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Ways to Walk More This Winter By Brianna Siciliano


The freezing temperatures are here, and we are all coming up with more and more excuses to stay indoors and sit by our fireplaces with hot soups, hot coffees, and hot chocolates in our hands. Our bodies are crav- ing comfort foods and sleep during winter, but we need to fight those cravings and do our best to walk as often as we can. Walking in the win- ter can do great things, such as: • Keep your bones strong and working • Improve your mood • Motivate you to continue working out in the days, weeks, and When walking in the winter, try to avoid constantly walking on the treadmill day by day. After a few days, you will get bored following the same routine, unless you find that you like walking on the treadmill. Then by all means, keep it up! Walking while watching an episode of your favorite television show is much better than lounging on your couch, eating a bag of popcorn, and being lazy! However, if you are looking for different ways to get moving, try walking when doing simple things, for example when you are on the phone. Whether you are on a business phone call, talking to your parents or children, or catching up with friends, phone calls can take a while. If you were to walk throughout your entire phone call, even if you are just pac- ing around your house, you’ll be burning calories. Imagine if you took a little less than 100 steps per minute and you were on the phone for an would have walked around 6,000 steps already! On average, a mile is about 2,000 steps, which means you could walk three miles just by making a phone call. If you have friends or family in the area that you’d like to catch up with while being busy, go to the mall together. By browsing around the stores and making conversation, you won’t even realize that you’re walking! You can catch up on gossip, spend quality time together, and maybe even get some shopping in. By the time you leave the mall, you could lose some calories (and possibly money, too!). Walking may not seem like exercising, but it is! It is important to not give up and keep moving. Walking can be done at anytime, anywhere, whether you are at work, outdoors, in your home, or in the mall. Why not stand up and get walking right now? months to come • Burn calories

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