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Lake Enno Dam at Brewers Bridge Road in Jackson , NJ

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Click on each of the three photos, and select the latest and previous years' CampVentures photos based on your Academy's featured activities.

Building coordination and confidence Customize your flyer images! Customize your flyer images! Join us for a summer of discovery and learning, includi g: Join us for a summer of discovery and learning, including: • Character-focused learning • snacks Child-led, teacher-facilitated projects • Music and arts At Kiddie Academy ® , moving and grouping colorful blocks and shapes is more than a fun way to pass the time. It’s a way to nurture and reinforce large and small muscle development, coordination, balance and problem-solving skills. It all fits together perfectly. -Fields trips -Music and arts -Special visitors -Fun STEM activities Fun STEM activities • Healthy meals nd • Click on each of the three photos, and select the latest and previous years' CampVentures photos based on your Academy's featured activities. Click on each of the three photos, and sel ct the latest and previ us years' CampVentures photos based on your Academy's featured activities. ENROLL NOW!


The Kiddie Academy CampVentures ® program turns your child's ordinary summer vacation into an unforgettable summer of fun and exploration. Our program inspires imagination through exciting activities, outdoor adventures, field trips and special visitors, while balancing the individual needs and interests of each child in our care. CampVentures awakens a world of fun, learning and friendships for your child. Now Enrolling for Summer!

Sign up today and receive Tuition Credit! (609) 224-1177

New customers only. Not redeemable for cash. One offer per child. Participating locations only. Call Academy for details.

Kiddie Academy of Robbinsville 1412 Route 130, Hightstown, NJ 08520 Kiddie Academy of Robbinsvill 1412 Route 130 Hightstown, NJ 08520 KIDDIE ACADEMY OF ROBBINSVILLE 1412 Route 130 • Hightstown, NJ (609) 224 1 77 • Strict health & safety procedures will be followed

Join us for a summer of discovery and learning, including: Join us for a summer of discovery and learning, including:

The Kiddie Academy CampVentures ® program turns your child's ordinary summer vacation into an unforgettable summer of fun and exploration. Our program inspires imagination through exciting activities, outdoor adventures, field trips and special visitors, while balancing the individual needs and interests of each child in our care. CampVentures awakens a world of fun, learning and friendships for your child. Now Enrolling for Summer! Sign up today and receive Tuition Credit! The Kiddie Academy CampVentures ® program turns your child's ordinary summer vacation into an nforgettabl summer of fun and exploration. Our program inspires imagination through exciting activities, outdoor adventures, field trips and special visitors, while balancing the individual needs and i terests of e ch child in our c re. CampVentures wakens a world of fun, learning and friendships for your child. Now Enrolling for Summer!

-Fields trips -Music and arts -Special visitors -Fun STEM activities -Fields trips -Music and arts -Special visitors -Fun STEM activities


To learn more and enroll: (609) 224-1177 To learn more and enroll: (609) 224-1177

Sign up today and receive Tuition Credit! New customers only. Not redeemable for cash. One offer per child. Participating loc tions only. Call Academy for details.

New customers only. Not redeemable for cash. One offer per child. Participating locations only. Call Academy for details.

Kiddie Academy of Robbinsville 1412 Route 130 Hightstown, NJ 08520 Kiddie Academy of Robbinsville 1412 Route 130 Hightstown, NJ 08520




Vol. 9 No.36


Paver Pool Patio & Pavilion

Custom Outdoor Kitchen, Pavilion with Fireplace

Elevated Pool Deck/Spa & Fire Bowls

Natural Stone Stairway

Outdoor Living Spacee & Kitchen

Paver Patio/ Fire Pit Gathering Area

Custom Roof Structure

Rustic Entertaining Space

Paver Patio, Fire Pit/ Sitting Area

Moss Rock Retaining Wall, Outdoor Pavilion & Roof Structure

Veneer Stone Wood Burning Fireplace

Custom Living Area

Raised Pool Deck/Piers & Spa

Custom Roof Structure/Veneer Wood Burning Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen/Paver Patio

Backyard Entertaining Area

732-308-1311 45 Jackson Mills Rd, Freehold, NJ

Visit our website to view our photo gallery: WWW.ERROLSLANDSCAPINGINC.NET


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March 2022

Local Resident Works To Build School In Africa As a teacher and coach, educating children is a passion of mine. Despite having taught in some very economically disadvantaged school districts in my career, nothing pre- pared me for what I saw in the Democratic Republic of the Congo this past summer. I visited the DR Congo in hopes of accom- plishing the lifelong goal of trekking into the mountains and visiting with the en- dangered mountain gorilla. In addition to the the trek, my guide Christian of Congo Local Guides in Goma, DR Congo asked if I would be willing to visit some of Goma’s overflowing orphanages. In addition Chris- tian recommended I make $100 donation to help provide food to these children, many of whom live on daily diet of congee, a rice gruel. I agreed, and in an attempt to make a slightly larger impact, began an impromptu fundraising campaign. Despite little time and even less fundraising experience, I was able to raise $1400, enough to purchase nearly 3,000 pounds of food that was split amongst three of the city’s orphanages. DAN TORSIELLO AND CHRISTIAN AGANZE


