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Recruiting in a Tight Job Market

Associate Spotlight

Builder Member Spotlight

SBACNJ Membership

Section 199A Regulations

SHORE BUILDERS Association of Central NJ, Inc.

Covering Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer, & Middlesex Counties

XXXXX President’s Message

C ontents 01 President's Report by Michael J. Kokes 03 Recruiting in a Tight Job Market by NWIM 05 SBACNJ Golf Outing by John Vincenti & Kristin Marzarella VOLUME 1 | 2019

EDITORIAL CONSULTANT Flair Marketing Group - Stephanie Shaffery

DESIGNER Flair Marketing Group

PRESIDENT'S Message by Michael J. Kokes - SBACNJ

OFFICERS President – Michael J. Kokes

First Vice President – Christopher Amato

Vice President of Associates – Kim Manicone

Michael J. Kokes President - SBACNJ

Treasurer – James Pittenger

I f I wanted to build a house, utilizing Shore Builders members exclusively, I wouldn’t be able to. Why, you may ask, because we don’t have representation in our membership of each trade. From acquisition of land to the sales of our homes, we have gaps. The biggest gaps occur in the house line construction of our homes. Effectively, our membership is not a true depiction of the industry we represent. This predicament is one that I have identified and shared with our Officers and Board in addition to the state association. Like any good leader, I have tasked everyone else to figure it out! In all seriousness, this lack of representation of the various trades is bothersome to me because it impacts our association in a few different ways. The impacts include our representation in Trenton, the community that we provide to our members, and ultimately the culture of our organization. Daily, our federation (from local, to state, to national), represents and protects our industry on the legislative front. Meeting with politicians, lobbying for or against laws, and having a say in policy changing discussions. We spend countless hours planning and participating in these efforts. By not having representation from all of our building trades, we are potentially

07 Welcome New Members 11 Economic Forecast Meeting 15 FAME Awards

missing out from hearing the important concerns from the stakeholders we represent. Certain issues are unique to certain trades, for example the impact of building inspectors rejecting rolled in fiberglass shower pans because of a lack of an ASTM number or arc fault breakers faulty operations with basic appliances. These types of issues are only brought to our attention from the trades that directly work with them. Truth is, while the specific trades identify these issues much quicker, they impact us all due to the interconnectedness of our homes. Making sure we hear from everyone strengthens our overall efforts and provides a comprehensive view of the industry we represent. One of the most embarrassing moments is when someone asks me what electrician to use from the association and I have to admit that we don’t have one. Fundamentally, I just find it crazy that we don’t have at least one member from each trade. Our association provides a forum for people in our industry to network and socialize with. This forum allows all the various trades to get together and by missing some of these key members, our platform suffers. Trades interact with other trades and builders interacting with trades, without this diverse mix, the overall experience diminishes.

Just having one member from each trade isn’t enough, as one of the greatest gifts of our association is the ability to learn from others in our peer groups. The biggest concern that I have with the lack of trade involvement in our association is that our culture changes. That we lose the compressive “building family.” Culture is something that doesn’t change overnight, but gradually overtime. From the events that we hold, to the politics that we are involved in, I want our culture to be inclusive of everyone in our industry. The trend has been that we continue to see less and less trades men and women in our association, and I think we have an opportunity to reverse it. My self and a few other members have created a “trade task force” and had our first meeting including various trades people, the meeting was enlightening on many fronts, and I think we will make some changes to try and attract and retain more trades. If you feel strongly about this, let us know, in addition, make an effort to bring a trades person to a meeting or engage the association. Our association is only as strong as the people in it and I look forward to making the association better in any way I can.

Secretary – Dave Eareckson

Immediate Past President – Thomas Bovino

SBACNJ STAFF Executive Officer – Gina McNamara

Office Manager – Chris Boyle

19 Associate Spotlight - Gloria Nilson & Co. 21 Builder Member Spotlight - Palatial Homes 23 SBACNJ Builder Program 29 SBACNJ Membership by by Kim Manicone 31 Section 199A Regulations by Edward P. Rigby 37 IBS 2019 41 Legal/Legislative by Michael J. Gross, Esq. , Steven M. Dalton, Esq.

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190 Oberlin Avenue North Lakewood, NJ 08701 | P (732) 364-2828 | F (732) 905-2577

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Recruiting in a Tight Job Market


RECRUITING INA TIGHT JOB MARKET: How to Stand Out By Adam McIndoe Director of Business Development Netwave Interactive Marketing, Inc.

Adam McIndoe Member - SBACNJ

Walter Sierotko , EVP 732.726.5420


Balance Human Input and Automation

merica’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.7 percent in September 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the lowest jobless rate in nearly 50 years bodes well for candidates and suggests that business is good, it presents challenges for employers. To sum up the Achilles heel of a booming job market in USA Today’s words, “Low unemployment has shrunk the pool of job seekers and intensified competition for workers.” How can your company gain a competitive edge in recruiting top talent? Recruiting is a form of marketing. Therefore, recruiters need to strategize like marketers. With millennials being many of the most coveted candidates, companies are thinking outside the “apply now” box. They’re running banner ads, social media campaigns, and even stepping into new media such as Spotify to separate themselves from the endless scroll of listings on job boards. The additional advantage of approaching recruiting with a digital marketing mindset is that you can target the potential new candidates by their location and interests. The best part, response is tracked so employers can evaluate their ROI. Recruit Like a Marketer

17 percent more applications than those with 450 words of more.

