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How Can You Save Money on Your Energy Bills? By, Surabhi Ashok

Saving any money you can is important, especially in the wake of rising gas prices and other expenses in the U.S. One area to focus on is your energy bills. There are many items that take up most of the electricity and power in your home. The number one culprit for this is the washing appliances. On average, 15% of energy bills are attributed to washing machine and dishwasher usage. To reduce this amount, you should use the appliances only once they are fully loaded with dishes and/or clothes. Try to wash the dishes yourself as much as you can if you have time. Also keep in mind that lower temperature settings (for the water) make for lower electricity usage. Consumer electronics are the next biggest contributor to people’s energy bills, at an average of 9% of costs. These include laptops, computers, phones, and televisions. It is easy to curb some of these expenses. Remembering to turn them off so they aren’t running in the background even when you’re not using them can save up to $40 a year. The larger the device, the more it drains elec- tricity. Considering that logic, you can purchase TVs with smaller screens if you value budget over comfort. Kitchen appliances like the microwave, oven, and kettle also take up a lot of energy. While many of these items are necessary for cooking, you can try to actively use one appliance over the other in terms of efficiency. For instance, always try to use the microwave for heating purposes if given the option. In

addition, it is always better to invest in devices like kettles that keep food or water warm for a long time. To reduce the electricity usage of refrig- erators and freezers, try not to fill the compartments up to the brim with food and drinks because it takes more energy to keep more items cool. Do you always hear your parents complaining about how you forgot to turn off the light in your bedroom? Are you the parent who’s bickering with your kid? It’s a valid concern. Just switching your lights off when you leave a room can save a lot of money. For the same cause, switching to more efficient LED bulbs might be a good decision too. Other ways to reduce that high electricity bill you get every month is by ensuring that heat stays inside your home, especially during the winter. To do this, some experts say you can put Saran Wrap around your windows to further insulate your house, keeping the warm air inside and the cold air out. It is also recommended to turn the heating system on only while you are at home to feel the warmth or an hour before you arrive. Aside from that, let me reiterate that lower temperatures take up less energy, so setting the thermostat to keep the house at the lowest comfortable tem- perature for you might be a good idea as well. Implement these tactics into your daily lifestyle, and when you open the envelope to your energy bill next month, you will see a significant reduc- tion in the money you have had to spend.


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