Bulletin Board Magazine May 2016

You need attorneys with in-depth knowledge and experience with the complex issues facing the building industry.

You need attorneys who provide high quality legal services.

You want attorneys who listen to you.

You want attorneys who understand your work and the challenges you face.

You want attorneys who are responsive and attentive.

Environmental, Real Estate, Land Use and Planned Real Estate Development practices please contact: Michael J. Gross, Esq. John A. Giunco, Esq. Paul H. Schneider, Esq. Michael A. Bruno, Esq. J. Scott Anderson, Esq. Laurence I. Rothstein, Esq. Michael J. Vitiello, Esq. Steven M. Dalton, Esq. Monica J. Ceres, Esq. Marc D. Policastro, Esq. Tara Phelan Carver, Esq. Brian H. Harvey, Esq. A yfa H. Ellington, Esq. (732) 741 -3900 info@ghclaw.com www.ghclaw.com www.njenvironmentlaw.com

You want attorneys who frequently work with governmental regulatory agencies on applications and approvals and anticipate future legislation that could a ect your projects.

You want attorneys who take that extra step to ensure that you are satis ed.

You want attorneys who provide exceptional value for the fees you pay.

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