Aside from visiting orphanages, Christian arranged for me to visit the rural village of Mushaki. Well within territory that is home to some of the 120 rebel groups currently operating within the DR Congo, Mushaki is a rural farming and herding village high in



the hills. Part of my time in Mushaki was spent visiting a local school - school being used in the most basic sense. Missing walls, a lack of school supplies, and far less seating than students are just some of the challenges facing the school. The scene goes from disappointing to heartbreaking when you factor in the dirty clothes and bare feet of the children attending this school. Then and there I decided to try and make a positive impact. After discussions with Christian and engineers back in Africa, we have drawn up plans to build a cinderblock school with six classrooms, two offices, and four toilets. Due to the inexpensive nature of supplies and labor in the DR Congo, such a school would cost just over $8300 to build. It is this cost, plus an additional $1700 to cover any overages in cost are what I am hoping to raise to build this much-needed school. Any funds that are not spent on the construction of the school will be used to purchase school supplies for the students and teachers of Mushaki. I am asking you to support our work in the DR Congo, whether it be a cash donation through our GoFundMe page, or simply by spreading the word of our fundraiser. Every bit of help will go to improving the lives of these children who desperately need it.

Fundraiser Website Make A Donation Through Venmo @dantorsiello Put “DR Congo Donation” in the message Contact Information: Dan Torsiello | 34 Waldron Road Allentown, NJ 08501 732-779-3974 |

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March 2022

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The New Jersey Pine Barrens An Adventure Waiting to Happen! New Egypt resident, William J. Lewis, just released his third book about the New Jersey Pinelands and its people, titled, Ad- venture with Piney Joe- Exploring the New Jersey Pine Barrens, available March 1st. The book was published by Stockton Uni- versity’s prestigious publishing arm, South Jersey Culture & Historic Center (SJCHC). The book serves as a guide and trail map for people wanting to get back into nature after a long hiatus away due to covid, or to those looking for new places to adventure safely outdoors. The book highlights Piney Joe, the author’s beloved magical gnome, as you take a walk with Piney Joe to discover places full of wild and mysterious scenery in the Pinelands National Reserve. The reader is introduced to some Pineland folk- lore, which includes the infamous Jersey Devil. You will also learn about plants native to the area, along with some of the names Pineland folks used for each plant, and more. There is also a full-color illustrated trail map with 31 different destinations for you to physically explore within the Pine Barrens.

By Pam Teel

Lewis’s second book titled, Piney Everlastings Vol. 1, includes descriptions of native pine barren plants and historic destinations in a unique hybrid of a book that is part adventure guide, part personal journal, and an all-around fun coloring book. Contained within is 34 images to color, a word search, images of ten common plants, and sixteen exciting destinations to explore. William’s debut book was released in 2021 by Arcadia Press and became a no.1 Amazon hot new release in its first month. It is titled New Jersey’s Lost Piney Culture. It references the culture and history of the piney people, then and now, who have built their own vibrant culture and industry by working the natural landscape around them. Their foraging skills, originally taught by local Lenape’s, were passed down through generations of Piney families who gathered many of the same wild floral products that became staples of the Philadelphia and New York dried flower markets. Important figures arose out of the 20th century like John Richardson, who fought hard to lift the Pineys out of rural poverty by recording and marketing their craftsmanship. As the state government sought to preserve the Pine Barrens and develop the region, Piney culture was frequently threatened and stigmatized. Lewis, is both author and advocate for the Pine Barrens inhabitants. Past authors have mislabeled and painted an ill picture of the life of a piney depicting them as dumb, stu- pid, backward, and backwoods people. In his writings in print and on social media under the moniker Piney Tribe, Bill tries to undo the damage and stigma still present to this day about the misrepresentation of the people who grew up in the pines. In general, pineys in the past worked the land. They picked blueberries in the summer, cranberries in the fall, and pinecones in the winter. They lived and loved the land they grew up on. Pineys of today might still engage in all the above activities, but due to more opportunities, they have moved on to normal 40-hour work weeks and can be found holding positions across the job market today. Just every day ordinary people, like you and me, could be considered piney, with one thing in common, their inter- action and love for the New Jersey Pine Barrens. William is a lifelong resident of New Jersey who loves the diversity of the people of New Jersey and loves the landscapes of New Jersey's great outdoors. He deeply believes in environmental stewardship and in seeking to serve others. He had that chance in 2009 when he was accepted and graduated as a Rutgers Environmental Steward. This event would expand Mr. Lewis' knowledge of environmental issues and lead to him becoming chairperson of Plumsted Environmental Commis- sion, President of the Executive Board of Directors of EarthShare NJ, chairperson of the Sustainable Jersey committee of Plumsted, and President and founder of Nurture Environmental Stewardship Today! (NEST) nonprofit 501c3. Mr. Lewis has gained several distinguished awards for his community service including a Silver Medal in 2011 Federal Executive Board (FEB) Region 3 Green team, the Bronze Medal in 2012 FEB Outstanding Community Service, and an Environmental Achievement Award from the Association of New Jersey Environ- mental Commissioners (ANJEC) in 2012 and 2013. If you asked Mr. Lewis where he gained the drive and knowledge to lead many of the diverse teams in his life, he would credit the United States Marine Corps. As a noncommissioned officer stationed in Kaneohe, Hawaii, he attended a leadership school called the Corpo- ral’s Course. There he earned the title of Honor Grad, top of his class. Keeping it all in the family, Lewis’s nephew, Shane Tomalinas, a senior at Allentown High school collaborated with him on two of his books and provided the beautiful illustrations in Piney Everlastings Vol. 1 and Adventure with Piney Joe- Exploring the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Shane started doing the drawings for his uncle at the young age of sixteen. The challenges in illustrating these two books have given him the confidence to pursue Art in college upon graduation in 2022. And for the first time, his name is on the cover of a printed book! William J. Lewis taken by Labyrinth Books of Princeton, NJ

