INSIGHTS Magazine Fall 2021

Work with home builders? Simplify project management, scheduling, and estimating from your mobile device with B olt. B olt helps all mechanical and specialty contractors manage their jobs more efficiently. Our customers include: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, framing, painting, flooring, drywall, insulation, concrete, landscaping, and more!

Scheduling • Improve how you schedule jobs, reduce back-and-forth trips, and manage more tasks • Quickly assign work and reschedule jobs • Receive “job ready” confirmations and eliminate wasted trips to the site • See the current status or progress of a work order based on the color or icon • Track time, location, and log specific activity directly to the work assigned to a crew • Crews and supervisors only see their scheduled work to keep data secure

Project Management Solutions • Manage job details , and provide detailed accurate reporting • Keep all specific job documents all in one spot so you can find the answers you need in seconds • Quickly access job contracts so you know exactly what you're getting paid to do • Job options, extras, and material counts ensure accurate material pull sheets • Profit and loss reports are calculated using invoiced totals and accurate material and labor costs

Estimating Solutions • Manage a large volume of bids, update costs, and send accurate materials to the job site • Produce a high volume of estimates using bid cloning and template tools • Choose whether a bid is revised for new jobs, or jobs already in progress • Material pull sheet data comes from one source, ensuring accuracy • Specifications are stored in one place and seen throughout the entire build cycle of a job • Easily update parts to feed current costs to profit loss reports. Quickly compare jobs costs to original bid



"We are so organized that our supervisors now walk out of the office with just an iPad and measuring tape." Larry Causey C & B Electric

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