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WHAT IS FLOATING? A floating session is a luxurious escape from the constant stress of life’s daily pressures. You can leave the noise and confusion behind, and for the first time in your life, experience Total relaxation and deep healing in your private, peaceful space. An extremely powerful tool for Im- proving health; floatation spa therapy has been found to consistently provide great relief frommental and physical stress, fatigue, chronic pain and arthritis. Virtually every person who has integrated floatation into their lifestyle has benefited from one or more of the following health benefits; lowered blood pressure, improved sleep, improved concentration, enhanced creativity and relaxation. Floating sessions have also aided in producing positive behavior changes such as; losing weight and quitting smoking. EXPERIENCE WEIGHTLESSNESS Doctors have observed that maintain- ing the body erect against the force of gravity creates stress on the spine and joints and may be part of the cause of arthritis and other uncomfortable condi- tions. By allowing the body to float, this stress is temporarily alleviated, there- by allowing muscles and joints to relax and heal faster. No training, prepara- tion or skill is required. You cannot sink. Anyone, regardless of body type, will float like a cork, effortlessly on top of the heated epsom salt water solution. PRINCETON HEALTH INTEGRATION CENTER F LOATAT I ON THERAPY

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Salt Spring Mineral Spa ™ Large enough for you and a therapist or a close friend

ENHANCE PERFORMANCE By relaxing the analytical side of your mind, floating induces whole brain thinking where we can become more creative and expressive. In this environment our ability to absorb information and achieve desired goals are enhanced through visualization and positive thoughts. Athletic coordination and performance is improved through greater stamina, speed, strength and quicker recovery time from intense workouts. Floatation spa therapy is recommended by sports trainers and used as a high-tech training tool by triathletes. REJUVENATION Based upon the therapeutic powers of the mineral rich Dead Sea, the Epsom salt used in flotation spa therapy draw toxins to the surface of your skin giving your body a powerful systematic detoxification. Mineral spa therapy helps to strengthen your immune system, triggers the release of endorphins and reduces the level harmful biochemicals in your body. Floaters speak of seeing things anew and describe the world as fresh, glowing, intense and more vivid. You become stronger, healthier and happier. THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY A survey of family physicians found that half of those surveyed regularly prescribe some form of alternative therapy or have tried it themselves. The American Medical Association recently suggested that its 300,000 members “be- come better informed regarding the practices and techniques of alternative or unconventional medicine.” Medical research includes numerous studies on the healthful benefits of floating. YOUR FIRST FLOAT As you enter your secluded mineral spa, your body is gently cradled by the warm salt water. You are instantly weightless, floating peacefully and effortlessly on your back. Enjoying the freedom from the light, noise and gravity, your body relaxes and releases the tension it holds. Your mind stops chattering and brain wave activity is reduced, resulting in a deep state of mental and physical relaxation. You are now in a stress-free world of limitless potential, unaware of time and space. Your healing has begun. While floating motionless, feel what goes on inside your body, mind and spirit. In this loving, accepting and supportive atmosphere, you are free to think, be or feel whatever you wish. An hour passes like several minutes. As if awakening from a deep sleep or therapeutic massage, you are renewed and relaxed. Come out glowing and radiant. Your skin is toned and refreshed. Your mind is clear and alert. Tonight, you will sleep deeply and comfortably. A feeling of well-being will stay with you for days. OUR SPA FACILITY Over forty years of research and engineering has gone into the design of mineral spas. Our therapeutic envi- ronment is safe, healthful and fun. We are part of an alliance of facilities around the world who have chosen The Salt Spring Mineral Spa™ open environment. It is luxuriously arranged spa, easy to use, complete with private shower, dressing area and all amenities for your comfort and enjoyment. Our spa is sanitary; purified before and after every visit with a powerful ozone generator. Of particular interest is the five by eight-foot size spa itself, large enough for two people; which has a high ceiling, Fresh air vent, sliding door and controlled light and music. This state-of-the-art design lends to the feeling of spaciousness and comfort. A complete orientation, including a short video is provided. We are located near the intersection of 518 and 206, just four miles north of Princeton. Call 609-924-7337, for more information, gift certificates, or to schedule your float. 952 ROUTE 518 • SKILLMAN, NJ 08558 • WWW.PRINCETONHIC.COM




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