When asked what made Lewis so interested in the Pine Barrens, he told the story of being on a business trip in Florida and taking some time out to look for a rare bird in the Sweetwater Wetlands Park of Gainesville. Lewis is also an avid bird watcher. While there, he came across a couple in the park from Indiana and they started talking. The couple was so excited when he told them that he was from New Jersey; they asked him if he had ever been to the Pine Barrens. They had recently visited Wharton State Forest as it was a bucket list item of theirs and were really thrilled with their visit and what they saw. Lewis admitted he had never really envisioned what an outsider’s view- point would be on an open space area that is a 1.1-million-acre evergreen ocean encompassing 22% of the area in New Jersey. And growing up in the Pine Barrens he may have lacked the right amount of appreciation for being able to call it home. It planted a seed in him and led him to learn all he could first-hand about the Pine Barrens and what it had to offer. Finding, in the process, a re- newed love of growing up in the Pines. He already loved botany, history, and being around nature, and traveled the world to other foreign places of interest. His exploration and journeys literally in his own backyard have led him to write books, opening the doors for many other people to discov- er the true beauty of the Pine Barrens and their past inhabitants. Get out there and get in! With the aid of his writing, you can not only read about the Pine Barrens, but you can also explore them too!

To order books go to: /you can also find it on Amazon and look for book signing events and festivals he may attend. He en- joys meeting new readers and has quite the following on his author page on Facebook @ Piney Tribe. Facebook, Instagram, and website- pineytribe Email:

6 The Millstone Times

March 2022

Q: LEADERS IN LEAST INVASIVE PAIN & SPINE PROCEDURES How can Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Help Shoulder and Knee Pain?


Platelet Rich Plasma erapy also referred to as PRP erapy, is a progressive non-surgical treatment to treat a variety of conditions including arthritis, ten- don injuries, and ligament injuries. PRP is part of a group of state-of-the-art treatments collectively referred to as Regenerative Medicine. PRP treats an injured area naturally using your body’s own growth factors to accelerate healing. It has been shown to be safe and e ec- tive for numerous joint and so tissue injuries. It has been extensively researched in numerous medical journals and publications all over the world. Some of the many uses of Platelet Rich Plasma include osteoarthritis (degenera- tive arthritis) of the spine, knee, shoulder, hip, hands, and feet, as well as menis- cus tears, plantar fasciitis, and rotator cu tears. e procedure is simple and is performed in the o ce.  e PRP process begins when a small amount of the patient’s blood is removed from the arm and placed into a special container.  e blood is then placed into a device called a centri- fuge which spins the blood to help the separate the portion of the blood which becomes concentrated with platelets, thereby giving the procedure its name. ese platelets are important because they release growth factors to recruit stem cells and to assist in healing an injured area naturally. Once the PRP is isolated, it is injected to the injured area under the guidance of an ultrasound machine to help accelerate healing and reduce pain.

is healing works on the simple principle that your body is perfectly capable of healing itself. Your blood contains all the essential components that the body produces to repair tissue damage. Each time you have an injury, the platelets in your blood along with growth factors, stem cells, cytokines, and other elements create a sca olding on the site. e damaged tissues use this framework to regenerate and repair.  e entire process takes approximately one hour, and pa- tients are sent home the same day. Patients on average report more than 50% improvement in 6 weeks and up to 100% improvement in 12 weeks. is may eliminate the need for more aggressive and expensive treatment options such as long-term medication or surgery. In a recent study, researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery gave patients with early osteoarthritis an injection of PRP and then monitored them for one year. A er one year of the PRP injection, physicians evaluated the knee cartilage with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). While previous studies have shown that patients with osteoarthritis can lose roughly ve percent of knee cartilage per year, the Hospital for Special Surgery investigators found that a large majority of patients in their study had no further cartilage loss. At minimum PRP also prevented further knee deterioration.

Our Online Reviews: EXCELLENT!

