INSIGHTS Magazine-Summer 2023

The Tankless You’ve Been Waiting For. Introducing the Infiniti ® GS and Infiniti ® GR At Bradford White, innovation is important. So we’re proud to introduce the Infiniti ® GS and GR tankless water heaters which offer the energy-efficiency, high-performance and cutting-edge features you and your customers expect.

• REMARKABLE FLEXIBILITY: • Available in natural gas or propane • Indoor or outdoor (with outdoor kit) • Available as standard model (Infiniti ® GS): Cascadable up to 16 units, common vent up to 8 units • Or with built-in recirculation pump (Infiniti ® GR)

• RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL. • OUTSTANDING RELIABLITY. Robust stainless steel heat exchanger for longer life. • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE. 11:1 turndown, high GPM output of 5.1 GPM at a 77°F rise. High temperature setting – up to 180° F (Infiniti ® GS).

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