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Maintaining a Healthy Roof By Lauren Kolacki

Every year when winter arrives, we hope we can make it through the season nice and smoothly. We try to fix any cracks in the baseboards so no cold drafts creep in and we just have to have faith that the heat will work the entire winter. The last thing anyone would want is an unexpected roof problem to occur in the middle of a snow storm, leaving you high and dry. Our roofs withstand a lot of circumstances, it beats back the heat and prevents hail, snow and rain from leaking into your home. In order to prevent any mishaps, we have constructed a maintenance to do list so when winter comes your roof is in the best shape it could be. 1. Complete a total evaluation of your roof biannually, preferably around sea- son changes. By doing so, you can detect any problems early on and have them fixed instead of experiencing a crisis.

2. Keep your shingles clean and free of dirt. This reduces the risk of algae or moss which can ultimately weaken the stability of the roof. If you notice that shingles are worn or damaged be sure to contact a contractor as soon as possible. 3. Consistently clear away debris off your roof and from the gutter. Gutters that clog up aren't serving their purpose, allowing for water to accumulate underneath the roofing structure. 4. Consistently inspect sealant to analyze if there are any signs of worn or cracking. If there is, be sure to remove it and apply new sealant to the area. 5. While you evaluate the roof, check any metal parts for corrosion or rust. If you notice the development of either of these things, wire-brush to remove. Follow that with priming and painting the areas to keep them healthy for as long as possible. 6. Always be cautious of trees growing around your home. If any could possibly fall, be sure to take care of that. In addition, trim overhanging branches. This could lead to a buildup of leaves on the roof that begin to rot tiles. The buildup of ice dams can cause serious roof damage if not taken care of. Be sure your home and roof are insulated to keep the roof the same temperature as the external environment. This will prevent snow from melting and freezing.

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