com 800-891-5402

Copyright © 2017, Environmental Materials, LLC.

Partnering with Leviton makes it easy to bring safety, energy savings, convenience and the latest technology to the customers you serve. Engineering Innovation.

This Changes Everything.

Smart Home

Making Electrical Solutions Happen.

It all starts here.

Wiring Devices

Leviton is proud to serve the MRP community by offering a wide range of reliable solutions to create safe and smart living environments. From our new Leviton Load Center to connected and smart home* technology, wiring devices and Electric Vehicle Chargers, we deliver quality products, so you can deliver premium homes.

Connected Home

For more information, visit leviton.com/builders

IT’S TIME THE LOAD CENTER GOT UPDATED. It’s time for a load center that’s not just up with the times, but far advanced in its capabilities. Our new panel saves time on every installation, identifies operational status at a glance, and stands alone as the only panel on the market that complies with updated UL standards for end-of-life protection. We’re breaking new ground in safety. Look inside at levitonloadcenter.com

Questions? We’re just an email away at Builderprogram@leviton.com

*Partnerships with NEST TM , Amazon Alexa TM , Google Home TM and Apple HomeKit TM

Evr-Green ® Charging Stations

I N S I G H T S Magazine


Contact Us Today to place your ad in future issues! 877.476.0011


100% recyclable, that’s how we roll. HyperPure ® PE-RT is the environmentally friendly choice for your potable water system. We do not use additional chemicals or processes making our tube 100% recyclable. HyperPure can be used with most fitting systems and is made in Michigan. It is strong, flexible, pure and is backed by our 100 year warranty. 800.752.2082 www.legendvalve.com/pws1/hyperpure

*HyperTherm™ 2399 Resin is manufactured by The Dow Chemical Company © 2018 Legend Valve & Fitting, Inc.

INSIGHTS Magazine | 2018 FALL


Participate Today!

Member Rebate Program

Toll-Free Ph: 866.849.8400 info@HBArebates.com

Fax: 800.977.5591 HBArebates.com

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