That’s not to say you should bail on job boards altogether. They still serve their purpose and can bring in a high volume of candidates, but the issue then becomes keeping up with the applications and listings simultaneously. Before you know it, you have hundreds of resumes to comb through, jobs to add, ones to remove, and so on. By the time you get to the resumes that interest you, those candidates could very well be starting their first day somewhere else. There are programs that allow you to automate your listings for distribution to various job boards—and that’s only the beginning of what can be automated in your hiring process. Just be mindful of relying too heavily on these tools. They should be supplementing your efforts, not dictating them. There is a reason for the title Human Resources. Master the Art of the Job Posting In a tight job market, job descriptions become more pivotal than ever. If recruiting is marketing, then a job posting is copywriting. Just like marketing copy needs to be snappy, so, too, does your description. LinkedIn found that job posts with 150 words or less received

You also want to keep it professional—but engaging, of course. Don’t be afraid to pump some energy into your job posts; just avoid being cheesy. Equally important are when you press the publish button and how you measure performance. These and several other factors are discussed in detail in LinkedIn’s 7 Tips for Writing Job Posts That Attract Candidates. Sell Company Culture Last but certainly not least, paint a picture of what it’s like to work at your company. The best and brightest candidates aren’t just looking for a salary; they’re looking for a lifestyle. They want to enjoy going to work every day. Social media is a fantastic outlet to show snippets of your company culture— you can spotlight members of your team, post pictures of company outings, and create what millennials call “FOMO” (fear of missing out) among candidates.







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SBACNJ Golf Outing

With that in mind, our very experienced and talented Golf Committee offers the following playing tips:

SBACNJ Golf Outing is just around the corner, so... SAVETHE DATE By JohnVincenti & Kristin Marzarella

What to do when the mixed foursome behind you plays up on your group’s approach shot.

How to properly line up your group’s FOURTH PUTT!!

How to relax when your playing Five off the Tee.




Don’t try to make it, just close your eyes, see the ball, be the ball.

Put your head down and just hit your third shot already!

Just grip it and rip it man.

How to hit a Nike out of the rough, when your foresome is playing Pro V-1’s.

When to suggest major swing corrections to your anchor partner.

Proper excuses for Drinking Margaritas before 9 AM.




You needed to confirm that the Ferguson logo cups at Club Copa were already there.

The Nike just happens to be the 2-10 logo ball that you lost on Hole 1.

After his fourth Mulligan.

How to avoid the Water when your group lies 4 in the Bunker.

God and the meaning of the Birdie-to-Bogey group Three Putt.

How not to Rationalize a 6 hour round.




But Gina, it’s daylight savings time. Sunset is at 7:13 tonight!!

There is simply no explanation for that much bad golf by 4 adults.

Use your foot wedge from the fringe.

When to give the C&L Sweeper Services Beer Cart boy an obscene gesture.

How to find that ball that all four of you clearly put in the water off the Tee.

Is there a way to purchase a better putting stroke at the Putting Contest?




After he offers you a shirley temple in the middle of your backswing.

Play that other All-County logo ball that you lost on Hole 6.

Yes, but it will cost you another $20 for 3 more chances.

Bulletin Board | 5 | www.shorebuilders.org course tests of a golfer’s skills and talents. Whether its our Hole in One challenge, the FWH Long Drive competition, the Ferguson Club Copa Par-3 contest, or the Gloria Nilson Putt-off, every golfer will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of victory. S pring has sprung and that means one thing to many outdoor enthusiasts. GOLF!! This year’s Annual Golf Outing is scheduled for Monday June 17, 2019 at Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune Township. Our Golf Committee is already at it planning to make this year’s event better than ever before. The annual affair kicks off with a BBQ lunch at 11:30 AM, followed by a 1:00 PM Shotgun start. The event will feature numerous on-

Using your shadow on the Club Copa Green against your opponent to maximize your chances of winning the Par-3 contest.

When to offer to pay for the beer off the Beverage Cart, even though it’s included in your greensfee.

Why the tournament director doesn’t care that you Birdied the 10th hole.

After the round, a cocktail hour featuring Jumping Brook’s famous Seafood Buffet and an open bar will take place, culminating in our awards, gift-prize give-aways, and a Memorabilia Auction. This event is a quick seller, so be sure to register early. The event is formatted as a scramble. What that means is that you play the very challenging 18 holes with your foresome as a team to vie for this years title.




Grab the pin before you move to the back of the green and waive the group on the tee up.

Your excessive celebration is negatively impacting pace of play.

When your referral is 90 days past due on his C&L sweeping bill.

How to let the only mixed foresome playing in the event Play Through your threesome.

Why to bring a pencil with an eraser to the 18th Green.



When to implement Handicap Management.


