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SBACNJ Membership by Kim Manicone, USI Insurance Services

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he Membership Committee is always striving to grow the Association’s membership, as we all know our strength is in our numbers. But, just as growing membership is important, so is retaining membership. We want our members to experience the value of their membership so that they will continue to be active members at SBACNJ One of our latest initiatives to retain members starts at the very beginning of a new member’s time with us, at a New Member Orientation Meeting. Our first New Member Orientation Meeting was back last July, our second was last September, and our next one will be on March 28th. These meetings were well attended, and we have received fabulous feedback from new members about the informationshared during the meeting. The New Member Orientation Meeting is made up of the Officers, Executive Officer, and Committee Chairs. After the Officers introduce themselves, each new member has the opportunity to introduce themselves and share information about their company, products, and services.

Bulletin Board | 29 | www.shorebuilders.org looking forward to our Annual Golf Outing in June, and Martell’s BBQ on the Beach in July. Our new members will learn why these are some of our best-attended events of the year! The Committee Chairs then explain to new members what their committees do and what the benefits are for participating on a committee. We then get into the organizational structure of SBACNJ and talk about leadership roles. We also talk about PAC and discuss the different sponsorship opportunities available to members. New members also learn about the different networking opportunities we have throughout the year and how important it is to attend the various events. After all this information is discussed, new members have a chance to mix and mingle and get to know us, and each other a bit more. After the New Member Orientation meetings, it’s important to stay in contact with them, especially during the first year of membership so I reach out to all of our new members throughout their first year. Our committee also makes an effort to seek out new members at events and meetings to help make them feel comfortable and involved. The good news is we have a lot of events to attend! These include the upcoming Atlantic Builders Convention and May Schmooza Palooza Post Convention meeting. In addition, we are

In addition to attending meetings and events, all of our members, new and existing members alike, should LIKE our SBACNJ Facebook page & FOLLOW our SBACNJ LinkedIn page. These sites offer ways to connect more with other members, see our events, and keep up to date on industry news. These social platforms offer a great way for members to become more familiar with one another on a more personal level, as well as become involved in each other’s daily work cultures. If you haven’t already like or followed us on Facebook and LinkedIn, please take a moment to now. Lastly, I would like to congratulate all of the FAME Winners. It was a fabulous night of networking and recognition. Kudos to the hard-working FAME Committee for planning such a fun event! This is a perfect example of why new members should join a committee. The night was also a great example of how many new faces we have here at SBACNJ. We will continue to welcome our new members and help them learn all about the programs, events, and opportunities our association offers throughout the year. I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring and hope to see you at ABC this April!

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