Monmouth's Ask The Doctor March-April 2020

Ultra-Pure: Water Is Complicated By Pam Teel

T H E H E A L T H Y P A L A T E Water is complicated and all water is not the same. For this reason, you can't just buy a filter online and expect it to effec- tively remove the contaminants in your water. First, you have to know what the contaminants are and how much of the con- taminant exists to find the best purification system to correct the problem. You wouldn't treat yourself for a disease without knowing first if it exists, right? What makes Ultra Pure spe- cial is that they truly care about their client's health. This is why they also show clients that legal water quality standards regulated by the E.P.A. are not necessarily 'healthy standards.' Ultra Pure is a leading New Jersey water purification and conditioning company in Manalapan that has been provid- ing the best solutions for water contamination issues for both families and commercial clients. Family owned by Al and Elizabeth Lardieri, the business has been in operation for 38 years serving over 25,000 customers in New Jersey and the five boroughs of New York.

The Lardieri’s take their business to the next level when it comes to the quality of other people’s water. When shopping at a local Walmart, they saw a mother and daughter struggling to fill several 5 gallon jugs with water, supposedly purified by Walmart. Elizabeth Lardieri wondered why the two were making their life so difficult when it could be so much easier for them. She also wondered just how pure the Walmart water was and if they even change the filters when needed. She approached the two and mentioned that she and her husband are in the water purification business. Elizabeth explained to them that they didn’t have to keep coming back to the store anymore in order to fill up their bottle water cooler. She told them that they could put a purification system inside their home that can be attached to the machine to their cold water line, thus eliminating the needless trips back and forth to Walmart. What she was offering was a simple solution and a better, easier way to get pure water without all the wasted effort. The Lardieri’s also have a friend who has cancer and has been trying to stay as healthy as she can by eating and drinking healthy. At home, she relied on a small carbon filter in her refrigerator for clean water and let her kids drink out of the bath- room faucets after the water was lying in the pipes all night. After two years of offering to test her water for free, she finally agreed. She was blown away by all the testing and the amount of knowledge Ultra Pure offered about legal standards of the government versus healthy standards. She now has a purifier at her sink and a whole house system to filter the entire home’s water. After only a week, she could see and taste the difference in the water. She text them that she is SO obsessed with her water that she is taking a few gallons with her on a business road trip to Boston. Ultra Pure's focus is to give people access to a free water test so they can identify the problem and come up with the best solution. Their certified water technicians test your water using standards developed by the Water Quality Association and the E.P.A. They have insured installers for water purification, filtration, softening and conditioning solutions. Everyone should have access to ‘clean water,’ which is why they offer solutions with no money down, free installation and attractive financing options. Ultra Pure's solutions will have you spending less money than your monthly bottled water cost. They guarantee the best value and pricing! Let them conduct a free water test for you.

For more information about Ultra Pure go to: visit them on Facebook, or Call North Jersey: 973-748-5076 •Central Jersey: 732 851-1183. Located at: 400 Madison Avenue, Manalapan, NJ.




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