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Secrets the Cosmetic Companies Don’t Want You to KnOW By, Erin Mumby Everybody likes to look their best. Using beauty products is a simple way to make you look and feel better. However, all the different products in a beauty regime can get costly. Worldwide, women spend about $426 billion on beauty products annually. The average woman spends approximately $15,000 on beauty products in her life. The cost doesn’t have to be this high if you love cosmetics! You can find items at lower prices or even avoid certain products that are unnecessary. Here are a few secrets that can help The difference between some high-end and drugstore brands can be just the pack aging. Beauty corporations often use the same product and package it differently. They tailor it to look fancy for luxury brands or less expensive brands for drugstore brands. 2. Anti-aging products won’t remove your wrinkles Most products designed to help erase signs of aging are a marketing ploy. Studies show that if anti-aging products don’t contain retinol they won’t work. 3. Sunscreen is the only true anti-aging product The only way to prevent aging, is to prevent wrinkles by applying sunscreen. Only 1/10 people use sunscreen regularly! 4. Avoid aerosols as much as you can Aerosol sprays have poisonous fumes that you could be inhaling into your lungs. If you must use aerosols, spray the product on your hands first and then apply it to your head. 5. Use good makeup brushes The proper tools are necessary for the best possible make-up look. You don’t have to splurge, but look for sturdy tools that will do the best possible job with your cosmetics. 6. Hold onto your dry mascara As long as your mascara hasn’t expired, you can save it for a few more uses. If your favorite tube is drying up, add a couple of drops of saline to extend its life. 7. Foundation can age you! Foundation isn’t older skin’s friend. It can settle into fine lines and accentuate wrin kles. It’s better to use concealer for younger looking skin. Opt for spot coverage. 8. You don’t need special creams and serums to reduce redness. Color correcting with green concealer is your best bet to remove redness from your skin! Using concealer with a gold hue could make you look younger as well. 9. Line your eyes with light color instead of black Lining your waterline, the rim of your eyes underneath the eyelashes, with a light color will open up your eyes. This is a great way to trick people into thinking your well rested. White or nude eyeliner will make you look more awake. Forget under-eye cream! 10. You don’t need a professional eye shadow palette Most expensive eye shadow palettes have tons of colors you’ll never use. Find the shades that suit you and buy them individually. Blue or green eyes look best with brown, copper, bronze or plum tones. Brown eyes can be highlighted with blues, purples, and greens. you save some money, but still look your best! 1. Prestige brands can be a waste of money

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