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WEYERHAEUSER FRAMER SERIES LUMBER BENEFITS • Predictable performance— less guesswork • Reduced callbacks • Enhanced design flexibility • No more field culling • Labor savings • Reduced jobsite framing waste • Streamlined underlayment installation • Mold inhibitor helps material stay clean and bright, reducing product loss and callbacks


We all know that time is money, and nobody wants to spend valuable jobsite time culling and sorting. Every piece of Framer Series lumber has already been graded above and beyond industry standards, so you can be sure of what you’re getting. That consistency

and stability saves time for your crews, cuts down on jobsite waste, and streamlines installation. And speaking of time, nobody wants to wait around for out-of-stock product, either. Weyerhaeuser Framer Series lumber is readily available in the standard sizes and dimensions you need for a variety of applications. Green builders appreciate the way Weyerhaeuser leads the industry in using wood from forests managed to sustainable forestry standards and making the most of each tree. Our mills are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Certified Sourcing standard, and every piece of Weyerhaeuser Framer Series lumber

Weyerhaeuser Framer Series ® Lumber LIMITED 2–YEAR WARRANT Y

What IsCovered? Whenproperlystored, installedandmaintained, innon-exposed applicationsWeyerhaeuserFramerSeries ® lumber (FramerSeries lumber) iswarrantedbyWeyerhaeuserCompany (Weyerhaeuser) againstwarp thatwouldcauseadeflectionofflatsurfacesand subsequent repairor reworkby thebuilder foraperiodof2 years from thedateof theoriginalpurchaseof theproduct. DefinitionofCoveredConditions Warp isdefinedasa twistorcurve thathasdeveloped in lumber originallymanufactured tobeflatandstraight.Thewarpattributesof structural lumbercoveredby thiswarrantyare: ● Bow:This iswarpalong the lengthof the faceof lumber. ● Crook,orsidebend:This iswarpalong the lengthof theedgeof lumber ● Twist:This iswhen the facesof theboardarenot in thesameplane along its length. Someminorwarp ispresent inallnaturalwoodproductsanddoesnot constitutea failureunder thiswarrantyunless itcauses thesurfaceof aproperlyconstructedwall,floor,ceiling,ordeck todeflect fromaflat plane requiring repairdue towarpedboards. Thiswarrantydoesnotcover theperformanceofFramerSeries lumber due to: ● Changes indimensionalsizedue toshrinkingorswellingdue to secondarysurfaceorpressure treatmentsorprolongedexposure to moisture. ● Fire,floods,orman-madeornaturaldisaster. ● Cuppingof lumber—warpingacross thewidthof theboard from edges towardscenter. ● Manufacturingordesigndefects in thestructure includingbutnot limited to improperblocking,bracingor jointalignment. ● Improper installation, includingmisalignmentof “CrownUp” markings. ● Deflectionsdue to loading. ● Nailprotrusions (“pop”) thatcanbecommondue tonailselection, interiorhumidity,orother factorsnot related to theFramerSeries lumber. ● Noncompliancewithstorageorhandling instructions, installation instructions,applicablebuildingcodeorgenerallyaccepted constructionpractices. ● Usesoutside theU.S.andCanada Note:Warp isnotcausedbywood fungaldecayor rot.Likeanywood product,all framing lumbermaybeat risk formold, fungaldecayor rotwhenexposed to repeatedwettingorhigh-moistureenvironments, particularly ifnotproperly ventilated.For this reason,manufacturing, designanduse featuresmustensureFramerSeries lumber is protected fromsuchexposurebyappropriatefinishcoverings forwall, floorandceilingsystems.Thiswarrantydoesnotcovermold, fungal decay,or rot

SecondaryRemanufacturingandTreatments Surfaceandpressure treatmentofFramerSeries lumberwillnot void the termsof thiswarranty.Remanufacturingprocesses that include re-planingor inanyotherwaychanging theoriginaldimensionsof theproductwill void thiswarranty.Further,Weyerhaeuserspecifically disclaimsanyperformanceclaims,warrantiesandguaranties regarding theefficacyofanysecondary treatmentsapplied. WhatWeyerhaeuserWillDo Forsurfaceplanedeflectionscoveredby thiswarranty,Weyerhaeuser willpay for the repairor replacementof theappropriate framing members.This includes thesheathing,flooringordrywall,and surfacecoveringatwholesalecost,and the reasonablecostof labor. Weyerhaeuser’spaymentwillnotexceed theoriginalcostand the reasonablecost for removalofexistingmaterialsor$30per linear footofaffectedFramerSeries lumber,whichever is less.Allclaims mustbemadeandwarrantyworkallowed tobecompletedprior to the installationofanyadditionalplumbing,electrical,sheathing,flooring, drywall,millworkorsurfacecoverings. WhatYouMustDo YoumustnotifyWeyerhaeuser inwritingofanyclaimunder this warrantywithin30daysof thediscoveryof thesurfacedeflectionat the followingaddress: WeyerhaeuserWoodProducts Attn:ProductAssurance 220OccidentalAvenueSouth Seattle,WA98104 Upon request, youmustprovideWeyerhaeuserwith reasonableproof ofproduct identification in the formofaproductsample,aphotograph of the large identifyingstamponeachpiece,ordated receipt.A Weyerhaeuser representativemustbegiven theopportunity to inspect thestructureprior toanyalteration,changeor repair. IncidentalorConsequentialDamages Weyerhaeuser’ssole responsibility forsurfacedeflectiondue to framing componentwarp isasset forth in thiswarrantyandWeyerhaeuserwill notbe responsible for incidental, indirectorconsequentialdamages. Somestatesandprovincesdonotallow theexclusionor limitation of incidentalorconsequentialdamages,so theabove limitationor exclusionmaynotapply to you. StateLawRights Thiswarrantygives youspecific legal rights,and youmayalsohave other rightswhich vary fromstate tostateandprovince toprovince.

is marked with a SFI logo, providing you assurance of a product from responsible sources. Weyerhaeuser Framer Series lumber is trouble-free when we deliver it, and stays trouble- free while you frame it, while you sell it, and while the homeowners are enjoying it later. When you can get the best, why settle for standard?

Weyerhaeuser Framer Series lumber— manufactured in the U.S.A. using locally sourced raw materials. Support the local economy and contribute to the reduction of transportation related greenhouse gas emissions.

This product is Green Approved by the NAHB Research Center for meeting certain criteria in the National Green Building Standard ™ . Visit for details.

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