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Past Life Regression By Pam Teel

Past Life Regression is a technique that uses a low form of hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of the past. It’s a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing a person’s past lives or incarnations based on the theory that your reactions and the way you respond to problems are based in the past. It’s a holistic therapy that works with a person as a whole, not just body and mind, but your emotions and spirit as well. It seems to help with issues where you can’t find any direct cause. You could spend a whole lifetime not ever being able to un- cover the source of your problem. Regression therapy allows the client to unlock emotions and experiences stored deep within their memory. Past life regression is often linked to reincarnation. Of course, not everyone believes in reincarnation. Reincarnation, also known as rebirth or transmigration, is the philosophical or religious concept that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death. Some people try past life regression simply out of curiosity; others use it to try to find explanations as to why they act or feel a certain way, even if there is no just cause for it. For example, a person, I once met, had a fear of being in or on the ocean. In this lifetime, he has never had any reason to fear the water, but could not even fathom wading in shallow water. Through a past life regression session, he was able to remember certain details as to why he was so afraid of water. He remembered that he was on a large ship in the ocean, time frame World War II, and he remembered his ship being hit by a torpedo. He remembered that the ship was sinking and that he had to jump into the ocean. He was cold and scared, and remembered treading water for hours.

He couldn’t remember what happened after that, whether he lived or died, but it did leave a traumatic effect on him in this lifetime; enough for him to turn down a free cruise with the company that he worked for. After the regression session, he at least he had some idea as to why he was so afraid of water, particularly the ocean. Past life regression is an active therapy whereby a client fully participates in the process. It works best when a person has a specific intent. It takes place in a quiet atmosphere when you are in a peaceful state, which makes it far easier to locate the memories held in your subconscious minds. The practioner would then be able to guide you, through some sort of guided meditation, in order to help find the root cause of the problem. Such problems might include: relationships, vivid dreams or nightmares, chronic illnesses, fears or phobias for no apparent reason, addictions, feelings like you’ve been somewhere before, if you feel stuck in your life, and more. How the session is run varies on the practioner. Some people may experience little bits and pieces of their past life, while others might see more, as if being an observer in a movie, down to significant details like clothing they were wearing or their environmental surroundings. It’s also been well documented that there are many young children who can remember their past lives, complete with names and details of their life before, whether they were a man or a woman, and the traumatic events that lead up to their previous death. These children exhibit genuine fear of certain things, without any explanation of why. An example of this is, if someone remembers dying from a plane crash in a past life, they might be afraid to go on a plane to the point where they are having continuous nightmares and anxiety about planes. There is a series on A & E; you can also find it on You Tube. It’s called, “The Ghost inside my Child.” It tells about some of the experiences that these young children are having with past life memories. Many children tend to forget these memories as they grow older, but some don’t. With help and a certain amount of closure, a child can move on from their past life memories and live a happy normal life. With continued therapy, once they have found the source of the problem, an adult can learn to move past his afflictions. I recently took a class given by local Millstone resident, Phyllis Mitchell, who is a psychic medium. Phyllis holds classes at her house, gives readings, reads tarot cards, and has just recently released her new book, “Believe, Do You? A psychic Mediums Journey.” Her special guest speaker was a former Millstone Resident named Mi- chele. I had the opportunity to interview Michele about the topic of past life regressions. Michele had always had a connection with Angels. When she was a child, she would often have out of body experiences. It didn’t seem out of the ordinary to her because she thought, at the time, that everyone experienced the same thing as she was. Both her mother and grandmother were also intuitive. Michele guided our group in a past life regression session. In Michele’s own words, “Past Life Regression takes a person back to a previous life-for the sake of interest or to remove blocks, fears or behaviors, that have been carried to their present life. The cells of our being carry the memories of our past lives.” During Past Life Regression, not only, does the individual go back to see the origin of a particular behavior or perspective, but it is possible to go back and change or remove the experience, so it no longer exists, and therefore, no longer affects the person’s present life. Things like weight loss might begin almost immediately, there-after the regression; whether the person experienced a famine or a situation that caused them to believe that they should be larger, for protection or warmth, or to be able to sustain their life. For example, a woman was regressed and observed that she, as an attractive, slender woman, had been attacked, so according to her perspective, she was safer, if she was heavier (of course, she hadn’t realized this, until after the regression). This regression resulted in a natural adjustment in her eating behaviors, and she began shedding the unwanted weight. Often times, relationships with others, including family, friends and co workers, are improved, due to what is observed in the past life regression. There are those who have repetitive cycles in their lives, that do not serve them, such as, romantic relationships that play out, only to be repeated; these too can be changed. When an individual is regressed, they are guided into a deep meditative state, and then guided and asked questions to encourage them to view many aspects of the past life. The subject observes and brings back information to write down and discuss afterwards with the facilitator. In a meditative state, your brain is in Theta, which means that its frequency is only 4-8Hz. You’re deeply relaxed and your focus is inward; whereas, during your wak- ing state, (Beta), the frequency is 12-35Hz, and obviously much more active. Michele also offers Clutter Clearing, which is a spiritually focused way of cleaning and clearing clutter from your space, whether it’s drawers, closets, whole rooms or the entire house. This can be done in timed increments, so as not to become overwhelmed, although it can be an intensive day or week long journey. It can be done room by room or categorically. All clutter clearing Begins with a meditation to connect spiritually with the home. She also does Space Clearing, which is an energetic clearing of a space. This process clears negativity and stagnant energy, using sage and Angelic Energy, whether it is a home or a business. She guides others in connecting with their spaces and Clutter Clearing. Michele also gives talks and guides meditations for groups or individ- uals as well as for Past Life Regressions. For more information about ,one on one, or Group Past Life Regression sessions, Clutter and Space Clearing, please contact Michele at: For individual or group psychic readings, please contact Phyllis: To order her book Believe, Do You? Go to:

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