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In April 2002, Kamen was awarded the Lemelson-MIT Prize for inven- tors, for his invention of the Segway and for his infusion pump for dia- betics. In 2003 his "Project Slingshot", an inexpensive portable water pu- rification system, was named a runner-up for "coolest invention of 2003" by Time magazine. In 2005, he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his invention of the Auto Syringe. In 2006, Kamen was awarded the "Global Humanitarian Action Award" by the United Nations. In 2007, he received the ASME Medal, the highest award from the American Society of Me- chanical Engineers, in 2008, he was the recipient of the IRI Achievement Award from the Industrial Research Institute, and in 2011, Kamen was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering of the Franklin Institute. Kamen received an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1992, Rensselaer Polytechnic In- stitute May 17, 1996, a Doctor of Engineering degree from Kettering University in 2001, an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Clark- son University on May 13, 2001, an honorary "Doctor of Science" de- gree from the University of Arizona on May 16, 2009, and an honorary doctorate from the Wentworth Institute of Technology when he spoke at the college's centennial celebration in 2004, and other honorary doc- torates from North Carolina State University in 2005, Bates College in 2007, the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2008, the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2008[ and Plymouth State University in May 2008. In 2015, Kamen received an honorary Doctor of Engineering and Technol- ogy degree from Yale University. In 2017, Kamen was honored with an institutional honorary degree from Université de Sherbrooke. Kamen received the Stevens Honor Award on November 6, 2009, given by the Stevens Institute of Technology and the Stevens Alumni Associ- ation. On November 14, 2013, he received the James C. Morgan Global Humanitarian Award. Kamen received the 2018 Public Service Award from the National Sci- ence Board, honoring his exemplary public service and contributions to the public's understanding of science and engineering. Kamen owns and pilots an Embraer Phenom 300 light jet aircraft and three Enstrom helicopters, including a 280FX, a 480, and a 480B. He reg- ularly commutes to work via his helicopters. Kamen is a member of the USA Science and Engineering Festival's Ad- visory Board and is also a member of the Xconomists, an ad hoc team of editorial advisors for the tech news and media company, Xconomy. He is also on the Board of Trustees of the X Prize Foundation. This genius has not only contributed to society in the field of medicine and humanities, but has stemmed the imaginations and minds of children in their future endeavors with his STEM programs and robotics competi- tions. They have swept the country with stiff competitors not just on the high school level, but the middle school and grade school as well. These programs encourage students to become their own thinkers and bringing the importance of science, technology, math, and engineering, forward for the next generation to utilize.

Eleven-year-old Cara Lombardi attends the Applegarth Elementary School in Monroe. She is in the 5th grade. She loves to see her friends while at school and she loves all of her teach- ers. She thinks that they are all so very nice.

If you have a child, friend, sibling, that you would like to see get some recognition for being a great student, I would love to put them in as Student of the Month. You don’t have to get straight A’s. What you need is to show an enthusiasm for learning and a love for your school. Please email me at: Her favorite holiday is Christmas. She loves to look at all the decorations and she especially loves spending time with her family. She also likes all the presents! Her favorite sport is golf. Her favorite activity is learning the piano. Cara’s favorite food to eat is steak and mashed potatoes. When she gets older, she would like to help animals in some way. If she had one wish, she would hope that all the endangered species on earth don’t go extinct. Cara always does her best in school and gives her one hundred per cent in anything that she tries. Keep up the great work, Cara, and always stay the sweet loving person that you are. Cara’s favorite subjects are writing and social studies. She loves to write adven- ture stories and stories that are make believe. She loves her social studies classes because she likes to learn about the past and what it was like to have lived in the past. Her favorite books to read are Harry Potter books. Her favorite Television show is called, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Cara is a country music fan. Her hobbies include learning Ballet and Tai Kwon Do. Her favorite place to visit is Disneyworld, in Florida. She loves to go on the rides and loves all the Disney characters. Her favorite character is Snow White. Cara has a very loving family. She lives with her mom and dad and her younger sister Gia. She also has a golden retriever named Rocco. Cara Lombardi

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