(609) 371-9100 East Windsor • East Brunswick • Marlton North Brunswick • Morganville VISIT OUR WEBSITE: WWW.SPINEINA.COM


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Split Personality DisordeRS By Valeria Mancuso

Split Personality Disorder Explained Those with a split personality disorder, more popular- ly known as dissociative identity disorder or DID, have two or more distinct personalities. A person with this has separate differences between these two identities, which is referred to as alters. These different personalities each control the person’s mind, body and identity for some time. However, a person with DID can maintain their pri- mary identity. This is there original personality that they will answer to. Their primary identity may be unaware of the other personalities they may have. Each alter has their own name, age, gender, moods, memories and vo- cabulary. The shift between each personality occurs from a trigger the person has. Causes of Split Personality

There is no exact cause of DID, however there is a con- nection between the condition and trauma that person may have faced. Early or childhood trauma and abuse could be the reason why a person has many different iden- tity’s. Trauma can stem from physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional neglect from family/friends, and psychological abuse. Symptoms Symptoms of someone with a split personality disorder include experiencing two or more separate personalities, each with their own self-identification, a change in a person’s sense of self and frequent gaps in memory and personal history. In some cases, one personality may pick up certain habits and may experience symptoms the other personality does not have. Different habits could in- clude smoking and becoming violent. Different symptoms could include anxiety, amnesia, losing sense of time, going into a trance-like state, out of body experiences, engaging in behaviors that are unusual for the person, sleep disturbances, etc. The person could become stressed because they are afraid of a personality change or because they may be unaware of the change which can affect their ability to live a normal life. Diagnosis Split personality disorders can take time to diagnose because doctors need to observe a person’s symptoms, and dismiss other conditions. The doctor also needs to observe all personality’s of the person to see how they affect that person. Time is very important when it comes to diagnosis. Treatment Doctors usually prescribe treatments based on each individual case. No specific medication exists for DID. Treatment is based on any conditions that occur in this persons disorder. Psychotherapy is the main treatment for people with spilt personalities. Psychotherapy is talk therapy which may help a person walk through and learn to accept their triggers. Other therapies include art therapy, movement therapy, and relaxation techniques which can act as a treatment for DID.


8 The Millstone Times

March 2022

Monroe Township News | As We Age

Revolutionizing Care Delivery™

RECOVER IN LUXURIOUS COMFORT. Allaire Rehab & Nursing, a newly renovated upscale healthcare center in Freehold, delivers unparalleled subacute rehabilitation & skilled nursing care.

Our hotel-like setting & amenities include:


Sleeper Sofa, Desk & Refrigerator in Larger Suites

Magnificent, Spacious Patient Suites 12 Private Rooms Large Flat Screen Smart TVs

NEW! Telemedicine to assure 24/7 physician care

Bluetooth Speakers Concierge Service

Allaire is the only Special Care Nursing Facility in New Jersey to offer intensive therapy on a long term basis for young adults (18-59) with a Neurological Impairment. Horizons is a 174-bed special care neurological unit centered on nurturing independence and optimizing recovery.

In Response to COVID-19

Our staff is trained to implement strict adherence protocols in enhanced infection control practices. We continue to diligently assess all patients to ensure the safety of our staff and residents and are dedicat d to deliv ring the h ghest quality of care.

Horizons is a 174-bed special care neurological unit centered on nurturing independence and optimizing recovery.

115 Dutch Lane Road, Freehold, NJ 07728 | 732.431.7420 |

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Monroe Township News | As We Age

We provide Adult Day Services For Special Needs Adults (21 years old +) WE PAY CASH FOR SINGLE ITEMS TO ENTIRE ESTATES! • Watches, Clocks, Pocket Watches ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES BUYERS ESTATE LIQUIDATORS

You have always been there for your mom, and now GoldenYears Care is here for you

Medicaid/HMO/DDD • Coin & Stamp Collections • Judaica • Costume Jewelry • Chinese & Japanese Artwork & Porcelain • Sports Collectibles • Comic Books o • Old Toys • Records • Cameras • Lamps • Military Collections • Paintings, Prints, Bronzes • Estate Jewelry

Medicaid/J.A.C.C. Covered Service

Call UsToday For ATour or Info! (732) 851-6640 • Medical AppointmentTransportation • Around-the-clock attention • Physical & OccupationalTherapy In House • Free Door-to-DoorTransportation • Delicious Food Options (Spanish, Russian, Italian & more) • Onsite & Offsite Activities: (Ping Pong, Zumba, Shopping Excursions, Museums, Crafts,Trips to the Shore and much more) • Onsite Hairdresser Serving Monmouth, Middlesex & Ocean Residents Conveniently off Rt 33 and NJTurnpike Exit 8 108Woodward Rd. Manalapan, New Jersey If your loved one needs care during the day, trust GoldenYears Care to put them in good hands!

Call UsToday For ATour or Info! (732) 845-3332 • Free Door-to-DoorTransportation • Health Evaluations • Bi-Lingual staff • Music & PetTherapy Military Collections Wan ed Swords, Knives, Helmets, Etc.


