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Kidde, a leading manufacturer of residen�al smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire ex�nguishers, and safety accessories, has been keeping the world a safer place for over a century. Kidde produced the first integrated smoke detec�on system a century ago and con�nues its legacy today by delivering advanced fire - safety technology. The company has a rich history of innova�on, and its commitment to safety has never wavered. Kidde's products are designed to prevent injuries and minimize damage by quickly aler�ng people to dangers.

Kidde's smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are highly advanced, with features such as voice alerts, wireless interconnec�vity, and long - las�ng bateries. The company's fire ex�nguishers come in a variety of sizes and types, making them suitable for a wide range of applica�ons , equipping people to stop the spread of fires before they cause catastrophes. In addi�on to tradi�onal fire safety products, Kidde now offers a comprehensive suite of smart home safety devices. These devices can be integrated with exis�ng Kidde hardwired systems, crea�ng a whole smart - enabled home. This means that homeowners can monitor their homes remotely, receive alerts on their phones, and act in the event of an emergency. Only one Kidde smart alarm needs to be added to an exis�ng Kidde hardwired system to create a whole smart - enabled home.* Kidde's commitment to safety is reflected in its parent company, Carrier Global Corpora�on. Carrier is a leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable, and intelligent building and cold chain solu�ons. Together, Kidde and Carrier are dedicated to making the world a safer place.

Kidde smoke alarms prove to be an essen�al safety device for every home. With their advanced technology, reliability, and ease of use, they offer peace of mind and ensure prompt detec�on of poten�al fire hazards. Inves�ng in a Kidde smoke alarm is a small step that can make a big difference in protec�ng your loved ones and safeguarding your property. Don't compromise on safety — choose Kidde for reliable fire detec�on and preven�on. Visit: for more informa�on.

*Only the Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Indoor Air Quality Monitor connect with other Kidde alarms that have hardwired AC interconnect capability.

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