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NEW TO TOWN? A lot of people have recently shifted from being city dwellers with sewers, to being country folk with a septic system. Moving to a new home can be a happy experience, don’t let any septic system issues or concerns ruin it for you. NEW TO SEPTIC SYSTEMS?

Septic systems are your own onsite wastewater treatment & disposal systems, which means you are responsible for their maintenance & care. Most of these real estate transactions required a new septic system to be installed or additional septic tanks, accessory components added as well. NJDEP Septic code April 2, 2012 require certain updates to septic sys- tems, if these components of the septic system are not routinely main- tained you can have some trouble in paradise. HERE IS A BRIEF LIST OF SEPTIC COMPONENTS THAT NEED TO HAVE PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE ON A REGULAR BASIS: -SEPTIC TANK(S): a tank in which the solid matter of continuously flowing sewage is disintegrated by bacteria. It is a filter that gathers all the wastewater you generate: it needs to be cleaned/pumped and checked for proper operation at a minimum of every 2-3 years depending on age of the system & water usage. -PUMP TANK: This tank houses an effluent/sewage pump that pumps the wastewater from the septic tank to the disposal area. This tank also needs to be pumped on a regular basis to help remove solids from the pump chamber. If your septic system has a pump tank, losing power will not allow this pump to work so make sure your prepared or have this pump connected to your generator, if one is present. An alarm is mounted inside the house, so if there are any issues with the pump, floats etc the alarm will give an audible signal. Make sure this is not ignored or else backups can occur inside your home or leaking of effluent waste the ground surface. -EFFLUENT FILTER: Located on the outlet end of your Septic Tank. Filters out debris, solids etc from flowing thru the outlet end of the tank to Absorption area. Preventative maintenance of this filter is very important for it to work efficiently & to prevent any issues/backups of your septic system into your home or yard that may occur from neglect and/or lack of proper maintenance. Typically, cleaning is every 6-12 months pending system usage and/or type of filter that was installed on your septic tank. Preventative maintenance is very important! An “install and forget” mentality will get you in the long run. All septic systems will malfunction sooner than later without proper care. Preventative maintenance will extend the life of your septic system. Septic systems have a serviceable lifespan. A traditional gravity-fed, year-round used septic system will last approx. 20-25 years as long as it is properly designed, installed and maintained. KEEP YOUR SEPTIC SYSTEM HAPPY & HEALTHY. IN THE LONG RUN IT WILL KEEP YOUR HOME, PROPERTY AND ENVIRONMENT HEALTHY & WORKING WELL FOR MANY YEARS TO COME.

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