• Educational Programs to assist & encourage independance with activities of daily living • Social Activities • Fabulous food and menu options • Recreation, Exercise,Trips to Museums, Stores, Crafts and more... Serving Monmouth, Middlesex & Ocean Residents 346 PALISADE AVE, BOGOTA WE BUY ANYTHING OLD. ONE PIECE OR HOUSE FULL. WILL TRAVEL. ANTIQUE & ESTATE BUYERS • Sterling Fl tware Sets TOP $ ANTIQUE STERLING for 201-880-5455 CELL 917-887-6465 20 1-A Jackson Street Freehold, New Jersey We Offer Something Special Nowhere Else Found In CNJ ForYour Loved One! Active Day Adult Services WILL TRAVEL ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA WE BUY VINTAGE LIQUOR FREE ESTIMATES

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March 2022

Monroe Township News | As We Age

OFFICE: (732) 658-3289 WWW.RUBYMEMORIALHOME.COM FUNERAL AND CREMATION Specializing in Hindu, Sikh and Orthodox Funeral Customs Medicaid Funerals Accepted Memorial Services • Full Service Specialty & Custom Services 2050 Rt. 130 North Brunswick, NJ 152 North Main St Milltown, NJ VIRTUAL SERVICES AND MEMORIAL PLANNING AVAILABLE Maryann Malak NJ Intern Registration No. I-1026-30/07 Also speaks Arabic

Christine A. Cuoco Manager ~Funeral Director N.J. Lic. No. 4538

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Monroe Township News | As We Age

Our Specialty Services For Adults, Children & Seniors Bunions Corns & Callouses Diabetic Foot Care Flatfeet Fungus HammerToeTreatment Heel Pain InGrownToeNails Plantar FasciitisTreatment Plantar Warts Orthotics and Surgery

Complete Family Foot & Ankle Care A Step Up Podiatry

Custom orthotics are specific, prescription inserts customized to your feet and your conditions. They usually have a firm bottom shell, to achieve body support, and a softer topcover for cushion and shock absorption. Orthotics should be comfortable for wear! They are also hidden in shoes, so nobody even knows you are wearing them. Beware of imitations that are not custom made, as they are just off-the-shelf inserts. Also, beware of how they are made. Acceptable techniques are plaster casting, foam box impression casting, and the latest digital casting or 3D casting. Some casting is static (you stand or sit while an impression of your feet is obtained), but the most accurate is dynamic casting (you walk while pressure readings and impressions are obtained so that the doctor has more information on what your feet are doing while you walk)...most of us can't afford to go through life standing still, right? So I believe in dynamic digital casting! A properly and professionally made orthotic is an important solution

215 Gordons Corner Road, Suite 2A, Manalapan, NJ 07726 ASTEPUPPODIATRY.COM • 732-446-7136 to walking pain-free. Most insurances provide coverage for orthotics. And they can used in nearly all shoe types, with even sandal orthotics available. Get yours today from our office, so you too can walk on higher ground!

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi, DPM

• Proton therapy at ProCure targets cancer tumors more precisely than traditional radiation, which means less damage to nearby healthy tissues • Proton therapy requires no surgery, minimal downtime, and virtually no side effects • Located in Somerset, ProCure is NJ’s most experienced proton therapy Center, offering the most advanced form of radiation with the most precise technology

LIVE LIFE during cancer treatments

To learn more, scan the QR code or visit

103 Cedar Grove Lane | Somerset 732-357-2600

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March 2022


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$ 6 .


FAX: 732.833.4162 • Toll Free: 1.888.273.1444 CALL TODAY FOR FREE DELIVERY 732.833.2973 621 Wright Debow Rd., Jackson NJ 08527 We Will Beat ANY Competitors Price! Let East Coast Salt do the heavy work, from our warehouse to your basement.

Specializing in Waterfront and gated Golf Communities. Serving all of Palm Beach County from Port St. Lucie to Delray Beach and every where in between. 25+ years of knowledge. A PORTION OF ALL PROCEEDS GO TO HELP THE SHELTER DOGS


Like us on Facebook for promotions!

SPECIAL PRICING on products when they are picked up

CALL TODAY! 561.313.4432 139 N. County Rd, Unit 15 Palm Beach, FL 33480



•Baths Remodeled • Gas Piping • Water Heaters •Boilers Repaired & Installed • Video Inspections • Sewer & Drain Cleaning • All types of plumbing repairs JERSEY DRAINS PLUMBING AND HEATING JERSEY DRAINS 732-610-8295

JERSEYDRAINS@ICLOUD.COM • Millstone, NJ I I L . m • ill ,


14 The Millstone Times

March 2022

REAL ESTATE Joseph J. Carbin Plumbing 609-259-2235

We Service:

Septic Pumping Water Conditioning Water Heaters • Well Pumps

SERVICING CNJ SINCE 1960 FamilyOwned & Operated Born &Raised in Millstone Township EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE I I Lic #9615 • Master Plumber NJ Lic # B109615

Millstone Water Treatment Co.

FREE ESTIMATES For All Services CALL 609-448-3893 TODAY! Locally Owned & Operated! Customer Satisfaction Is Our Specialty!

A division of

• Water Treatment • Water Filtration • Water Softeners

• Neutralizers • Iron Removal • Bad Odor Treatment • Nitrate Filters • UV Lights • Chlorine Reduction • Water Tanks • VFD Pump Installation • Well Drilling

for over 20 years Thank you CNJ For Your Many Referrals and Making Us Your Trusted Water Treatment Company!


www. 15


Monmouth County’s #1 Roofing & Siding Professionals Proudly Providing Services for Freehold, NJ, and Surrounding Areas for 25 Years

NowOffering: 0% Financing for 12 Months

Keystone Contracting, LLC 205 Route 9 North Freehold NJ 07728 (732) 637-830 0

License Number: HIC #13VH07172400

16 The Millstone Times

March 2022


www. 17

HOME IMPROVEMENT The Importance of Having a Tidy Home with Children By: Nazli Mohideen

