Monmouth's Ask the Doctor January-February 2020

Body Fat: Is it all Bad? By Nicole Iuzzolino


Throughout the years, body fat has been given a bad reputa- tion. It is riddled with negative connotations, and many think it lacks anything positive. However, what many do not know is that not all body fat is bad at all, and it can actually be good for your health. Here are 5 facts regarding body fat that can be good for you. 1. Body fat helps with shock and warmth Whether you are part of a contact sport or you get into some sort of physical situation, your body fat can actually be benefi- cial. According to AARP, body fat is like a protection from trau- ma or bodily harm. Along with a layer of protection, it is also a layer of warmth. Having body fat will keep you nice and warm during the colder weather. AARP state that it is “like an extra layer of clothing”. 2. It stores so much energy! Your body is always using up energy with everything you do, and body fat will it keep it stored and handy for you! There are certain types of energy stored in body fat that have specific pur- poses as well, which includes energy specifically used when you are a sick. When you are sick, it may be hard to eat food and you may have lost your appetite. We get a lot of our energy from food, so by not eating, it weakens us. However, all the stored energy in body fat can be used when you are not feeling well and cannot consume food.

3. Skin Structure! Wrinkles come with age and are totally normal! However, having a little extra body fat can slow down the rate you begin developing these wrinkles! Studies have shown that as one with more body weight gets older, they tend to get less wrinkles than others! 4. Body fat is an absorber Our bodies crave vitamins, such as vitamin A and D. Body fat is a natural and instant absorber of these vitamins. A lack in vitamins can lead to diseases and a vitamin deficiency. This is why vitamins are best stored when eating fatty foods! 5. It shapes your body! Without any sort of body fat, our bodies would look jagged with sharp corners from our bones sticking out. Body fat makes you look healthy and well nourished, and most importantly beautiful!

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