If you don’t understand, please have an ethics conversation with an attorney from Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla.

Turn your cart around and head to the halfway house for a refill.

After going through the four sleeves of balls your group got in your goody bags.

With that being said, the Golf Committee wishes to see you all on June 17!

Bulletin Board | 6 | www.shorebuilders.org

Core Concrete & Masonry Paul Pereira 1540 Dolington Road Yardley, PA 19067 267-767-2854 Sponsor: Jim Franklin American Properties Realty Whitestone Associates Wriston Phillips 2430 Highway 34, Building B, Suite 101 Manasquan, NJ 08736 732-592-2101 Sponsor: Steve Dalton Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla Maloney & Curcio Gregory Hansen 1601 Pennsylvania Avenue Linden, NJ 07036 732-546-0861

Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein & Blader Benjamin Branche 101 Grovers Mill Road, Suite 200 Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 609-275-0400 Sponsor: Chris Gaffney Toll Brothers Trinity Dominion Rimvis Mati 46 Renee Court Jackson, NJ 08527 828-469-6465 Sponsor: Jim Franklin American Properties RCP Management Company Patti Clemente 2 Commerce Drive, Suite 101 Cranbury, NJ 08512 609-356-1958 Sponsor: Gabe Vitale C&L Sweeping & Pavement Maintenance International Planning Alliance John Campise 311 Osborn Avenue Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 609-709-7179 Sponsor: Arvo Prima Pr1ma Builders CK Construction, Inc. George Kolozsvary 186 Oakland Mills Road Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-736-8815

WELCOME New Members We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the following new members and thank their sponsor.

XXXX Article by XXXX

Ritz Flooring Mordecai Notis

Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office Erik Snyder

Netwave Interactive Marketing Adam McIndoe 600 Bay Avenue Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742 732-701-9797 Sponsor: Bill McNamara The Curchin Group Everest Marble Billy Thompson 830 Bloomfield Avenue Clifton, NJ 07012 732-683-9050 Sponsor: Joanna Pecoraro Ferguson Enterprises Socialfix Media Terry Tateossian 99 Grayrock Road, Suite 204 Clinton, NJ 08809 908-574-0898 Contractor Dynamics Joseph Hughes 609 Lake Avenue Asbury Park, NJ 07712 732-733-2390 Sponsor: Rich Robinson Member Rebate Program

Sponsor: Stan Graser Feguson Enterprises Builders General TJ Shaheen 15 Sycamore Avenue Little Silver, NJ 07739 732-747-0808 Sponsor: Chris Amato CMM Custom Homes Barrett Drywall NJ, Inc. Nathan Barrett

14909 Calvert Street Van Nuys, CA 01411 818-901-0010 Sponsor: Barbara Schoor Community Investment Strategies Defense Disposal Services David McCarthy Sponsor: Jim Franklin American Properties CyberHome Systems, LLC Lance Faber PO Box 6182 Monroe Township, N 08831 732-605-9701 ST Sales Corporation Brooke King 2235 Gibbs Avenue Trenton, NJ 08611 609-532-4789

4390 Route 1 North Princeton, NJ 08540 646-951-0507 Sponsor: Kristin Marzarella All County Enterprises All-Star Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Michael Fleming 125a Parker Avenue Manasquan, NJ 08736 732-223-3511

Sponsor: Chris Amato CMM Custom Homes Brunswick Bank & Trust Keith Rada 439 Livingston Avenue New Brunswick, NJ 09801 732-247-5800 Sponsor: Michael Kaplan Kaplan Companies Progressive Painting Steve Sherr 30 Treeline Drive Holland, PA 18966 215-968-0940

310 Ward Avenue Bordentown, NJ 609-915-2675

Sponsor: Jim Franklin American Properties Biderator

Sponsor: Jim Franklin American Properties

Vahid Walker 1 Allen Place Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-856-1922 Sponsor: Grant Lucking NJBA Virtuoso Architecture Paul Grabowski 1330 Laurel Avenue, Bldg 3, Suite 304 Sea Girt, NJ 732-612-3152

1707 Union Avenue Hewlett, NY 11557 516-374-5454 Sponsor: Jon Scherer Ferguson Enterprises

Sponsor: Jim Franklin American Properties

S H O R E B U I L D E R S A s s o c i a t i o n o f C e n t r a l N J , I n c .

Sponsor: Richard Robinson Member Rebate Program

Be sure to save the dates for these important upcoming programs: Click here for Shore Builders Events


MAY 8, 2019 General Membership Meeting Ferguson Showroom, Lakewood

JUNE 17, 2019 Annual Golf Outing Jumping Brook Country Club, Neptune

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Balancing Boldly: Managing the Mental Loads of Work&Home

Join Professional Women in Building of the Garden State As They Host PART 2 of this Exclusive Program

Working hard all day and then coming home for the “second shift” can be overwhelming. As leaders in the business world, many of us feel unprepared for what happens when we also have families. Navigating both a career and family responsibilities is really hard, and unfortunately it’s not often talked about. Business owner and mom of four, Colleen Mook provides ways to manage your workload - visible and invisible - and focus on what matters. Perfect balance may not be realistic, but with some bold changes we can come awfully close! Tuesday, May 14 5:30 - 7:30 PM Ferguson Enterprises, Lawrenceville Showroom 3345 Brunswick Pike / Route 1 South, Lawrence

Presented By Colleen Mook Founder & CEO Baby Be Hip

Thank You to Our Program Sponsors

Shore Builders Association of Central NJ • 732-364-2828

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Economic Forecast Event

January 30


It was a packed house for our annual Economic Forecast & General Membership Meeting last week. Our outlook for 2019 was presented by Dr. Robert Dietz, Ph.D, Chief Economist & Senior VP for Economics & Housing Policy NAHB.

