Bulletin Board Magazine 2019 Volume 1

SBACNJ Golf Outing

With that in mind, our very experienced and talented Golf Committee offers the following playing tips:

SBACNJ Golf Outing is just around the corner, so... SAVETHE DATE By JohnVincenti & Kristin Marzarella

What to do when the mixed foursome behind you plays up on your group’s approach shot.

How to properly line up your group’s FOURTH PUTT!!

How to relax when your playing Five off the Tee.




Don’t try to make it, just close your eyes, see the ball, be the ball.

Put your head down and just hit your third shot already!

Just grip it and rip it man.

How to hit a Nike out of the rough, when your foresome is playing Pro V-1’s.

When to suggest major swing corrections to your anchor partner.

Proper excuses for Drinking Margaritas before 9 AM.




You needed to confirm that the Ferguson logo cups at Club Copa were already there.

The Nike just happens to be the 2-10 logo ball that you lost on Hole 1.

After his fourth Mulligan.

How to avoid the Water when your group lies 4 in the Bunker.

God and the meaning of the Birdie-to-Bogey group Three Putt.

How not to Rationalize a 6 hour round.




But Gina, it’s daylight savings time. Sunset is at 7:13 tonight!!

There is simply no explanation for that much bad golf by 4 adults.

Use your foot wedge from the fringe.

When to give the C&L Sweeper Services Beer Cart boy an obscene gesture.

How to find that ball that all four of you clearly put in the water off the Tee.

Is there a way to purchase a better putting stroke at the Putting Contest?




After he offers you a shirley temple in the middle of your backswing.

Play that other All-County logo ball that you lost on Hole 6.

Yes, but it will cost you another $20 for 3 more chances.

Bulletin Board | 5 | www.shorebuilders.org course tests of a golfer’s skills and talents. Whether its our Hole in One challenge, the FWH Long Drive competition, the Ferguson Club Copa Par-3 contest, or the Gloria Nilson Putt-off, every golfer will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of victory. S pring has sprung and that means one thing to many outdoor enthusiasts. GOLF!! This year’s Annual Golf Outing is scheduled for Monday June 17, 2019 at Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune Township. Our Golf Committee is already at it planning to make this year’s event better than ever before. The annual affair kicks off with a BBQ lunch at 11:30 AM, followed by a 1:00 PM Shotgun start. The event will feature numerous on-

Using your shadow on the Club Copa Green against your opponent to maximize your chances of winning the Par-3 contest.

When to offer to pay for the beer off the Beverage Cart, even though it’s included in your greensfee.

Why the tournament director doesn’t care that you Birdied the 10th hole.

After the round, a cocktail hour featuring Jumping Brook’s famous Seafood Buffet and an open bar will take place, culminating in our awards, gift-prize give-aways, and a Memorabilia Auction. This event is a quick seller, so be sure to register early. The event is formatted as a scramble. What that means is that you play the very challenging 18 holes with your foresome as a team to vie for this years title.




Grab the pin before you move to the back of the green and waive the group on the tee up.

Your excessive celebration is negatively impacting pace of play.

When your referral is 90 days past due on his C&L sweeping bill.

How to let the only mixed foresome playing in the event Play Through your threesome.

Why to bring a pencil with an eraser to the 18th Green.



When to implement Handicap Management.


If you don’t understand, please have an ethics conversation with an attorney from Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla.

Turn your cart around and head to the halfway house for a refill.

After going through the four sleeves of balls your group got in your goody bags.

With that being said, the Golf Committee wishes to see you all on June 17!

Bulletin Board | 6 | www.shorebuilders.org

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