The Millstone Times February 2019


Tooth Fairy Money By Lauren Kolacki

Becoming a parent for the first time is accompanied with a million and one worries. “How will I know how to do that? Who will teach me to do this?” Apprehension convoys every decision from disciplinary actions to toilet training and what lies in between. The root of much of our angst is in knowing that every little detail contributes to the people our children will ultimately become. A controversial topic that has recently flooded the Internet is How Much Money Should the Tooth Fairy Give Kids? Parents debate over what is too much and if there is such thing as too little. Some parents claim they give over $50 for the first lost tooth. Now society may think this absurd, but those parents claim only a specific amount is for spending and the rest is to be put away in a bank account. Does this teach our children about saving money? Will those children amount to adults who have better spending habits? Or will the child who only received $5, allowed for immediate spending, develop a preferred method? Some parents claim to speak with other caregivers at their children’s school before deciding on a price for each tooth while other parents rather give their children a toy or something sentimental. Colgate suggests staying within the one to five dollar range while explaining that the tooth fairy pays more for perfectly clean teeth that have been well brushed and flossed may help explain fluctuations in the rewards different tooth fairies leave.

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