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Partnering with Leviton makes it easy to bring safety, energy savings, convenience and the latest technology to the customers you serve. Engineering Innovation.

This Changes Everything.

Smart Home

Making Electrical Solutions Happen.

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Wiring Devices

Leviton is proud to serve the MRP community by offering a wide range of reliable solutions to create safe and smart living environments. From our new Leviton Load Center to connected and smart home* technology, wiring devices and Electric Vehicle Chargers, we deliver quality products, so you can deliver premium homes.

Connected Home

For more information, visit leviton.com/builders

IT’S TIME THE LOAD CENTER GOT UPDATED. It’s time for a load center that’s not just up with the times, but far advanced in its capabilities. Our new panel saves time on every installation, identifies operational status at a glance, and stands alone as the only panel on the market that complies with updated UL standards for end-of-life protection. We’re breaking new ground in safety. Look inside at levitonloadcenter.com

Questions? We’re just an email away at Builderprogram@leviton.com

*Partnerships with NEST TM , Amazon Alexa TM , Google Home TM and Apple HomeKit TM

Evr-Green ® Charging Stations

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