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Paint Color Trends 2021 By, Surabhi Ashok That grey in your living room needs a touch-up. That shade of pink in your bedroom has only been getting duller as the time spent in quarantine passes. Only a couple months into 2021, it is clear as to what paint colors people are gravitating to as they look to reinvent their home. One of the most persistent paint color trends throughout the years is blue. Ranging from a deep ocean hue to a pastel hue to clear hue like the sky, blue cre- ates a soothing atmosphere, something that is much needed after the stressful impact of the coronavirus pandemic. According to Karina Lameraner, Modsy’s creative stylist, “We’ll also continue to see blue being used as an ‘subtle accent’ in more neutral spaces, adding a slight touch of color to those safer spaces.” Earthy tones have also become a popular paint color. This stems from being inside for most of the day and wanting the feeling of spending time outdoors and in nature. Calm colors such as golds, vibrant greens, dark browns, and tints of orange fill the room with warmth and solace. I imagine it feels like laying in the grass and looking up at the looming trees that just slightly cover the cloudless sky. As a mix of the two above with undertones of gray, the brand Minwax released Vintage Blue. The color, when stained on wood furniture, builds up a nostal- gic but also awakened mood. It can be paired with white, amber, charcoal, or other shades of blue like denim or navy. Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is similar as well, an aegean teal that has a “casual elegance”. According to Kiel Wullner, the vice president of designs in Vesta, brown is “making a comeback”. Soft browns and beige, along with rich browns that are dark with texture, are being used as wall colors to make the space in need of a paint feel more like home. And of course, one of the biggest trends is neutral paint, which creates a simple and clean environment to live in. People layer whites with black accents and add pops of bold colors to form a nice contrast. Neutral paint colors make it easy for frequent renovations and changes. Similarly, a pastel arrangement is prime for a peaceful and optimistic interior design, something that can be a haven from times of turmoil. Elizabeth Cooper recommends soft colors “like oyster, chalk, cream, oatmeal, soft sky blues, and celadon greens” for 2021. Paint color trends often reflect the emotions and character of the overall consumer. Ranging from blues to greens and neutrals to pastels, people have a wide variety of looks to choose from as they continue to reinvent their homes this 2021. Source: FamilyOwned & Operated Born &Raised in Millstone Township EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE I I SERVICING CNJ SINCE 1960 Lic #9615 • Master Plumber NJ Lic # B109615

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