Monmouth's Ask the Doctor May-June 2020

Addressing Narcissism Narcissist: noun. a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish. According toWebster, a narcissist at base is characterized as a person who is self absorbed and vain. This is a fine defi- nition, but how does narcissism, considered a type of personality disorder, affect real people in real life who may have real relationships? If someone in your life has the characteristics of a typical narcissist, it may be negatively affecting your life more than you know. Here are signs that someone in your life may be considered a narcissist.

1. They put themselves first. With someone who is narcissistic, you're always going to come second. They're complex is that the world is there to revolve around them, and therefore, you aren't going to be of utmost importance to them, no matter how much they love you. 2. They seem to be inconsiderate of your thoughts and opinions. Again, a narcissist can't agree with anyone else's ideas, be- cause only their own are allowed to be the most important to them. 3. They have wide and fast mood swings . One minute, they can be happy and adoring, but the next, they remember who's sup- posed to the most important person to them, and they switch off. 4. They crave attention and admira- tion, but not just from you. Although you may love and adore this person in your life, that love will never be enough for them unfortunate- ly. A narcissist needs validation from everyone around them that they are important and special. 5. "It's all about me" You may begin to feel neglected. No matter what is happening to you, a narcissist will make you feel as if it is of no importance.

H E A L T H Y M I N D & S O U L

6. They are self centered, but also altruistic. Because narcissists feel that their opinions are more meaningful than others, they often will try to convince you to follow their rules and take heed of your desires. If this sounds like someone who is close to you in your life, it is important to identify it in order to understand what is really going on. If someone in your life is demoralizing you and leaving you feeling unhappy, narcissism may be the cause. Being in a relationship with a narcissist will never satisfy your needs, only the narcissist in the relationship. With this in mind, take steps to move forwards in your life and keep yourself healthy and happy.




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