Monmouth's Ask The Doctor March-April 2020

Turmeric Powder May be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence By Lauren Kolacki Once you’ve discovered that you can safely eat turmeric and you’ve discovered the proper amount that you can add to your diet safely (too much of it could create an intolerance). Here are the top 7 evidence-based health benefits of turmeric: 1. Lowers risk of heart disease: Turmeric can help improve the function of your heart by offering extra protection to the lining of the blood vessels. Happy blood vessels mean less chance of heart problems down the road. 2. Helps weight loss: Another boost this will provide is to the metabolism, giving you support burning some fat as well as detoxifying the liver for added health and comfort benefits. 3. Promotes better skincare: From acne to wrinkles and helpful in evening out skin tone and healing cuts and scars, turmer- ic is supportive of healthy and glowing skin. Great for those who suffer from any and all of these. 4. Reduces inflammation long-term: Better than a lot of drugs on the market, this will minimize inflammation throughout the body and help minimize its negative effects in quality of life as well as disease and symptom increases. 5. Helps increase brain function: If you need a mental boost, turmeric can offer if in the form of better concentration and a memory boost. It can also help reduce neural clogs (which can prevent the brain from talking to other parts of the brain). 6. Helps minimize depression: Since it boosts the brain, it can also give those who are suffering from depression a boost in serotonin. It’s often used as a replacement for addictive medications. 7. Helps ease anxiety: Lastly, turmeric will provide mood swing relations and fear soothing the same way, making it a won- derful option for those that need a little help taking the edge off of a panic attack or a stressful day. While you will want to make sure you get a food allergy test before adding turmeric into your diet, you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of great health benefits when you add it to your diet in some form or another. The benefits definitely make it a great option to consider both short and long-term.




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