The Millstone Times December 2021

REAL ESTATE Master Your Move-In With Measuring Tape By Lauren Kowlacki

Your moving strategy can be stress-free and eliminate stress. All you need is some measuring tape, a notebook and a good idea of your purchasing needs when it comes to major moving items such as furniture. Measuring is the backbone of a good moving strategy. Start measuring from the first time you tour a potential apartment or house. This is especially essential for anyone who is moving to a new home with their current furniture pieces. You don’t want to arrive at your beautiful new home on move-in day and your sofa can’t fit up the stairs. Here are 5 important questions to determine as moving day approaches: 1. Can my furniture fit through the front doorway?

2. What will fit from my current home?

3. What do I need to purchase for my new home?

4. What is my layout and style choice of this place compared to my current one?

5. What current pieces am I willing to rid of before moving in?

Be sure to keep these measurements written down to reference at any point. Bring them with you when you shop for your new furniture, so a store associate can best assist you in your search.

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December 2021

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