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INSIGHTS to our Quarterly Claim Deadlines Please remember that in 2019, based on Manufacturer feedback, our quarterly claim deadlines are final deadlines with no exceptions. Quarterly deadlines are as follows - Current Quarter:

1 st Quarter 2020 – End of May 2020 / 2 nd Quarter 2020 – End of August 2020 3 rd Quarter 2020 – End of November 2020 / 4 th Quarter 2020 – End of February 2021

INSIGHTS to an Easier Claims Process You’ve asked, we listened. With over 50 participating Manufacturer brands, our Rebate Claim Form can be quite overwhelming to view! We get it and we have a solution. Let us make it easier for you by creating a customized form with just the Manufacturers you installed. If you’ve claimed with us before, we’ll even pre-populate it for you to simplify the process. No receipts and a customized form:

INSIGHTS to updated Products

Generac – New Products were added in the 3 rd Quarter 2020. Generac has updated their product line with the most recent product numbers for: • Manual Transfer Switches & Accessories • Automatic Transfer Switches • Air Cooled Automatic Standby Generators • Liquid Cooled Automatic Standby Generators INSIGHTS to our Affiliate Partners We are proud to be able to offer our Builder members yet another benefit! Affiliate Partners are businesses in our industry that provide a value-added benefit to HBA members. Sherwin Williams – Interested in switching to Sherwin Williams, the world’s largest paint company? Switch and receive a quarterly rebate through the Member Rebate Program for being a new customer! The Source H20 - is a leader in water purification and has been awarded Customer Service Excellence Awards 14 years in a row along with being a Gold Star member of the BBB and WQA. We have a focused vision to educate all on today's water quality concerns and the solutions. Water is a gift from Mother Nature, and over time humans have severely altered it’s purity through growth and industrialization. When water comes into our homes, most of us are not aware of the pollution, chemicals and contaminates it has collected along the way. It is our goal to create awareness about what is in your water and to educate you about the solutions to eliminating the toxicity. Let The Source H2O help you change your life through clean water.

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