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LARSON STORM DOORS LARSON® is recognized for making homes better with a market-leading selection of storm doors, high-efficiency interior and exterior storm windows, a patented porch window with retractable screens, retractable screens for large openings, and other door and wind-ow innovations.

For over 65 years, LARSON® has worked hard to become a leading innovator, delivering the best products and services, and offering storm door installation systems that are the easiest in the market to install. As part of our long-standing commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction, we place a high value on the people that make it happen. Our products reflect this commitment as we strive to create and enhance living spaces throughout the country. Choose LARSON® with confidence!

INSIGHTS to new participating Affiliate Partners for Q3 ’2 1 ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL BUDERS

We’re here to improve the experience of both clients & builders in the residential construction industry. Right now, this industry has a bad name. Look on any forum or ask anyone who’s built before and over 80% will tell you it was a bad experience. It’s n ot always the builder’s fault. There’s a lack of education out there for builders about the sales process, financials, marketing and the day-to-day running of a building company. We’re not here to help the cowboys of the industry, but rather the hard -working builders that want to build high-quality homes and earn a decent living doing so. If we can all operate at a standard that is so high, the cowboys will leave the industry and residential construction will turn into a professional services industry just like law, engineering or medical. We want to see a shift where consumers expect to pay for quotes and builders’ time, rather than pitting all builders against each other. Did you know that 80% of builders will go out of business in the next five years due to a lack of business skills and knowledge? And of those remaining companies, another 80% will fail in the following five years? Our goal is simply to increase the number of Professional Builders in the industry, and in turn, improve the experience for both clients and builders. We provide training and resources for builders to use in order to develop their building companies into Professional Builders of choice. PARADIGMNEXT ParadigmNEXT is a results-proven full-service agency delivering informed strategy and bottom-line impact for clients across the lifespan of their business. We partner with businesses to evolve their brands and promote their offerings through a range of business development services, marketing capabilities, integrated communications, design, and digital support.

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