View the presentation here

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Townsend ® Collection

© AS America, Inc. 2017.

Dellon Sales proudly supports the Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey, Inc.

Represented by Dellon Sales Co.

Classic urban design. No city required.

Give your bathroom a city edge with the Townsend Collection from American Standard. Inspired by the Manhattan Bridge, classic wood joinery and hand-forged nails, the urban vintage look of Townsend gives your bathroom a coordinated design that stands the test of time and the rigor of everyday use. The collection includes: freestanding bath, sinks, toilet — as well as shower, bath and sink faucets.

Manufacturer's Representative P: 516-625-2626 F: 866-811-6436 E: info@dellonsales.com

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FAME Awards

February 28


I t was an amazing night at the South Gate Manor for our annual FAME event! The room was buzzing with excitement as we enjoyed a 2-hour cocktail networking before the presentation of the awards. Thank you to our two amazing emcees, Mike Kurpiel & Kelly Fliller who did an awesome job!

We would like to congratulate all of our winners, especially our Community of the Year Grand Award winners:

• Pulte Homes Adult Community, Hunterdon Creekside • Pulte Homes Single Family Detached Community, Reserve at North Caldwell • Homestake Capital Multi-Family/Multi-Unit Community, The Enclave at Winslow

• K. Hovnanian Homes Townhome Community, The Arbors at Monroe

• Walters Apartments

Affordable Housing Community, The Ponds at Jackson Twenty-One

Thank you once again to our sponsors: LocaliQ, Amboy Bank, Flair Marketing Group, Citizens Bank, Huber EngineeredWoods, Hexa Builders, Caliber Home Loans, Design 446, Sharbell Development, SBACNJ Board of Directors, All County Enterprises, Avalon Flooring, Maser Consulting, andWells Fargo Home Mortgage.

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New Jersey Builders Association’s partnership with Association Master Trust (AMT) helps manage the cost of health bene ts for our members. AMT oers: • Cost eective “cutting edge” bene t plans. • A strong history of dividend returns. • Access to the Horizon Blue Cross • Blue Shield of NJ and the National Blue Cross Blue Shield provider network. Need To Reduce Healthcare Costs?


SHORE BUILDERS Association of Central NJ, Inc.

General Membership Meeting - 6pm Location: Ferguson Showroom, Lakewood

May 8

May 14 Professional Women in Building Present Balancing Boldly - Part 2

Annual Golf Outing - 1:15 Shotgun Start Location: Jumping Brook Country Club, Neptune

June 17

Annual BBQ on the Beach Location: Mar tel’s Tiki Bar, Pt. Pleasant Beach

WhyWait? Start Saving Today!

July 18

2019 General Membership Meeting - 6pm Location: Jumping Brook Country Club, Neptune

September 12

Association Master Trust

Call: 973-379-1090 www.amt-nj.com | info@amt-nj.com

General Membership Meeting - 6pm Location:TBD

November 13

Installation & Holiday Party - 6pm Location: McLoone’s Supper Club, Asbury Park

December 12

*Date and location is subject to change.

Bulletin Board | 17 | www.shorebuilders.org

Bulletin Board | 18 | www.shorebuilders.org

Associate Spotlight


Bulletin Board | 19 | www.shorebuilders.org For Sellers If you are putting your property on the market, Gloria Nilson & Co. is the perfect partner. Our extensive marketing network leverages print and digital marketing expertise– including sites like Realtor.com, Zillow.com, and Trulia– ensures that your home gets maximum exposure. We will make your home as visible as possible to as many buyers as possible so that your property sells quickly and for the best price. Our experienced agents are committed to providing service that delights from your first meeting until you hand the keys to the new owners at closing. They know the market and will advise you so that your home is priced effectively, it shows well inside and out, and it is seen by the right buyers; they will be at your side guiding you toward your desired outcomes. Spring is a great time to clear out the closets and cupboards, put a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls, and brighten your

For All In addition to our extensive sales and

home's curb appeal with plants, flowers, and freshly trimmed hedges. When the offers come in, your agent will help you make informed decisions about which contract to accept, how best to negotiate, and how to navigate the path from contract to closing.

Our portfolio of new homes provides a range of options to suit every need.

