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The Importance of Tech Hygiene By Bianca Battaglia

When it comes to living in the digital age, it is fundamental—now more than ever before—to practice technology hygiene, as it is the best way to keep your data safe, secure, and easily accessible. Technology hygiene refers to the proper maintenance of your technological devices, and it can be achieved by ensuring that both the hardware (the physical parts of a technological device, such as the monitor, central processing unit, and the hard drive) and the software (a coded program or application that can be downloaded onto the device) on your computers, smartphones, and tablets are working properly. One of the best ways to improve technology hygiene is by keeping the programs and applications on your devices up-to-date. When software is not updated, it hinders the device’s ability to properly and efficiently function. In addition, when a computer or phone is not updated, it is at risk of being compromised by hackers. Through phishing scams or malware, hackers can disable your devices, gain access to your personal and financial information, along with any other confidential documents or files, and ultimately steal your data. To that end, it is also vital that you utilize some sort of antivirus or security software to protect against malware. Another manner in which to maintain tech hygiene is to save data and backup hard drives frequently. If your data is not saved, it is at risk of being lost or corrupted by bugs or malware. When saving your data, it is also necessary to keep your stored information organized. For instance, you should use labeled folders to organize your files. It is also important that you regularly check and take inventory of your saved data. This practice reminds you of the kinds of information you have, and where that information is stored on the device. Moreover, it encourages you to remove any files you no longer need and that may be taking up unnecessary space. There are a wide variety of ways to practice proper technology hygiene when it comes to protecting the hardware of your devices, as well. For instance, something as seemingly simple as wiping off your phone screen or computer monitor will not only remove any dust, smudges, or bacteria, but will also allow you to better see the screens. Similarly, if your computer keyboard becomes dirty, you can use an air canister to remove any loose food crumbs or dirt particles, followed by a damp cloth to clean the keys. Along those lines, you should avoid eating or drinking too close to your devices in order to prevent any spills onto the computer or tablets. When it comes to computer maintenance, it is also integral that you regularly clean out the inside of the device. When too much dust builds up, the poor ventilation can lead to the computer overheating, which in turn can cause the computer to malfunction or shut down. As such, using compressed air to remove the dust particles will allow for better ventilation, and will reduce the risk of overheating. Sources: | |

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