Much of people’s childhood is defined by a playroom; mounds of toys falling out of bins and boxes, and more than likely, overflow to more than one des- ignated room. The sacred action figures and dolls are taken everywhere a child goes only to be replaced by its newest edition in a few months or recycled with another craze. As children grow older, they’re often met with a list of Sunday morning chores and cleanliness becomes a part of their everyday lives. In fact, having a tidy home as a family with children is incredibly vital to their physical and mental health, so much so that multiple studies have been released analyzing the connection between a clean home and a child’s well-being. Cleaning one’s home lessens stress in addition to anxiety in children. Unnecessary clutter has been proven to be a distraction and direct source of un- easiness. Focusing on homework at the sticky kitchen table covered in piles of mail and wrappers of unfinished snacks is only one of the many difficulties brought upon by an untidy home. Learning halts and productivity decreases as the mess continues. It is also harder to find certain things in a timely manner amid all the clutter, potentially adding to financial hardship if items have to constantly be replaced. On top of feelings of stress, children are embarrassed and ashamed to have friends over knowing that their house is in a messy state. If only five minutes are taken out of every day to wipe down a table or organize a few miscellaneous items in that abyss of a junk drawer we all have, these negative emotions will barely come up, if at all. Also, the benefits of keeping a tidy home carry over to a child’s physical health. The chances of mold or bacterial spread in the home greatly declines when surfaces are wiped down daily with disinfectant sprays and a window is cracked open for ventilation. As a result, the likelihood of contracting bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory conditions are minimized as well. Cleaning sheets regularly gets rid of bed bugs and other mites, too. As for the kitchen, keeping this area clean guarantees no unwanted visitors like bugs and rodents. Simply mopping the floors for food crumbs and tackling spills the second they happen helps with this. Particularly with families owning pets, vacuuming is essential to undermine, but not totally eliminate the presence of dirt, dust, and pet hair. Especially for children just entering the world, ridding a home of any potential allergens is crucial.

Beyond physical and mental health benefits, a clean home works won- ders for a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Whether it's helping put a couple of toys away after playtime or putting their plate in the sink, ac- tively cleaning a home gives them a great sense of accomplishment. The next time one’s mom yells to “Clean your room!”, it may actually be doing more good than you think.


Happy to Serve You for 31 Years!

CONCORDIA SHOPPING CENTER 1600 Perrineville Road, Monroe Township 609-395-5588 WWW.ABCARPETNJ.COM

Senior Discounts Available

Carpets • Carpet Runners/Area Rugs Waterproof Vinyl • Hardwood • Sand & Refinish FREE Padding • Estimates • Installation Removal of Old Carpet • Furniture Moving Shaw • Coretec • Mohawk • Kane • Mirage • Phenix • Masland Mon-Fri 9am-5pm • Sat 10am-3pm

AB CARPETS • 609-395-5588 $500 OFF Any Sale of $ 4001 & up or More Flooring Purchase With coupon. Cannot be combines with any other offers or prior purchases. TMT

AB CARPETS • 609-395-5588

$250 OFF Any Sale of $ 2500 to $ 4000 Flooring Purchase With coupon. Cannot be combines with any other offers or prior purchases. TMT


18 The Millstone Times

March 2022


NEED NEWCARPET OR FLOORING? ™ Never pay store prices again! ™ • We come to you! • S M A R T C A R P E T A N D F L O O R I N G • E P I C W H I T E G L O V E S E R V I C E • S M A R T C A R P E T A N D F L O O R I N G • E P I C W H I T E G L O V E S E R V I C E 25th

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CARPETING { We come to you with over 4,000 styles and colors!

INSTALLATIONOFANYCARPET One room or whole house! Custom labor may be additional

4 55 sq. ft.

3 09 sq. ft.

3 69 sq. ft.

3 69 sq. ft.

3 99 sq. ft.

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SureSoftSD ™ Berber 46 oz.,8 colors & 2 Patterns. MicrobanTechnology. Lifetime Fade, Stain &WearWarranty.

Mohawk ® Modern Multi-Level Berber For Today’s Home Fashion 9 Colors. Lifetime StainWarranty.

Multi-Tone Cut Pile Stunning textured carpet. 9 Colors. Lifetime Stain & FadeWarranty.

SmartStrand ALL Pet 9 colors, 20YearWarranty

Mohawk ® Newber Awesome new berber in 6 Fashion Colors. Lifetime StainWarranty!

LAMINATE, VINYL AND TILE { NEVER pay store prices again! ™


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7 77 sq. ft.

4 41 sq. ft.

7 91 sq. ft.

6 28 sq. ft.

5 05 sq. ft.






RevWood Plus Antique Craft Laminate Flooring Available in 5 colors. 10 m m thickness. Floor prep may be additional.

Shaw ® DuraTru Resilient Sheet Vinyl 15 new colors and patterns! Floor prep may be additional.

Mannington ® Adura ® Flex Vinyl Hybrid 14 colors,Waterproof. 7-1/4” wide plank. Floor prep may be additional.

Shaw ® Scratch Resistant Vinyl Plank Flooring 8 mil. wear layer, 7 wood looks! Floor prep may be additional.

