The Millstone Times November 2021

Millstone Car Crash Injures Four By Pam Teel On September 20th, four local youths on their way to Allentown High School in the early part of the morning were seriously injured in a head on car crash. According to the East Windsor police, a Trenton man was charged with the accident as his vehicle crossed over the double yellow lines and entered the other lane. A toxicology report revealed that the driver’s blood was above the legal limit. They also found an open container of alcohol in his motor vehicle. The driver was arrested, charged, and released pending a court date. He was charged with assault by auto- 4 counts DUI. The accident occurred on Windsor-Perrineville Road, near Cedarville Road. The four students were in a 2019 Nisson Sentra and were hit by a sole oc- cupant in a pick-up truck. Upon arrival, East Windsor Police, Robert Wood Johnson EMS, Capital Health Paramedics, East Windsor Rescue Squad # 1, East Windsor Rescue Squad #2, Robbinsville EMS, and Millstone Fire-EMS personnel immediately began administering first aid to several individuals. Millstone Township Fire Department, Hightstown Fire Company and East Windsor Fire Company responded and extricated a passenger from the sedan. All four individuals in the sedan suffered serious injuries and are still in the process of recuperating. The driver of the sedan was transported to Capital Health Regional Medical Center by Millstone Township Fire Department EMS. The front passenger and a rear seat passenger were transported to the McKnight Elementary School by Robert Wood Johnson EMS and East Windsor Rescue Squad #1 and then transported by medevac to RWJ New Bruns- wick by NJ State Police NorthStar Medical Helicopter and RWJ Barnabas Health Helicopter. The other rear seat passenger was transported to Capital Health Regional Medical Center by Robbinsville EMS. The driver of the Toyota Tundra pickup truck suffered minor injuries and was transported to RWJ New Brunswick by East Windsor Rescue Squad #2. There were two sets of brothers in the car. Charlie and Jordan Duffy and Celso and Mathew Eurich of Millstone Township. The students were very in- volved in sports with three of them on the Allentown High School Varsity Soccer team. The families would like to thank everyone for their well wishes, love, support, and concern, and a big thanks and gratitude to all of the responders from around the area who came to their children’s rescue. We wish all of the boys well. We will be praying for a full recovery, and hope that they are all on their feet real soon! If you want to send personal cards to help cheer them up, you can send to P.O. Box 252, Millstone TWP, NJ 08535 An open letter from Aimee and Chris Duffy:

An open letter from Erica, Celso, Rosemery, Celso Jr., & Matthew: From the bottom of my heart I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to us, sent us well wishes, and to the first responders and medical staff who courageously saved and took good care of Celso, Matthew, Jordan, and Charlie!! There are not enough words out there that can express how incredibly thankful we are to each and every one of you. Accidents like these are every family’s worst nightmare, and al- though the boys have a long recovery ahead of them, they all con- tinue to fight! You have all given them, and us, the strength to push forward and get the justice the boys deserve. We are all graciously overwhelmed with the support we have gotten from our community over the past month. A special thanks to: • Millstone Township Fire Department • Millstone Township Volunteer First Aid Squad • East Windsor Police Department • East Windsor EMS • New Jersey State Police You all are the best kind of people: courageous, selfless, inspiring. I could not be more satisfied with the care the boys have received. You guys are angels, and the gift of God. Thank you everyone for all the healing wishes and support. The boys will overcome this! Remember to hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight and always let them know how much you love them. Love, Erica, Celso, Rosemery, Celso Jr., & Matthew • Robbinsville Township Fire Department • Robbinsville Township Police Department • Capital Health Regional Medical Center • Robert Wood Johnson Hospital

To the first responders that arrived at the scene… We do not know who you are… but you are the GUARDIAN ANGELS of Jordan, Charlie, Matthew, and Celso. Your bravery, selflessness and courageous actions are the miracle of humanity! You are the best that human beings have to offer, yet we don’t know you and you do God’s work without seeking acknowledge- ment. • Millstone Township Fire Department • Millstone Township Volunteer First Aid Squad • East Windsor EMS • East Windsor Police Department • New Jersey State Police To the staff at Capital Health Trauma, Capital Health Re- gional Medical Center and Robert Wood Johnson PICU and Robert Wood Johnson Trauma : You are the saints and angels that live with us every day. You are the Hand of God that protects, heals and saves humanity with the over- whelming spirit of goodness that you have been blessed with. To be in your midst is awe inspiring. You represent the epitome of humankind yet you serve others with humbleness and selflessness that is breath- taking. To our community, neighbors, family and friends, your outpouring of support and help has meant EVERYTHING to us. Jordan and Charlie continue to fight! They have a long way to go but with God’s helpers here on Earth, we pray they have a full recovery. A word of support. A well wish for the boys is the medicine they need. Love, Aimee & Chris • Robbinsville Township Fire Department • Robbinsville Township Police Department

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November 2021

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