INSIGHTS Magazine Fall 2020

A “must have” for any home. A fireplace sets your homes apart from the rest.

Your “ace up the sleeve.” Looking for that edge to improve customer satisfaction, grow referrals, sell your homes faster and grow your profits? Fireplaces are the answer!

Market research shows homebuyers consistently rate fireplaces as a top feature. Nine out of 10 homebuyers desire a fireplace and 7 of 10 feel it is a “must have” in their new home. An opportunity for high sales potential. A fireplace sets you apart from the rest. It is interesting that at the same time that homebuilders have scaled back the inclusion of fireplaces by 15 percent, homebuyer perception as a “must have” has grown nearly 10 percent.

The choice is clear: Make your homes preferred by including a reliable, high-quality gas or electric fireplace from the best brands in the business.

You can stand out from the crowd by having an affordable, beautiful fireplace as a standard feature in your plans and walk-through models.

Fits your plans in all types of new construction.

Best of all, homebuyers want fireplaces in luxury, move-up, entry, and attached homes. More than the heat, they crave the ambiance, memories, comfort, and emotion that only a fireplace can provide, making a house feel like a home. You will create the emotion they don’t feel from your competitor’s offering down the road.

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