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INSIGHTS to our Quarterly Claim Deadlines Please remember that in 2019, based on Manufacturer feedback, our quarterly claim deadlines are final deadlines with no exceptions. Quarterly deadlines are as follows - Current Quarter:

1 st Quarter 2021 – End of May 2021 / 2 nd Quarter 2021 – End of August 2021 3 rd Quarter 2021 – End of November 2021 / 4 th Quarter 2021 – End of February 2022

INSIGHTS to an updated Manufacturer

InSinkErator has expanded their rebated product

line beginning this quarter! New Garbage Disposal products have been added to our Claim Forms. Both the Badger and Contract or lines have been added. New Hot Water Dispenser Series have also been added. Be rewarded for your loyalty! InSinkErator Products

INSIGHTS to our Online Claim Form method Many Builders have requested an easier version of our Online Claim Form that could be completed through

our website. Our updated Online Claim Form method allows the user to complete the Claim Form on their time with a new save feature. It also allows the user to claim using different products per residential address or the same products in multiple residential addresses. Simply choose the Manufacturers you are claiming for and what is required to verify appears to complete. Once the form is completed, it generates a .pdf for your records. We encourage you to choose the method that best works for you. Remember, we are here to assist in any way.

INSIGHTS to our HBA Claim Days

Register at: Every quarter, our team is here to assist you with your quarterly Claim Form during our HBA Claim Days. Schedule a time with an HBA Team Member and we will complete your claim and answer any questions you might have to make this a simple process to complete. If you need any assistance, at any time, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you. Our team can answer any Manufacturer product questions, assist in how to receive your rebate check, or even complete a claim with you online.

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