Spring is coming and with it new beginnings, and the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate your surroundings. Warm weather inspires plans for spring cleaning, revitalizing one's décor, planting new gardens and, for some, it will mean a move from or to a new home – or even both. If your plans for Spring include a move, Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate is the ideal partner to help you navigate this critical transition. As the Exclusive Affiliate for Christie’s International Real Estate, we are recognized as the luxury broker in our market, with access to global networks that serve buyers and sellers alike. We are known for our integrity, financial strength, and operational excellence, delivering unparalleled products and services to our new and existing clients, sales associates, and employees. We’ll put our vast resources towards helping you make the most of the momentum that warm weather brings to the local marketplace.

Gloria Nilson & Co. has an outstanding reputation as one of the most successful real estate companies in America. For nearly four decades, we have offered our clients award-winning service; we plan to maintain our commitment to service that delights and provide leading-edge technology, tools, coaching, and training to ensure that our agents and our clients have what they need to succeed.

marketing resources, Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate offers supplemental services to make your move less complicated. Our mortgage service can provide customers like you on-site loan approval; our title services can provide you with peace of mind at the point of sale; our relocation division can take the complexity out of moving by working with your company to find your next residence. And when you’re ready to move, use Updater – a web app that allows you to save time and stay organized during the process. With Updater, you can connect utilities and home services, find and book a moving company, forward your mail, update accounts and records, access exclusive deals, and even send moving announcements so that you won’t miss a beat.

Whatever your needs, Gloria Nilson & Co. agents listen to your input at your first meeting, and your feedback at every showing, to ensure you see the best matches instead of wasting time on showings that just won't work for you. Their local knowledge about neighborhoods, school districts, transportation, and amenities becomes your resource, supplementing your own knowledge and research to ensure you find the right fit. When you are ready to make your move, your agent will be your coach and champion, from making the offer, through negotiation, inspection (and possible renegotiation), all the way through to your closing. Buying a home can be an exciting, exhilarating, and sometimes nerve-wracking experience. Your Gloria Nilson & Co. agent will be there to manage the nerve- wracking and enjoy the exhilaration.

For Buyers Brighter evenings and comfortable

temperatures make it so much nicer to explore homes inside and out. If you are looking for a new residence – whether a starter home, your forever home, or an investment property – our agents are here to help you achieve your goal before the temperatures soar into Summer. Their deep networks often enable them to get first looks at homes before they are placed on the market, giving clients like you an important advantage. If you are seeking new construction, we have been chosen by the area’s best builders and developers to represent their projects.

Bulletin Board | 20 | www.shorebuilders.org

Builder Member Spotlight

PALATIAL HOMES: Builder Spotlight

Bulletin Board | 21 | www.shorebuilders.org handles all the construction aspects. As a female builder Linda works to create lasting relationships with their subcontractors (many of whom have been working with Palatial Homes for many years) and customers that goes beyond the work. The history of Palatial Homes is set in a solid friendship between the two colleagues. Linda & Lou have been working together since 1992 when she hired him to build a home for her and her family. After that build out she went to work for Lou for a few years and developed a strong knowledge of the building industry. During that time Linda purchased a homesite and asked Lou to build another home for her to sell. Four years after they first started working together, their partnership was formed. Linda and Lou became Palatial Homes. Linda runs the company and Lou

She always makes time to ask about their families and catch up on kids and grandkids. In today’s business world, this personal touch is rare and special. As a custom home builder, Palatial Homes differentiates themselves by providing hands-on, personal service to their home owners. Since word of mouth and referrals are the main source of their work, Linda and Lou go the extra mile during all phases of the buying and building process. They make a special effort to ensure their home owners are involved from day one, and they work with their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, before, during, and after construction of the home is complete. These business practices give the company an edge over any other custom builder in the area.

In addition, Linda believes that being local and building in the area she lives in is a key component to her company’s success. This philosophy makes the location of every home they build crucial. “I never buy a property I would not live in myself,” states Linda. She continues, “We are currently building in Ocean and Wall townships. We will either buy a property and build the home for our customer, or sometimes customers have the land and we build to their specifications. We can do anything our buyers want in a fully custom home.” As a long-time member of Shore Builders Association of Central NJ, and past president, Linda finds that the association is a valuable resource for her company. “I have been active

through 2009. I can’t stress enough to other builders how important it is to join this association and participate.” As a two-time recipient of the BEAM (Builders Employing Associate Members) Award, Linda has demonstrated her dedication to the associate members as well. Palatial Homes currently participates in the new Builder Program at SBACNJ. “The builder program is a great way to help the association, as well as a convenient way for myself and Lou to participate in all the association events. The program fee includes our yearly membership dues and provides recognition for our company on the SBACNJ website, as well as other publications to the membership. Every builder member should sign up and participate in this program,” Linda explains.

Building custom homes can be a stressful business, but Palatial Homes has mastered the process with their award-winning expertise. Both Linda and Lou view the business as fun, and highly rewarding. For more information on Palatial Homes or to learn more about their current custom home projects, visit their website.


ith careful attention to detail, the ability to cultivate lasting relationships with buyers, and a reputation for exceeding expectations, Palatial Homes has set themselves apart from other custom home builders. Since 1996, Linda Bernaski, President of Palatial Homes, and Lou Perez, Master Builder, have built a company dedicated to building quality custom homes in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Together, they offer home buyers exceptional service, above standard features, and craftsmanship of unequalled quality.

in SBACNJ since 1998. I also served as President of the association from 2007

AwardWinning Homes By An AwardWinning Builder

Bulletin Board | 22 | www.shorebuilders.org

SBACNJ Builder Program

THANKYOU to Our 2019 Associate Sponsors

SBACNJ Builder Program




J oin CMM Custom Homes, Homestake Capital, Palatial Homes, and Jackson Development in our NEW Builder Program!

