The Millstone Times July 2021

Miss New Jersey Teen USA By Pam Teel

Gianna Giacolona, from Millstone Township, will be a junior this coming fall at The Biotechnology High School in Freehold, NJ. She will soon be try- ing out for the Miss New Jersey Teen title. Her future plans include going on to college, and then Medical School, where she will focus her attentions on a degree in the Neurological field. Her deep interests in Neurology has stemmed from her own personal experiences with close family members who have suffered different neurological conditions. Gianna never saw herself as a pageant person, but when she read about the 2019 Miss New Jersey Teen, who had won, she changed her mind. With the pageant comes a lot of opportunities and a platform to speak up about top- ics that are close to her heart. She would be able to speak out more about people who suffer from neurological conditions; conditions that affect their brains, spinal cords and nervous systems. She would be able to find ways to, perhaps, make their lives a little better. Gianna also is an advocate for female empowerment; which include topics such as, civil rights, and women in the workplace. She also wants to give younger people a voice, a chance to speak up for themselves. Gianna is on the right path. Biotechnology High School students are se- lected through a highly competitive application and admissions process. The school population represents a cross section of students frommore than thir- ty resident districts throughout Monmouth County. BTHS provides students with an exceptional educational experience through a college preparatory curriculum emphasizing research, laboratory skills, critical thinking, prob- lem solving, technology, leadership, and teamwork. Gianna loves science and loves what she is learning in school. She doesn’t mind being called a ‘Geek.’ She also loves reading, and writing, and is not afraid to speak in front of a large audience. When she was at the Millstone Middle School, she was involved with her school theater group. She thor- oughly enjoyed performing in the school plays, which, she says, attributed to her lack of fear of speaking in front of a large audience. Gianna is one of a kind. You can best describe her as, “Down to Earth.” She is open and honest, and accepts all others as equals. She loves to embrace other people’s lifestyles and cultures. Gianna is part of the Environmental Club at her school. She is also the Ser-

vice Director for the Students Service Club; where the students volunteer their time to help others in the community. Their volunteering includes things like, holding food drives, or speaking in front of Middle School children about science topics. They have also reached out to child refugees around the world, sending them video book recordings that they made for them. Gianna will also have the honor of being Class President this coming fall. The Pageant will take place on July 30th at the Hilton Hotel in Parsippany. This pageant is the preliminary to the Miss Teen USA pageant, and it is a part of the Miss Universe Organization. Gianna is so grateful to the businesses that helped sponsor her journey. They include: Albivi's, Vesuvios, Millstone Family Pharmacy, Retro Fitness, Gianmarco's, RenoTec Construction, Monroe Orthodontics, Bronze Age Tanning, and many family and friends. We wish you much luck, Gianna. There are only leaders and followers in this world. Leaders think and talk about solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems. We already know which one you are! Always speak what is dearest to your heart and lead the way for others!

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