COREtec ® Waterproof 7” Flooring

Available in 19 colors Floor prep may be additional.

HARDWOOD { WE Deliver! WE Install! WE Warranty your installation!


19 sq. ft. 8

9 99 sq. ft.

Mohawk ® Revwood Plus 12 mm Waterproof Laminate GORGEOUS *Floor prep may be additional. Cannot be combined with other offers. 7 73 sq. ft. INSTALLED!

7 09 sq. ft.

10 09 sq. ft.




INSTALLED! Lauzon ® Bistro Hard Maple


Shaw ® Albright Oak 5 inch wide Engineered OakWood flooring.Available in 9 colors *Nail down installation. Floor prep may be additional. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Mohawk ® Wallingford Handscraped Birch 5” Sawn Cut, 4 colors, 25YearWarranty *Nail down installation. Floor prep may be additional. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Brazilian Cherry 5 InchWideWood Flooring *Floor prep may be additional. Cannot be combined with other offers.

4 colors, 15YearWear-ThroughWarranty . *Nail down installation. Floor prep may be additional. Cannot be combined with other offers.

©2022 Smart Carpet Inc. Sale ends 3/31/22. *On approved credit. 25% down and minimum purchase of $500 on financed orders only. This credit card is issued with approved credit by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Equal Housing Lender. Finance charges accrue on the purchase from the date of installation. IF THE SALES PRICE IS PAID IN FULL BY PROMOTION EXPIRATION DATE, NO FINANCE CHARGES WILL BE OWED ON THE PURCHASE. Otherwise, all accrued finance charges will be owed.Minimummonthly payment required.Within the United States:StandardAPR 28.99%.See SMART Carpet Representative for details. Excludes prior sales & current contracts. Not to be combined with any other coupons, offers or third party discounts. **G.D. is for glued down applications. Floor prep additional (if needed). Free furniture moving does not include pool tables, pianos, electronics or furniture requiring disassembly. Small fee for service available. †Your savings may vary. NYCHIC#1442735 • NJHIC#13VH01833100 • PAHIC#PA087742 Call today to schedule a FREE estimate! 1-800-526-RUGS or visit

12 MONTHS Special FinancingAvailable * On





purchases made with your SMART Carpet Credit Card! APPLYTODAY!

Coupon not to be combined with any other coupons, offers or third party discounts. Minimum square footage must be of the same hardwood quality. Colors may vary. Coupon must be presented at time of the sale. Cannot be presented at time of installation. Excludes all prior sales & contracts. Expires 3/31/22.

Coupon not to be combined with any other coupons, offers or third party discounts. Minimum square footage must be of the same hardwood quality. Colors may vary. Coupon must be presented at time of the sale. Cannot be presented at time of installation. Excludes all prior sales & contracts. Expires 3/31/22.


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HOME PROS You Can Feel Comfortable With

NEED A PLUMBER? GOT LEAKS? •Baths Remodeled •Gas Piping •Water Heaters •Boilers Repaired & Installed •Video Inspections The roof is one of the most important parts of the home, and you need a good roof to keep your home dry and protected from the elements. Make it a priority to check your roof in the spring to look for any winter-related damage and get your roof in shape to handle summer heat and rain. See if your roof is in need of repair: Cracked or torn shingles Missing shingles Sagging areas Curled shingles Water stains on the ceilings, which could point to a roof leak Water spots on exterior walls Rust or stains where exterior walls meet the roof Just like your home’s gutters, the sooner you make a necessary roof repair, the better. Water damage can lead to mold inside your home, and you definitely do not want that. Fix Your Roof For Spring By, Lauren Kowlacki A well-maintained roof is essential to your home’s condition. Even though a snow-covered roof makes a pretty wintertime picture, snow and ice build-up can get heavy and put too much weight on a weak roof. Ice dams, or blocks of ice that form in the gutter or edge of the roof, may prevent proper drainage and cause water to leak into the home’s interior. Ice can also puncture a roof. It is also possible that water had gotten underneath damaged shingles and caused rot. For this reason, you’ll want to check shingles for damage. You also want to inspect your rooftop ventilation system in the spring to make sure it’s not blocked so that heat doesn’t build in the attic over the summer.

Preparing to buy a home? Gut-renovat- ing you home? Need painting in your town- house? Wondering how much a pool cost? Just need something fixed by a handyman. Need flooring?

THE COMPLETE HANDYMAN HOME IMPROVEMENTS HOME IMPROVEMENTS Find local contractors whose expertise is unsurpassed by getting a referral fromThe Millstone Times newspaper! The Millstone Times’ Home Pros are here to help. Call 732.995.3456 to talk to one of our concierge staff (it's FREE )!


Serving Monmouth, Mercer and Middlesex County “No JobToo Big Or Too Small” Serving Mon outh, Mercer and Mid lesex County T i r T S al ”

All types of repairs and installations, Finished Basements, Bathrooms, Kitchens, etc. ll types of repairs and installations, Finished Base ents, Bathroo s, Kitchens, etc.

