CNJ+ March 2023


The Millstone Warriors 11U travel bas ketball program won its second and back to-back Mid-Monmouth County Cham pionship, becoming the first team in Millstone's history to win a single champi onship (and second consecutive) with an undefeated 16-0 record. The team should be recognized for their outstanding achieve ments making history in Millstone for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 season.

“Basketball was engrained in me since I was about the same age these kids. I fell in love with the sport, not just for purposes of win ning, but more so for the training, tough ness, grit and competition that formed me into a strong adult,” stated head coach Dan iel Chitren. “I was an all-county player in high school and an all-region player in col lege. During my time playing in high school and college, I achieved many awards, accolades, and still hold many records at the high school and college level – all due to developing myself to be resilient and having a determined work ethic. Coaching was a logical step for me, which allowed me to teach the boys things that I had learned, and to pass on that knowledge that I had acquired throughout my playing years and career so that they would have the tools to be successful. Coaching is like parenthood. There are many times where “tough love” is needed to convey a principle or message. It is never meant to be hypercritical of a player or their abilities,” Chitren went on. “Basketball, like most activities, is no different than studying in school, learning to play an instrument, or doing something new. It is always difficult at first, but time and repetition allow it to become easier and second nature. Like the motto reads, “practice makes perfect.” Most people are not born with certain extraordinary talents, while some are, however everyone is born with the ability and capability of exceeding their own expectations and the expec tations that others have preset for them.” The Millstone Warriors 6th grade (11u) Travel Basketball Team won their second consecutive Monmouth County Championship through the Mid-Mon mouth Basketball League and finished with an undefeated season of 16-0 against the best teams in Monmouth/Ocean County. This was their second back-to-back championship, stemming from a championship season last year,” Chitren continued. “Last year, while in 5th grade, the team won the first ever county championship in the history of Millstone, and for the Warriors basketball organization - for any age group/level. This was an accomplishment on its own, but winning this year solidified how noticeably hard this group of young men have worked to get as far as they did. The team was led by three outstanding players who provided leadership throughout the last two seasons. Jackson Boyd, Brady Chitren, and Johnny Petrillo, had significant impact on both offense and defense. They became quite unique players, thus thrusting them into the role of leadership. The Millstone Warriors boys 11u Travel Basketball Team showed poise, determination, and grit, while playing the right way, for each other, without egos, and with a collective goal of winning another championship. These players made time during their busy schedules to practice hard and they listened to every word and concept that was demonstrated to them. They played hard every game, and their dedication to their sport resulted in an undefeated season and a back-to-back championship team,” Chitren exclaimed. With that being said, the team should be acknowledged for their successes as each and every player has developed into a better player and better young men on and off the court. Let’s celebrate their achievements as they continue to make history in Millstone. #0 Brady Chitren #21 Jackson Boyd #29 Johnny Petrillo #15 Nick Strickland #2 Surya Ashish #5 Ishaan Kirkland #8 Patrick Gallagher #22 Gavin Towers #77 Ares Ahuja #9 Nick Tumello | Daniel Chitren, Coach - Millstone Warriors 11U Basketball | Eric Boyd - Assistant Coach who provided great support to the team.



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