Creature of Unknown Origin


8. How Life Goes On

By the time I’d come back from my run, freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air

alongside the smokey scent of bacon. With the comforts of Spencer’s predictability came a harsh

stab to my heart as I launched myself back through the bedroom window, landing gracefully on

all fours, and shifted back into my human form. Once dressed, I followed my nose and grumbling

stomach out into the cozy kitchen.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” Spencer grinned knowingly.

“Actually no, not this time,” I chuckled, swiping the stray hairs away from eyes, “I was

already up.”

Spencer froze, the plates he’d been reaching for temporarily abandoned as he twisted

around to look at me. “Wait… let me get this straight: you were up before seven, of your own free

will?” He shook his head and grabbed the plates off the shelf. “I just don’t believe this. Like, is

this normal for you?”

“Sometimes?” I shrugged, pulling the sleeves of my oversized sweater down to the very

tips of my fingers.

Spencer set everything on the table, and we took our respective places in the breakfast

nook. For several heartbeats, it was all clinking dishes and the crunch of crisp bacon, or the pop

of the syrup cap.

“So… last night, that’s kind of lot —are you okay?” Spencer asked, lowering his utensil s.

“Hmm? Oh yeah, I was just…” I struggled to find the right word, the one that wouldn’t

make Spencer worry, “… thinking . ”

“What about?”

I slid my chair back an inch or two and shifted in my seat. “My family, home, all of that .”


I nodded my head, staunchly refusing to look across the table at Spencer for fear that the

sadness nesting in my throat and chest would overflow and burst.

Spencer’s chair creaked. “Well… I don’t know what’s there or if we can get you home, but

I know where Dr. Richards’ lab is, er, was. Howie might be able to figure something out, no

promises, though.”

“But there’s a chance…?” I trailed off; my breath caught in my throat.

“I’ll call Delia and Howie after we clean up here, see if they’re up for a little road trip.”

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