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♥ HEALTH  &  WELLNESS Why You Should See A Holistic Doctor for Menopause Menopause may feel like a dramatic event but it is not an abrupt change in a woman’s health. It is a transitional time of 25- 30 years when estrogen pro- duction gradually declines, resulting in a variety of bodily changes. First there may be the hot flashes, night sweats and sleepless nights caused by fluctu- ating levels of estrogen. What follows are the health consequences of low estrogen: osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease risk and vaginal dryness. Women live, on average, 7 years longer than men however their later years are often filled with medical problems. Holistic doctors can guide women on a path of healthy changes that can improve the experience of these later years. Still, many women may struggle with the symptoms of menopause interfering with their daily lives. They may seek help frommany different practitioners because no one sees their whole picture. Our lifestyles, hormones, genetics, and biology are unique to us and very interconnected. A Holistic doctor sees the interrelationships between stress, hormones, weight gain, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, sleeplessness, thyroid function, toxicity, diet, exercise, etc. to find the common denominators. Functional medicine has trained providers in the use of comprehensive testing and treatment of these issues. Dr Thomsen is a Family Physician, fellowship trained in Women’s Health with added certifications in Functional and Integrative Medicine. At our office we offer: •Comprehensive blood tests, lifestyle assessment and physical examination (including breast and pelvic exams) are foundational. •Blood and urine testing to evaluate hormone levels and patterns that may be related to symptoms and conditions, how safely (or not) hormones are removed from the body, and the influence of stress. Microscopic evaluation of vaginal secretions to check for vaginitis and estrogen status. • Saliva testing to show the pattern of the stress hormone cortisol and the “anti-stress” hormone DHEA secretions over a 16-hour period. •Heart rate variability testing as an indicator of autonomic nervous system balance and overall resilience and health •We know “stomach trouble” is often the first sign of emotional, stress, or physical problems. Comprehensive stool testing can evaluate for beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria, yeast, and parasites, as well as markers of digestion and inflammation. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, “leaky gut”, and very accurate food allergy/ food sensitivity testing can be informative. •Bio-Impedance Body Composition and blood testing for cellular micronutrients for determination of the best nutritional and exercise plan •At home Sleep study to check for the quality of sleep including sleep apnea •Cognitive and nutritional tests for brain health •A detailed assessment of personal risk factors for heart disease including: •Advanced lipid blood test (Risky cholesterol particles, prediabetes and Insulin Resistance, inflammation, beneficial fats, blood clotting ten- dency, genes for cardiac risk and more) •Non-invasive test of the arteries for existing plaque and markers of current production of plaque • Many ways of testing for toxicity from: stealth infection, mold, environmental chemicals, heavy metals etc… A Holistic doctor will evaluate a woman’s unique risks, find the underlying causes and propose a comprehensive treatment plan that may include: • Bio-identical hormones - individualized doses and preparations specifically to match a woman’s unique needs and risks • A weight loss plan • Individualized nutritional plans • A stress reduction plan • A detoxification plan (many, many options here) • A sleep hygiene plan • Follow-up health coach visits • Supplements to replete nutritional imbalances, treat a genetic imbalance or treat risk factors for future health conditions (bone, heart, brain, etc…) • Herbal remedies for treating some conditions • Mona Lisa Touch for vaginal dryness and mild incontinence • IV Nutrition Therapy, Cell Membrane repair • Treatment of stealth infections with IVs, medications, supplements and herbs • Improving microcirculation with BEMER • Cancer support protocols • The 4R Program for better gastrointestinal health • Medications when necessary • And many more As you can see, a Holistic Doctor is a whole lot more than the usually 10 - 15 minutes visit-type doctor. A Holistic Doctor can benefit menopausal women in many ways. Schedule a visit at our office and find out how you can benefit!!! Dr Kate Thomsen’s office for holistic health care is located in Pennington, NJ. She is trained in Family Medicine, and Board Certi- fied in Integrative Medicine, and is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. She has been practicing Function- al Medicine for 20 years. For more information see or call the office at 609-818-9700.

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