Monmouth's Ask the Doctor May-June 2020

Thank you to Hospital Support Staff During COVID-19 Janitors, technicians and food service staff are just a few examples of the people working behind the scenes of the coronavirus pandemic. Hospitals around the nation are staying functional and open in part because of these frequently overlooked groups of people. CLEANING STAFF Dusting, sweeping, mopping and changing out bed sheets are all normal duties of hospital janitorial personnel. How- ever, with the outbreak of COVID-19 in America, hospital maintenance and cleaning crews have had to step up their game. An important part of their job is sanitizing every surface in every room the staff visits, and these workers are rising to the occasion. Hospital housekeepers risk infection every time they walk into a patient’s room, whether that patient shows symptoms of the virus or not. Keeping a hospital clean and functional is no easy task and these professionals are keeping up with admirable persistence. MAINTENANCE WORKERS The technicians who keep respirators and other essential equipment functional are also indispensable. Machines that provide life-giving air to those suffering are in high demand, so the technicians who maintain them are of utmost importance. The workers who specialize in other systems in hospitals are also doing their part to fight this illness. They keep the lights on, the water run- ning, the heaters and air conditioners functioning at their optimal levels and the hospital grounds up to a high standard. TECHNICIANS AND THERAPISTS While COVID-19 is showing up everywhere in America, there are patients who are in the hos- pital for other reasons. Patients still need physical therapy, dialysis treatments, and other life-saving procedures. Technicians and therapists continue to carry out and perform invaluable services for their patients while risking exposure to the disease. While its true elective proce- dures are on hold at many hospitals, there are many patients who benefit greatly from therapy services. The therapists and technicians who offer those treatments are still showing up every day and helping those who need it. Respiratory therapists are helping COVID-19 patients with breathing problems, but they’re not the only ones. Therapists are also playing a key role in making patients strong and capable enough to safely leave the hospital, making more beds available when they might be needed the most. FOOD SERVICE EMPLOYEES Most hospitals across America have shut down their public cafeterias. Preventing the spread of the coronavirus this way is very important by keeping people from congregating in public eating areas. However, hospital food services con- tinue to feed and nourish patients under their care. Hospital patients need to eat, and someone has to prepare those meals. Food service in hospitals continues without a hitch, delivering meals to patients throughout the day. It’s a mark of kindness and bravery on the part of all those who continue to provide nutritional meals and do so with a smile. Keeping the spirits up of those who fight off COVID-19 is a rare gift.




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