Lic. #13VH04304300 *Fully Insured Lic. #13VH04304300 *Fully Insured

BobYacovelli • 732-735-1540 obYacovelli • 732-735-1540


•Sewer & Drain Cleaning •All types of plumbing repairs

JERSEYDRAINS@ICLOUD.COM Millstone, NJ I L . ill , FULLY INSURED • MPL#10911 732-610-8295 I


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20 The Millstone Times

March 2022

Joseph J. Carbin Plumbing








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Poisoning Prevention

Chemicals in and around the home can poison people or pets and can cause long- term health effects. Every 13 seconds, a poison control center in the United States answers a call about a possible poisoning. More than 90% of these exposures occur in the home. Poisoning can result from medicines, pesticides, household cleaning products, carbon monoxide, and lead.


The most common causes of poisoning among young children are cosmetics and personal care products, household cleaning products, and pain relievers. Common causes among adults are pain relievers, prescription drugs, sedatives, cleaning products, and antidepressants. Pesticides are used in about three out of four U.S. homes. They are used to prevent or kill bugs or rodents. They can also poison people or pets. Children can swallow detergents, bleaches, and other cleaning products. Breathing fumes from these products can also harm people. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be caused by poorly vented gas furnaces and appliances. It can also be caused by gas generators used during electrical power outages and by indoor use of charcoal grills or portable stoves. The major source of lead poisoning among U.S. children is lead-based paint and dust with lead. All houses built before 1978 are likely to contain some lead in the paint. However, it is the flaking, peeling paint that causes a problem. Other sources of lead in the home may include traditional home remedies, ceramics, toys and toy jewelry, lead-contaminated soil, lead water pipes, and lead solder used in plumbing.

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March 2022


The Millstone Times Has Grown In Distribution Once Again Over the past 13 years, The

Specializing in Zebra Blinds BEST PRICE In The Area!

Millstone Times has emerged as one of the most celebrated and growing print publications. Our publication now reach- es the residents in 4 Counties (Monmouth, Mercer, Ocean and Middlesex) via direct mail. In the first quarter of 2022 we expanded mailing to Jackson, New Jersey. Additionally, we reach even more consumers with our opt-

in Email digital publication subscribers as well as our online issues and social media platforms. The Millstone Times offers full media coverage on each content platform — print, digital, email and social media is where we communicate with our readers each and every day. The Millstone Times is not a zoned publication where businesses can choose advertising exposure by each specific towns and zip codes. Sim- ply, we offer more homes and more media platforms for less cost per target consumer. Understanding both the specifics in your marketing and the value of one new customer is what makes The Millstone Times a successful connection for our advertisers and readers.

FAMILY O verhead d OOrs • Guaranteed Price Matching • Prompt Installation (We Do NOT Subcontract) • Same Day Repairs Family Owned & Operated for 30+ Years!

GARAGE DOOR AND OPENER BEST PRICING Available For Spring! We Serve ALL of New Jersey!

• Weekend Appointments • Absolutely FREE Estimates

Building Our Reputation.. One Door At A Time!

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Holistic Healing Starts Here


v We are so much more than just weight-loss. v We don’t promote or endorse quick weight loss shakes, cleanses, or pills. v We teach you how to successfully treat your ailments with balanced nutrition. v We teach you the correct amount of calories you should be consuming to help you reach your weight management goals.


Common Conditions We Treat: High Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Yeast Growth, High Blood Pressure, Food Allergies, Eating Disorders, Gout, Pre and Post Natal Nutrition, Celiac Disease, Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition and Obesity. All Programs are developed and implemented by Registered Dietitians.

March is National Nutrition Month

$20 OFF 5, 7 OR 10 WEEK PROGRAMS *Cannot be combined with other specials/coupons or applied to copays. Expires 4/1/22. *

CALL TODAY! 732-966-0130 15 E Railroad Ave, Suite A, Jamesburg NJ 08831 MyNutritionSolution NutritionSolutions

Gift certificates are available!

whY choose A cAthoLic ceMeterY? A Catholic cemetery is a holy and sacred place. It is a place of prayer and hope that is both a consolation to the bereaved and an inspiration to the living…a place where those who have worshipped and prayed together in life now await the resurrection.

A gift of Love Protect your family frommaking difficult and emotional decisions without you. Proclaim your acceptance of God’s love and your compassion for your family by making your decisions today and together. PrActice resPonsibLe stewArdshiP —MAnAge Your finAnces Protect your family from an unexpected financial burden by pre-planning and selecting a payment plan with terms that fit your budget. how do i Pre-PLAn? A Catholic Cemetery Memorial Counselor will explain and guide you through the pre-planning process. They are someone you can trust and who will explain the options that are available for you. You will not be pressured into making any unnecessary purchases.

for inforMAtion about the purchase of crypts, niches and plots at the METUCHENDIOCESAN-OWNEDAND OPERATEDCEMETERIES cALL 1.800.943.8400 or visit ceMeteries

MArY sorrowfuL Mother MAusoLeuM At hoLY cross • Magnificent Main Chapel

• Private Chapel Areas Available • Crypt & Niche spaces available • Featured Glass Niches creMAtorY At hoLY cross 840 Cranbury South River Rd Jamesburg, NJ08831

resurrection ceMeterY feAturing MAusoLeuM of the hoLY sPirit Hoes Lane and Park Ave, Piscataway, NJ 08854 • Premier glass niches available for cremated remains • pre construction pricing available

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