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INSIGHTS to our new Quarterly Claim Deadlines Based on Manufacturer feedback, we have changed our quarterly claim deadlines to be final deadlines with no exceptions in 2018. www.HBArebates.com/calendar.html The new quarterly deadlines are as follows: 1 st Quarter 2018 – End of May 2018 / 2 nd Quarter 2018 – End of August 2018 3 rd Quarter 2018 – End of November 2018 / 4 th Quarter 2018 – End of February 2019 INSIGHTS to an Easier Claims Process You’ve asked, we listened. With over 60 participating Manufacturer brands, our Rebate Claim Form can be quite overwhelming to view! We get it and we have a solution. Let us make it easier for you by creating a customized form with just the Manufacturers you installed. If you’ve claimed with us before, we’ll even pre-populate it for you to simplify the process. No receipts and a customized form: www.HBArebates.com/easy

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INSIGHTS into Sherwin Williams Added in the 1 st Quarter 2017, Sherwin Williams became our exclusive Manufacturer in the paint

category. Existing customers receive a year end marketing bonus from the Member Rebate Program based on the overall sales growth of our members. New customers receive a quarterly rebate based on their sales. In 2018, for both existing

customers and new customers, we will need a Painter Tracking Form found on the next page to accurately credit for all sales. Full program details can be found here: www.HBArebates.com/sw

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