This exciting program for builder members makes participating in all the benefits of the association easy and seamless!

Thank You to Our 2019 Associate Sponsors

Enjoy these benefits:

• Yearly SBACNJ Membership Dues (including Gold Star Membership

• 2 tickets to each event of the year, including: oo January – General Membership Meeting oo February – FAME (Fabulous Achievements in Marketing Excellence) Awards Night oo March/April – Schmooza Palooza post-convention networking event oo June – Annual Golf Tournament (2 dinner only tickets) oo July – Annual Caribbean Night on the Beach oo September – General Membership Meeting oo October/November – Networking event oo December – Annual Installation & Holiday Party

• Recognition as Builder Sponsor Participant on SBACNJ Website

• Listing and recognition as Builder Sponsor Participant in Bulletin Board Magazine

• Two Magnetic SBACNJ Member Name Badgets

• Four Builder Member Car Magnets

• An Exclusive Profile in Bulletin Board Magazine

The Yearly Cost of the Builder Program is $3,000. If you are interested in learning more or joining the program, please let us know!

Bulletin Board | 23 | www.shorebuilders.org

Bulletin Board | 24 | www.shorebuilders.org

SBACNJ Builder Program Continued

THANKYOU to Our Builder Package Participants

Thank You to Our Builder Package Participants

to Our Participants

AwardWinning Homes By An AwardWinning Builder

For information on how to participate in this Builder program please call the Association office at 732-364-2828

For information on how to participate in this Builder program please call the Association office at 732-364-2828

Bulletin Board | 25 | www.shorebuilders.org

Bulletin Board | 26 | www.shorebuilders.org


Our team of seasoned professionals offers a “one stop shop” of expertise allowing you more time to do what you do best—build. LET’S GET STARTED.

/ Civil Engineers / Land Surveyors

/ Planners / Architects

/ Landscape Architects / Reserve Specialists


FWHassociates.com 1856 Route 9 | Toms River, NJ 08755 | 732.797.3100 100 N Krome Ave. | Florida City, FL 33034 | 305.307.5343

Bulletin Board | 28 | www.shorebuilders.org

SBACNJ Membership

XXXX Article by XXXX

SBACNJ Membership by Kim Manicone, USI Insurance Services

You need attorneys with in-depth knowledge and experience with the complex issues facing the building industry.


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he Membership Committee is always striving to grow the Association’s membership, as we all know our strength is in our numbers. But, just as growing membership is important, so is retaining membership. We want our members to experience the value of their membership so that they will continue to be active members at SBACNJ One of our latest initiatives to retain members starts at the very beginning of a new member’s time with us, at a New Member Orientation Meeting. Our first New Member Orientation Meeting was back last July, our second was last September, and our next one will be on March 28th. These meetings were well attended, and we have received fabulous feedback from new members about the informationshared during the meeting. The New Member Orientation Meeting is made up of the Officers, Executive Officer, and Committee Chairs. After the Officers introduce themselves, each new member has the opportunity to introduce themselves and share information about their company, products, and services.

Bulletin Board | 29 | www.shorebuilders.org looking forward to our Annual Golf Outing in June, and Martell’s BBQ on the Beach in July. Our new members will learn why these are some of our best-attended events of the year! The Committee Chairs then explain to new members what their committees do and what the benefits are for participating on a committee. We then get into the organizational structure of SBACNJ and talk about leadership roles. We also talk about PAC and discuss the different sponsorship opportunities available to members. New members also learn about the different networking opportunities we have throughout the year and how important it is to attend the various events. After all this information is discussed, new members have a chance to mix and mingle and get to know us, and each other a bit more. After the New Member Orientation meetings, it’s important to stay in contact with them, especially during the first year of membership so I reach out to all of our new members throughout their first year. Our committee also makes an effort to seek out new members at events and meetings to help make them feel comfortable and involved. The good news is we have a lot of events to attend! These include the upcoming Atlantic Builders Convention and May Schmooza Palooza Post Convention meeting. In addition, we are

In addition to attending meetings and events, all of our members, new and existing members alike, should LIKE our SBACNJ Facebook page & FOLLOW our SBACNJ LinkedIn page. These sites offer ways to connect more with other members, see our events, and keep up to date on industry news. These social platforms offer a great way for members to become more familiar with one another on a more personal level, as well as become involved in each other’s daily work cultures. If you haven’t already like or followed us on Facebook and LinkedIn, please take a moment to now. Lastly, I would like to congratulate all of the FAME Winners. It was a fabulous night of networking and recognition. Kudos to the hard-working FAME Committee for planning such a fun event! This is a perfect example of why new members should join a committee. The night was also a great example of how many new faces we have here at SBACNJ. We will continue to welcome our new members and help them learn all about the programs, events, and opportunities our association offers throughout the year. I’m looking forward to what 2019 will bring and hope to see you at ABC this April!

