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Why Am I Seeing the Same Numbers Everywhere? continued from page 44... full steam ahead on your current path. There is a unique spiritual meaning behind each number in numerology — so you might be receiving a different message depending on the numbers that show up in your life. If you’re seeing a series of 2's, 22, 2:22, it’s often a reminder that we are in the right place at the right time. That's because the number two in numerology represents harmony and coexistence, which could indicate that things are currently in balance. 2:22 means unity is happening. Expect miracles that align you with people that reso- nate with you soon. 22’s and 222’s are asking you to find balance in your life, possibly through the help and aid of others. Every single-digit number's sequence is thought to symbolize something different. 3, 33 & 3:33 is a portal and it means we can expect growth in our lives soon. It also means your spirit guides are near you. Time to chant, pray, or say an affirmation for miracles. It signals a time of harmony and possibly creativity and creation too. Are there areas of your life that feel out of whack, like you’re missing something? This nu- meric message may be signaling to you that it’s time to try something different and get out of your comfort zone. If you’ve felt pulled to try a new creative hobby or physical activity, now’s the time to do it. Notice if investing time in a new creation or project brings you a revived sense of harmony and well-being. 44 & 4:44 means you are safe and supported and your spirit guides are protecting you. You are being guided by a higher power. A portal is opening in your life. Expect mir- acles and more alignment with nature. 4’s are your sign to get manifesting! This num- ber signifies a time of physical and spiritual becoming one and working in tandem. If you’re seeing this number pop up you may notice that your thoughts are becoming reality with ease. If you’ve been holding off on trying to manifest something, it’s a sign that now is the time and your angels and guides are ready to help you! So think about what you want. Put it out there in the universe.

55 & 555 usually means something is about to change and to expect miracle that will change your life. If you notice a specific number cropping up in your consciousness more regularly, pay closer attention to these numerological themes and how they're currently manifesting in your life. A change is coming! 5’s are here to clue you into a possible transformation or change on your horizon. It could be big or small, but the lesson from this numeric message is to roll with the punches throughout this transition. Trying to resist any upcoming changes could make the situation worse, trust that you’re on the right path even if it feels uncertain. 66 & 666 This is a number that may come with some baggage for you, it might even scare you. Rest assured that anything you were taught about the num- ber 666 will not pertain to its meaning here. 6’s are powerful numeric messages that will most certainly get your attention. This numeric message is here to help wake you up if you’re stuck in a negative thought pattern. Maybe you’re stuck in a difficult challenge or situation, 6 messages want to remind you that shifting your thought patterns to more positive ones may be the key to accessing the power you need to move through your difficulties. 77 & 777 There is a powerful wave of love and support riding right behind you! Messages of 7’s are full of awakened energy, wisdom, and spiritual attune- ment. This numeric message wants you to remember how supported you truly are and to trust that you’re on the right path. If you’re seeing 7’s this is a great time to meditate and try to connect with your angels, spirit guides, or higher self. 8 & 888 It’s time to step into your power! This commanding numeric message is here to remind you that you have everything you need to claim what is yours and live your truth. If you’ve identified your life path but feel put down or muffled by others 8’s are here to remind you that you can and you should claim your power and move forward with your goals. 9 & 999 This numeric message is associated with endings. With all endings come new beginnings. 9 messages are here to help you accept any endings that are currently happening in your life. Whether it’s with a partner, career, or way of thinking, now is the time to let go and surrender to what is. 00 & 000 This sweet nudge from the universe is a simple one, the divine is near. When you see a 0 message, rest assured that the love of the universe is all around you. 211 Once you have a better understanding of what each number means you’ll be able to apply this knowledge to combined numbers. For example, if you’re always seeing the combination 211, it could mean that a new relationship is on the horizon, that you need more companionship in your life, or to Seeing the same number everywhere is called a “pattern.” Patterns appear in your life when your energetic awareness is tuned into certain events hap- pening in sequence. Repeated patterns are call synchronicities and often appear as repeated numbers that you see throughout your day. Once you’re accustomed to seeing these numeric reminders, they’ll likely become a natural part of your day. You’ll likely begin to welcome them as sweet signs of encouragement or as a warning from the spirit realm. The more you embrace your numeric messages the more you’ll begin to notice them. Start to take notice of the time you wake up during the night, or if numbers start to repeat on you. You never know, maybe someone up there is trying to send you a message! be aware of people you come in contact with as they may be an important person to get to know. 123 in sequence means progress is being made. Expect miracles that will soon elevate you.

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September 2021

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