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Section 199A Regulations

Also, the businesses must satisfy at least two of the following tests: (1) the businesses must provide products or services that are the same or normally offered together, (2) the businesses must share facilities or significant centralized business elements such as accounting, purchasing, and personnel, and (3) the businesses must be operated in coordination with or reliance upon one or more businesses in the aggregated group, e.g., manufacturing and supply chain integration. The rules covering aggregation of trades or businesses also do not allow a specified service business to be aggregated with a non- specified service business. Aggregation is an elective determination and is not required. For passthrough businesses, the aggregation election is made at the partnership or S corporation level. Disclosure rules apply for tax return filing, i.e., taxpayers must disclose the businesses that are being aggregated. Year- by-year consistency is also required unless facts and circumstances change and businesses would not otherwise be eligible for aggregation. Rental Real Estate Safe Harbor The QBI deduction requires that the business must be treated as a trade or business under the Code Section 162 rules. Unless an activity rises to the level of being considered a trade or business, the deduction is not available. The final regulations kept the rule contained in the proposed regulations that the rental or lease of both tangible and intangible property to an operating business under common control (e.g., ownership of rental real estate that rents a facility to a manufacturing business with the same ownership) will be treated as a trade or business for purposes of the QBI deduction and may also be aggregated as long as the above aggregation rules are met. In addition, the IRS provided a proposed revenue procedure (Notice 2019-7) that contains a safe harbor test that treats a rental real estate activity as a trade or business if three conditions are satisfied.

flair {fler} noun A special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well.

The IRS Finalizes Section 199A Regulations by Edward P. Rigby, CPA, MST, The Curchin Group, LLC

Edward P. Rigby, CPA, MST The Curchin Group, LLC

L ast week, the IRS finalized the regulations providing guidance on the Section 199A deduction for qualified business income (“QBI”). The final regulations retain the majority of the rules contained in the proposed regulations that were issued this past August. They provide clarification on issues such as when businesses may be aggregated in determining QBI, how real estate rented to an operating business is treated, and what constitutes a specified service business. In conjunction with the release of the regulations last week, the IRS also issued a revenue procedure and a proposed revenue procedure covering the determination of wages and when rental real estate qualifies as a trade or business for purposes of the Section 199A deduction. In general, the Section 199A deduction is 20% of QBI, and is a deduction in determining taxable income. The deduction is available for individual businesses conducted as a sole proprietorship or passthrough entities such as partnerships and S corporations. C corporations are not eligible for the deduction. A limitation on the deduction applies to taxpayers with taxable income above certain thresholds, i.e., for 2018, the thresholds are $157,500 for single taxpayers and $315,000 for married joint filers. After 2018, these Limitations for Taxpayers with Taxable Income Over Certain Thresholds

Bulletin Board | 31 | www.shorebuilders.org W-2 wages for purposes of the 199A deduction are generally defined as wages subject to federal income tax withholding and certain “elective amounts are indexed for inflation. The limitation is based on W-2 wages and capital investment in depreciable property. For taxpayers above these thresholds (subject to a phase-in rule as discussed below), the 20% of QBI is limited to the greater of (i) 50% of W-2 wages or (ii) the sum of 25% of W-2 wages plus 2.5% of the unadjusted basis immediately after acquisition of “qualified property”. W-2 wages include officers salaries paid by an S corporation. Wages are based on a calendar year even if the business reports on a fiscal year basis (an exception and special rule applies for short year taxpayers). The IRS provided further guidance on the determination of W-2 wages in its release of Rev. Proc. 2019-11 which provides three methods for determining W-2 wages. Note: Taxpayers must comply with W-2 wage reporting rules to Social Security and IRS in order for the wages to be factored in to the Section 199A deduction. Further, taxpayers with taxable income below the above thresholds are not subject to the wage and capital limits. In addition, such taxpayers below the thresholds may also claim the deduction for specified service businesses such as law and accounting service businesses. W-2Wage Limitation

deferrals”, e.g., 401(k) contributions. The first method for determining W-2 wages is called the “Unmodified Method” which simply takes the lesser of Box 1 (total taxable wages) or Box 5 (Medicare wages) on the Form W-2, without modification for elective deferrals. This method is a simplified calculation, but is not the most accurate. Method 2 is referred to as the “Modified Box 1” method. The total Box 1 amounts of all W-2s are reduced by any amounts included in Box 1 that are not subject to income tax withholding (e.g., certain “statutory employees”), and increased by elective deferrals reported in Box 12, e.g., elective deferrals for 401(k) contributions. Method 3 is referred to as the “Tracking Wages” method, i.e., the taxpayer tracks the total wages subject to federal income tax withholding and makes appropriate adjustments for 401(k) and other elective deferrals. This method is also required for short year taxpayers. Aggregation Rules the wage and capital limitations by combining more than one trade or business. Aggregation is allowed for businesses under common control (direct or indirect ownership of each trade or business by the same person or group of persons) based on a 50% ownership threshold. Aggregation rules allow taxpayers meeting certain requirements to calculate QBI and




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Section 199A Regulations Continued The three conditions are met if the taxpayer maintains separate books and records for the rental activity, 250 or more hours of rental services are performed, and the taxpayer Summary

The wage and capital limitations are applicable for taxpayers with taxable income above the $157,500 threshold for single taxpayers and $315,000 for married joint filers. In addition, taxpayers with taxable income below the respective thresholds can take the deduction even if the business is a specified service. There is a phase in range for the limitation rules if the taxable income exceeds $157,500 but less than $207,500 for a single taxpayer and $315,000 but less than $415,000 for a married joint filer. The wage limitation only applies if 20% of QBI is larger than the greater of (i) 50% of W-2 wages or (ii) 25% of W-2 wages plus 2.5% of the unadjusted basis immediately after acquisition of qualified property (i.e., depreciable property). The W-2 wages may be calculated based on the IRS’ recent revenue procedure as discussed above (the tracking wages method is the most accurate and is also required for a short taxable year). Further, the W-2 wages must be determined on a calendar year basis even if the underlying business uses a fiscal tax year other than a calendar year end and there is a reporting requirement through filing with the Social Security Administration. Aggregation rules discussed above require common ownership and the satisfaction of at least two tests, i.e., similar products or services, sharing facilities or significant business elements such as accounting functions, and operations that rely upon one or more businesses in the aggregated group. Specified service businesses cannot be aggregated with non- service businesses. Rental real estate meeting the above rules may be aggregated with an operating business. IRS guidance issued in conjunction with the final regulations provide safe harbor rules that allow a rental real estate activity to meet the threshold of being treated as a trade or business, thus qualifying for the Section 199A deduction.

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maintains records proving the hours of services, description of services, and dates (e.g., time reports, logs, or similar documents). Rental services include advertising, negotiating leases, collection of rents, and daily operations such as maintenance and repairs of the property. The mere review of financial statements as an investor is not considered a rental service for purposes of the safe harbor. The IRS notice further states that a taxpayer may still qualify the rental activity as a trade or business even if the safe harbor tests are not met if the requirements provided in the regulations (i.e., the definition of a trade or business is subject to Code Section 162) are otherwise satisfied. Specified Service Trade or Business The final regulations retain most of the examples provided in the proposed regulations and also clarified the “de minimis” rule. Care must be taken to obtain a thorough understanding of the taxpayer’s facts and circumstances to ensure an accurate determination of whether or not the business is a specified service. For example, a consulting business providing advice and counsel to a client will likely be treated as a specified service. However, a business that licenses computer software is likely to be treated as a non-specified service business, thus eligible for the deduction. Under a de minimis rule, for taxpayers with gross receipts under $25 million, if less than 10% of the gross receipts are a specified service and the remaining gross receipts are non-service, the entire business will be treated as a non-specified service. In contrast, if greater than 10% of gross receipts are associated with a specified service, than the entire business will be treated as a specified service. The regulations provide an exception to this rule if the business would be eligible to maintain separate books and records.

Archer & Greiner is nowArcher. But what matters most is what remains the same. Our new name still represents an unwavering commitment to delivering large-firm expertise with small-firm attention—no matter the size of the client. It’s a philosophy that’s helped us grow into one of the largest and most trusted law firms in the Mid-Atlantic region, serving businesses and individuals throughout the region and in a growing number of other states and jurisdictions. With a network of regional offices from Delaware to New York, Archer has more than 175 lawyers practicing in all major legal disciplines

including corporate, labor, commercial litigation, family, real estate and many more. Our firm never forgets that we are a service business: we put our clients first.

We believe our firmdistinguishes itself bymeeting the needs of our clients at every level of legal complexity, while committing our resources to remain on the cutting edge of developing legal issues and technology, and managing our clients’ interests with an ongoing commitment to value. We understand the legal market is highly competitive. That said, our firm has enjoyed steady growth driven primarily by our strong commitment to responsive and cost-effective client service. Our Offices Archer’s principal office is located in Haddonfield, New Jersey, an historic and dynamic community, less than 10 miles from Center City Philadelphia. Our Haddonfield office is within walking distance of southern New Jersey’s major commuter rail line, making for easy connections not only locally, but also to our clients traveling from locations throughout the northeast corridor. The firm also maintains offices in Hackensack, Princeton, Flemington and Red Bank, New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York, New York; and Wilmington, Delaware. The offices in these locations conveniently serve our clients’ needs throughout our growing, regional service base. Our Attorneys Our attorneys have impressive academic credentials, representing some of the very best law schools and undergraduate institutions in the country. We encourage and expect our attorneys to continue their legal training throughout their career to keep current with new developments. Our lawyers have distinguished themselves in speaking and writing engagements for countless trade, business and educational institutions. Archer attorneys serve in leadership positions in local, state and national bar organizations and are active on the boards of many prominent nonprofit and for-profit companies and organizations. The attorneys of Archer practice nearly every type of law:


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